Michael Jackson's Daughter Attempts Suicide After Marilyn Manson Gig Ban?

The singer's daughter reportedly cut her wrists because she was barred from seeing the goth rocker Marilyn Manson tonight.

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Michael Jackson's daughter has reportedly tried to commit suicide after she wasn't allowed to attend a Marilyn Manson concert.

A 911 dispatch call reveals that Paris Jackson, age 15, was rushed to hospital in the early hours after she took 20 Mortrin pills and cut herself with a kitchen knife on the wrists.

Her mother Debbie Rowe tells Entertainment Weekly that Paris has had "a lot going on lately." ET also reports that a source close to the family says the reason behind the suicide attempt is because she has been banned from seeing Marilyn Manson tonight at the Gibson Ampitheater with Alice Cooper.

This month marks the fourth anniversary of her father Michael Jackson's death.

The last message Paris posted to her Twitter account before the suicide attempt reads:

yesterday , all my troubles seemed so far awaynow it looks as though they're here to stay

Paris Jacksoη (@ParisJackson) June 5, 2013

Now Katherine Jackson has posted a statement on behalf of the Jackson family:

"Being a sensitive 15 year old is difficult no matter who you are. It is especially difficult when you lose the person closest to you. Paris is physically fine and is getting appropriate medical attention. Please respect her privacy and the family's privacy."

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    Manson gets the blame for everything.
    She's probably being bullied or something, I remember that Oprah thing where she says people try and cyberbully her and stuff, and it doesn't help when her aunts and uncles are trying to claim that they should get Michaels money.
    Disgusting that people can find this funny.
    Depression is no joke, but humor can be found in anything. "There ain't no sin, there ain't no virtue, there's only people and the things they do"
    just gonna take a stab and say there was probably more to it than "i didn't get to see manson so i'm gonna kill myself". as for manson, he gets enough shitty publicity over stupid things as is, he doesn't need this being taken out of context to add to that
    Agreed, pretty much from the tone of the article it's basically implying Manson's music had something to do with it, which is the same old song and dance since Columbine. Tacky journalism.
    I'd probably stab myself if I sat through a whole Marilyn Manson concert.
    4 year anniversary of MJ's death is more likely the cause then missing a concert. Just a rational observation
    She wouldn`t have missed anything. Marilyn Manson is shit nowadays.
    Saw him last year and I'm inclined to disagree. Sure, he doesn't sound like he does on his albums, but he still puts on a damn good show. What's next? Are you going to start bashing Rob Zombie?
    Rob Zombie actually makes good music. Manson's music however has taken a very steep and somewhat depressing decline.
    I saw them both last year in their tour together, and I've got to say that Zombie totally overshadowed Manson live
    Yeah well I guess so, I mean Zombie only has Manson's former guitar player and Bassist I believe.
    Well, they might as well blame the Beatles, it was their song she posted right? People just like blaming Manson. (No, they shouldn't blame either) She's a young girl, caught in a media circus that has nothing to do with her, but her father. You can only wonder how her childhood has been, growing up with a father as famous and controversial as him. No matter, good thing she gets help.
    Pretty sad that 15 years later, Manson still gets blamed for bullshit. Even sadder that in 15 years, no shock rockers have come around and take the music world by the balls.
    It's nigh on impossible these days though. There is so little that hasn't already been done.
    Doesn't she technically own the rights to "Yesterday", the song she posted on her twatter? ...since MJ bought all those Beatles copyrights back in the 80's? Or did somebody else get them when he died? If he still owned them when he passed, he should've given them back to McCartney.
    i've read this story on 5 different news sites this morning. this is the only one that even mentions a manson show. they also dont mention why she was barred from the show. sooooo is it only UG attacking Manson?
    Crimson Ghost
    She obviously suffers from depression. She lost her parent at a very young age, she's had to deal with lawsuits surrounding it for years, and she's stuck in the middle of a family that's filled with money hungry, attention seeking people. Very stupid that media is trying to blame it on Marilyn Manson when in reality, it's really obvious why she's depressed.
    Hope for humanity status: Neutral, with steady increase over the years -reads comments on this article- Hope for humanity status: Destroyed... Jk, off course not, now it's just like there never was any to begin with...
    No disrespect meant, but this story has no place here. WTF UG. Half the stories on this site now are crap like this that belongs on TMZ rather than a site supposedly devoted to guitar playing. This kind of sick voyeuristic drivel doesn't even qualify as music news. Editors of UG: you have lost a faithful reader who has been coming to your site for more than 5 years. It has become all too obvious that this is no longer a place for those who actually wish to learn about and discuss the instrument that you named your site after.
    I think the last thing someone who's attempted suicide needs is for it to be plastered all over the internet with speculation and assumptions. She is more than just a news article; she's a human being and as someone who's attempted suicide myself, I find this article rather tasteless. Focus on real music news, UG.
    There's obviously more going on here than Paris just being a bratty teenager. This source "closet to the family" (great spell-checking as usual, UG) seems to have their head wedged firmly up their arse.
    "has had a lot going on lately" Every statement on every suicide attempt ever.
    ..and this year's Darwin award goes to..(so close) btw that 35 year old looking is supposed to be 15?
    It makes me upset to know that stuff like this is what people of today see when it comes to Michael Jackson's legacy, rather than his music.
    I cried when I didn't get tickets to see Marilyn in June except I didn't try killing myself. But I did cry
    This is all speculation naturally, BUT... there was an article on one of the news sites showing closeups of her forearms before the incident and there were what look to be cut marks. My bet is she has a bad case of depression (understandably), probably a cutter, was mad about the concert, went to cut and had an "oops..."
    She should try again and keep trying until she will get a lifetime free pass to all Manson performances.
    Two things one, MJ had a ****ing daughter? two, WTF? Gonna kill yourself because you can't go to a show?