Metalocalypse Creator on Making Cartoons: 'No One Really Gives a Sh-t'

"I have a lot to say musically and story-wise," Brendon Small adds.

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Metalocalypse mastermind Brendon Small recently discussed the cartoon world, describing it as more struggling than most would imagine. The musician also touched on the matter of the show's finale, details below.

Asked by Legendary Rock Interviews if he meets "lots of people who have zero idea who you are or what you do," Small replied: "Everybody [laughs]. That's the thing about cartoons, that's the whole thing about working in animation, nobody knows anything about what you do when you go to the gym or see the same people every day or whatever, nobody knows.

"I've said many times [that] having an animated TV show is very much like not having one, no one really gives a sh-t [laughs]," Brendon continued. "I do a lot of stuff that has nothing to do with the show, like I will go and do stand-up and stuff like that people don't really know about this whole other side. It's like a strange little dual identity thing."

Dismissing online rumors about the show reaching end, Small commented: "I have something much bigger planned. I don't know if I'm gonna be able to top what we did with 'Doomstar' but I have a different, bigger story beyond this. That's the idea. You never know though. Will I be able to do it my way? I mean, in a perfect world it would be a grandiose movie or a mini-series kind of thing or something like that but I'm not sure yet and as long as it's cost-effective I'd love to try to keep the band happening."

The guitarist concluded on more of an optimistic note, saying he has "a lot to say musically and story-wise; I wanted to put a 50 piece orchestra on there, I've never done anything like that before and amazingly we did it," he added.

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    so many to choose from Metalocalypse: Scrabbleklok
    I didn't laugh once in any of this B.S. Ok...maybe a little at the chastity part.