Metallica's 'Through the Never' DVD/Blu-Ray to Feature New Music

Plus, two different versions of the film will be available.

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Metallica's brand new movie "Through the Never" will be presented in two versions, while its DVD/Blu-Ray will feature new music, Consequence of Sound reports. Band memebers Robert Trujillo and Kirk Hammett were on hand at Austin, TX's Fantastic Fest alongside the film's director Nimrod Antal for a Q&A after a screening of the 3D movie, during which they discussed future plans for the flick. Antal mentioned that two re-cut versions of the film will be available on the home release. One version will be just the Dane DeHaan-starring narrative portion, which will feature a brand new, "Goblin-esque" soundtrack created by Metallica and producer Greg Fidelman. Meanwhile, the concert portion will also get a fresh cut, including "three to four" extra songs recorded during the live gigs in Vancouver and Edmonton that make up "Through the Never." Trujillo also screened his animated short film, "'Tallica Parking Lot," at the festival. Featuring more new music by Metallica, HitFix describes the short as having "big, energetic beats as the animations panned through 2D and 3D views of the fans that pre-game at Metallica show." Trujillo worked on the film with Titmouse Animation Studio and animators like Mike Judge. Characters from South Park, Beavis & Butthead, Metalocaypse, and a cartoon version of Lemmy reportedly make cameos. The short will also be bundled in the "Through the Never" DVD/Blu-ray release. Finally, commenting on a stage setup Antal called "a f--king nightmare" of 30 simultaneously running cameras capturing Tesla coils, coffin-shaped screens, pyrotechnics, and other hazards, Hammond said, "It’s amazing we survived it." Still, Metallica may be risking their lives for their art once more, as plans to take the elaborate stage layout on the road are apparently in the works.

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    Did they actually refer to Hammett as "Hammond" in the last paragraph or do they mean someone else?
    You'd think for a website that writes articles about Metallica everyday, they would at least get the names right!
    Clearly, Richard Pryor: New Lead Guitarist for Metallica, and little known thrash metal virtuoso player.
    Addison Lea
    Yes, very subtle. You might as well ask "do these guys even lift?" and make an arrow-in-the-knee joke, while you're at it.
    As much as i love Goblins soundtracks, the thought of Metallica doing something in that style scares me.
    Sammy Mantis
    I'm guessing they're referring to the band Goblin who did the soundtracks for movies like Suspiria and the original Dawn of the Dead...Although I can't really picture that since Goblin's music is nothing like Metallica's music at all.
    I have to say, the excess of advertisement they're putting into this is really turning me off instead of the other way around. "Bla, bla and bla, this movie will feature X, and Y, and Z, and herpaderpa bla bla bla" seriously... maybe I'm just waiting for a new album too much. Idk
    well, they spent a lot of money on it and the new music/additional features will definitely boost dvd/bluray sales. I for one really enjoyed the movie, and so did my girlfriend (who isn't really into metal but thought the movie was good).
    Too funny, this was being toted as "In Theaters Only" oh how did I know that was a load of shit.
    All films are, aren't they? The thing is that they're advertised like that at a time where they're supposed to be only in Theathers...
    Von II
    Haha, it's like the "Michael Jackson's This Is It" release all over again.
    It'll prob cost an arm and a leg, we'll it's safe to say the bluray version def will. As usual I'll find it online or the parts on youtube in time.
    Considering it's being released on their label, I doubt it will be very expensive at all.
    Von II
    It hasn't even come out in my country yet, and they're already slapping the blu-ray in my face?
    'Nimrod Antal', this is a stage name right?
    Gee Halen
    He's Hungarian. Nimrod (or rather: Nimród in Hungarian) in the Old Testament is the great-grandson of Noah, considered to be the builder of the Tower of Babylon and in Hungarian tradition he is the forefather of the Huns and Hungarians. Antal is a first name (his last name here) too in Hungarian, translates as 'Anthony' in English.
    They didnt show the movie in my city. Is it good?
    not. out. yet.
    selective city release, it was actually in quite a number of theaters starting last weekend, and in response to wormgus2003, it's ****ing sick, but go see it in IMAX, the mix for it is amazing and makes you feel like you're at the show, my ears were partially ringing by the end