Metallica's Ulrich: 'We Keep It Fresh by Continuously Reinventing What We Do'

Drummer also reveals banning his kids from listening to One Direction.

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Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich decided to share the legendary band's secret to success, naming innovation and creativity as some of the key ingredients.

"I guess we keep it fresh by continuously, sort of, reinventing what we do," Lars told CBS at this year's Grammy Awards. "We did a movie last year and we do mashups like this. So if you get a chance to always, sort of, do different things all the time, it's really, really fun. I think, for us, the idea of, kind of, record, tour, record, tour, record, tour, that's a little dated. And when we get a chance to do all these different experiences, then it, sort of, keeps it fresh for us."

In related news, the drummer stated he is not letting his kids listen to young pop sensations One Direction. As Ulrich explained (via Contact Music), he raised each of his three children, 15-year-old Miles, 12-year-old Layne, and seven-year-old Bryce, on hard rock music, leaving no room for latest pop trends.

"I raised them on stuff like AC/DC, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, from when they were really small," he explained. "I got them on to it really early, when they were about two. So that's what they are used to, although they like Rihanna, the Foo Fighters and the Arctic Monkeys. I'm cool with it when they want it on the car stereo."

Finally, Lars addressed the band's new album during a brief HitFix chat. With 29-year-old girlfriend model Jessica Miller by his side, Ulrich said: "The next thing we have to give birth to is another record, so that's the focus for '14 and '15. I would say [it] definitely [will] not [be released] before '15."

