Metalocalypse Creator and Anthrax's Scott Ian Enter Studio: 'Writing Best Worst Song Ever'

Brendon Small also hints at plans for touring "Doomstar Requiem" with Dethklok.

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Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian posted a brief update from his latest studio sessions with "Metalocalypse" creator Brendon Small, announcing "the best worst song ever." "In the studio with Brendon Small writing the best worst song ever, ergo my face," Ian tweeted along with an attached image, just for Brendon to reply: "Proud to have made some real garbage today!" Scott previously sang praises of Small, branding him "an insane guitar player" in a blog post during late October. "We were rehearsing for the Mr. Show Experience at Festival Supreme and just watching him f--k around is ridiculous. We went to the premiere of 'Metalocalypse: the Doomstar Requiem' and the music he wrote is incredible. Hearing it all with a huge orchestra (conducted by Bear McCreary) really loud in a theater was so awesome." In the meantime, Brendon hinted at a possibility of touring "The Doomstar Requiem" with Dethklok, but couldn't reveal much detail. Chatting with Full Metal Jackie, the musician was asked about upcoming tour dates. "We are working on the tour thing with this thing. That is all I’ve got to say right now," he replied (via Loudwire). Pushed by the host to unveil some exclusive info, Small noted: "If I had the information, I would. I promise you, if I find out anything I will reveal it to you first." During the rest of the chat, Brendon discussed "The Doomstar Requiem," pointing out having much more ideas that he could possibly fit within a single hour. "I just wish I had more screen time with this one because I would have easily made it longer," he explained. "I had a lot more story to tell and I crammed a lot of story into 46 minutes and 30 seconds, which is the keeping running time. I gave you a little bit fatter version, a little longer version on the album that you can download now. Easily I could do it." "Metalocalypse: the Doomstar Requiem - a Klok Opera" was premiered on October 27 and was followed by a soundtrack release two days later.

@Scott_Ian: In studio w @_Brendonsmall writing best worst song ever.” Proud to have made some real garbage today!

— Brendon Small (@_Brendonsmall) December 7, 2013

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    Why is he recognized only as "Metalocalypse creator"?! I think he's proved himself enough for us to learn his name and see him as a...well, rising star. I respect Brendon Small as much as I respect Scott, 'cause both of them are talented musicians and good people! I've never seen Dave Mustaine beign called "The Mouth of Megadeth" un UG articles.
    My sentiments exactly. I saw Dethklok with All That Remains and Machine Head and Dethkloks musicianship stole the show. So tight live.
    Because most people don't know the name Brandon Small. and I think that he deserves that title, it's a pretty good title. he works hard writes almost all the music of the show and the story and then voiceacts in it.
    He's done a lot and people should refer to him as Brendon Small at this point, at least on UG. The guy has been making music and TV shows and music for his TV shows for over 10 years. btw nice avatar Rattlehead