Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber Collaboration Track Surfaces Online

artist: Michael Jackson date: 08/19/2013 category: wtf?

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Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber Collaboration Track Surfaces Online
An unexpected collaboration between late great Michael Jackson and pop sensation Justin Bieber surfaced online as King of Pop's latest posthumous release. Titled "Slave to the Rhythm," the tune initially leaked promptly after Jackson's passing. However, the new version now features a stronger dance beat and vocals from young Justin. Although little is known on how the collaboration came to be, Bieber did address the tune via Twitter. "Excited for what is to come. MJ set the bar," he posted. "Not only for music but for being an entertainer and how u treat the fans. Wish he was here." The singer followed-up with another tweet. "All of it is not always easy but it is a blessing. We can change the world. I'm up for the challenge. Big things ahead! Greatness. Love you." Justin also shared separate photos of Jackson and himself in front of large crowds, adding, "He set the bar" and "MJ. The greatest of all time. Fact." You can check out "Slave to the Rhythm" below.
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