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    Good parenting includes not letting your kids consume junk... food and music in particular.
    My father wouldn't let me listen to rap, when I was not old enough to understand how my actions would effect my everyday life, I tell them thank you for that now.
    I don't want to be 'that' guy, but his Mrs is so hot...
    I thought it was his daughter initially until i read the article. Talk about being a trophy girlfriend..
    Its sad that he wont figure out that it isn't HIM she wants but the money haha but whatever, not a big fan of Metallica, but it is cool to see them branch into different things
    Lol, did you read the article? that's his 29 year old gf (Man she is.... loss for words)
    That Grammy performance was awful. Hammett's guitar sounded out of tune (even more than usual). Hetfield's voice...just...sigh. Lars was all over the place. I was 15 when RTL came out, and I don't want to sound like one of those "in the good old days" geezers, was terrible!
    Someone please explain to Lars the difference between "reinventing" and "rehashing".
    I'd let my kids listen to whatever they listen to. Hell, My dad has influenced my music taste, but not by forbidding me to listen to some stuff. I broadened my music taste myself to the point where I like some bands that he absolutely hates. but who cares?
    Yea. Seems pretty douche to direct kids into some spesific kind of music. They should be able to find their own thing.
    I can understand why he draws a line in the sand on what his children listen too. As most adults already know, when teens get the chance they will rebel against the rules in place. So when his kids rebel they will listen to One Direction...
    His's more entertaining than anything he said the last two years.
    He should probably look into "reinventing" his hairline. But then again, his 29-yr-old gf doesn't seem to care.
    the only good part of that performance was Rob. i don't think they realize how much of an asset they have in that guy. they used to showcase cliff and when they would let jason solo at shows it was always the most memorable part but they have a big gun in rob and need to showcase his abilities more often. my opinion.
    I think Lars just has sort of vocabulary with phrases like : "Metallica is always about going forward" "We had a big journey doing this and that" "We made it on a sorta new level of comprehension with each other" And in interviews he just picks one of these regardless of topic.
    Hate to tell you this Lars, it got stale a long time ago. Right around Load.
    After watching that Grammy performance I'd be happy if James and Kirk practiced their songs a little more. Maybe then work on a new album.
    Good on him. I wouldn't let my kids listen to One Direction either, and I'd homeschool them so I could monitor their music consumption at all times! (well, I'm serious about the first part)
    The growing trend to remove music from school systems is one of the reasons my family is discussing homeschooling, don't even get me started on the new common core.
    Jacques Nel
    Kids are going to listen to what they like anyway. My parents listened to country music only, I hate country music. One day I will listen to what I like, if my kids like it, great, if they don't, also great.
    Quite ironic that in the past parents wouldn't allow their kids to listen to rock music since it was "aggressive" and the lyrics were pretty much all about sex, having fun and living life the way you want. And now, rock/metal musicians are trying to control what type of music their kids listen to... The cycle is complete now, I guess.
    Didn't even bother reading the article. Actually I couldn't even being since I was laughing so hard at the headline.
    This is what I love about Metallica, and probably why so many others hate them. They keep things interesting and try new things, going from metal to more of a rock sound in the 90's, making an album with Lou Reed, playing One with a famous pianist. It's amazing, no other metal band would do that, creativity should be encouraged, not hated upon.
    A metal band that has played with a singer AND a pianist? No, I've never heard of anyone doing that. That right there is innovation.
    I agree. These Brootalmetal4life98 ppl always call them sellouts but to me they are almost the only band that just does what ever they want
    You can't really argue that Metallica "sold out" because selling out means changing your sound to fit more with mainstream media and gain as much as possible, fans, money, whatever. Load/ReLoad certainly did not gain them fans or lots of money, the closest thing to a sell out album Metallica has done was The Black Album, and that was still heavy, if Metallica were sell outs, they would just keep recreating the Black Album.
    Actually Load style was more popular than "pure" metal at the time - Alice in Chains, CoC, Kyuss, Down, etc... But they liked that type of music themselves so Load/Reload were good albums and not really sell-outs. But DM is a sellout even though it's a good record with good melodies, it was made to be "come back to thrash roots" which to me was compromise between music they wanted to play and music fans wanted to hear.
    Load and Reload were more like half-assed versions of Corrosion Of Conformity albums. They went stale a long time ago. I tried listening to Death Magnetic but I just couldn't get into it.
    Well, I wouldn't say half assed, for me it was pretty decent effort. Also there is more than just CoC Deliverance/Wiseblood in Load/Reload. For instance, one can hear Kyuss "Catterpillar March" as ending solo in Outlaw Torn Kyuss "Big Bikes" in Bad Seed Alice in Chains "Sunshine" in Ronnie.
    Some of the Load/Reload stuff was ok. The more I listened to those albums the more I thought to myself "why is James trying to sing like Pepper Keenan?" Lol
    So incredibly awful. It sounded like a 5 yr old kid on cough syrup started banging on a piano while his dad's sh*tty garage band tried to tackle a Metallica classic that was far beyond their abilities. Utterly horrifying.
    Ok, so since no one is going to talk about what this article is about here, I'll share my 2 cents. Metalica have reinvented themselves once and that was from Thrash to Soft Rock and it didn't do them any good with metal fans. I'm amazed no one has yet pointed out that he's just praising himself at this point, while being one of the most mediocre drummers to ever achieve fame.
    I have to disagree with you. Metallica went from inventing a new thrash sound, to inventing a new metal sound and taking metal to a level of music that we take for granted. They didn't do "soft rock", they we diving into deeper musical journeys. They already invented the metal sound and wanted to see what else their genius had to offer. We need to learn to expand our musical horizons and not listen to music with preexisting notions of what it should sound like. You have to see what the artist is trying to deliver and listen from that foundation, then you can fairly judge it. Also, lars never claimed to be a great drummer. But he has influenced many people. He plays to the song and does whats best for the song. He has some awesome fills and cool groves. He has lacked in recent years but have you ever seen the s&m concert? I mean, WOW, talk about tight and in the pocket drumming. Not to mention their Through The Never movie, lars was great
    The Grammy performance with Lang Lang was one of the worst performances I ever saw. It's like they played two different songs at the same time, nothing fit together.
    And yet, it's still awful because you have no good ideas in your head Lars.
    A lot of these people sound like they stopped listening around the black album and restarted listening to Metallica when LuLu came out, and now people are saying they're "stale". Seriously, I'm not seeing what's so bad here. (Except Lulu obviously).
    No, you simply need to quit Lars. Metallica (in my opinion) is tarring their superb library of music, with run-of-the-mill type music.
    Who cares about his hair or his wife? He's talking about music and you're not.. we focus too much on appearance and utter stupidity and don't hear the content that is being laid before you. IF you're a real music fan/musician, what metallica does is what every real artist should do.. Why stick to the same stuff all of the time? It's not your band, its their band. They're the musicians.. if you don't like it, go **** off. Its simple.
    "With 29-year-old girlfriend model Jessica Miller by his side, Ulrich said: 'The next thing we have to give birth to is another record ...'" Larsie is so metal he begets records! Poor Jessica, tho, having to handle the "album release". \m/
    "Greatest drummer in the world, Lars Ulrich.." Aaaaaand that guy knows nothing about the drums.
    I Had to lol whilst watching the Big 4 dvd's doco, wherein Lars informs Mustaine that his son's fav. band for about a year was Megadeth, and that they would play Megadeth as Lars drove the young fella to school lolz. \m/
    " he is not letting his kids listen to young pop sensations One Direction ... he raised each of his three children... on hard rock music, leaving no room for latest pop trends." Well done, Larsie. One Erection members *cough*, just like all the other pop musos out there, are phucking gae kunts who make abysmal, talentless, happy-clappy shit. Introduce brutal death metal at age 13, and the kiddies will grow up to be fine, upstanding members of society. \m/
    Lars hides his lack of metal drumming prowess on got girlfriends and lame projects.
    Metallica write in studio do they not? Seems like that would be the most sterile environment to do anything creative. I would guess that back in the day, they would not have been able to afford writing in the studio, leading to the songs being less contrived.
    Hmmm i think Lars might be a bit pre-occupied at moment to concentrate on new album
    People are stupid. Every somehow hates Lars and loves him at the same time. Metallica is hated more than any other band, yet they sell more tickets and albums than most other bands. I don't get it. Looking forward to #10 guys.
    I wonder what attracted the 29 year old model to the multi millionaire drum-gnome?