Mick Jagger Blamed for Brazil World Cup Defeat

Brazilian fans angry at the Rolling Stones icon, while his ex hits back at "cyber bullying."

Ultimate Guitar

Bewildered Brazilian football fans and media have blamed Mick Jagger for their crushing 7-1 defeat to Germany.

AsĀ Gigwise notes, the Rolling Stones frontman and his Brazilian son Lucas were in the crowd for the 7-1 defeat but his unlucky presence has history. The last six games in which Jagger has publicly expressed his preferred outcome, the opposition have come out on top.

He was present for England's 4-1 defeat to Germany in 2010, and in the same year he attended the USA's 2-1 defeat to Ghana with Bill Clinton. He was also seen wearing a Brazil shirt during their 2-1 defeat to the Netherlands.

In the current tournament, he revealed he was backing Portugal to win the whole competition while addressing fans at a gig in Lisbon. They dropped out in the group stage. He also tipped Italy to beat Uruguay in their final group game to advance from the group stage. They lost 1-0. The keen yet unlucky football fan also tweeted the England team before they were defeated by Italy 2-1.

Subsequently, fans at the Belo Horizonte stadium were seen carrying a cardboard cut out of Jagger wearing a Germany kit hat had a speech bubble saying "Come on Germany!" The Brazilian TV channel R7 claimed Jagger to be the "Angel of Doom" and "The Biggest Jinx in World Cup History."

According to Luciana Giminez, his ex-partner and mother of his son Lucas, this is unfair treatment and the Rolling Stones frontman is "suffering cyber bullying." She seems genuinely concerned for his well-being and has been citing his strengths to protect him. "I'd ask people to think before doing it. He's been successful for 50 years and is a good friend and father to my son."

It remains to be seen whether the Brazilian media's superstitious blame will cause any concern for Jagger.


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    Brazil can't always get what they want
    I was already closing the browser when I read your comment and I decided to come back just to like it.
    Floyd Phoenix
    For a man whose songs include not getting what he wants or any satisfaction for that matter, I fail to see why anyone would be surprised that the teams he supports keep losing...
    Brazil fans and media have been big babies since they lost to Germany. When you lose 7-1...I doubt it is because of mick jagger.
    As a brazilian I can tell you that there`s more behind of it. Brazil lost because of a lot of a factors and not because of Jagger`s "bad luck", like the corruption in our football confederation, our Neymar dependency and the whole crew. And the team did played badly really.
    Scavedge [VR]
    well if they're gonna look for someone to blame for something they f*cked up, it might as well be entertaining.
    Agreed, for every ten years of Jagger's age Brazil got a goal in their net. And he is 70 years old...
    So, lumping the ball into the box and crossing fingers for 90 minutes isn't to blame, then?
    I guess when you consistently watch a sport as boring as soccer, you have to make up stuff like this to entertain yourself.
    You wish your garbage eggball and superbowl nonesense can be as big as the world cup.
    Instead of watching rugby, which is the bollocks, they watch a mutation of rugby + beer ads. Americans are a weird bunch.
    Over here we call soccer football. Because in that you actually use you feet instead slamming into other players with your head while having egg shaped ball on your hand.
    Reminds me of Billy Beane and the Oakland A's, if the Moneyball film is to be believed. Difference is he runs the team.
    I guess you can blame him for the first three of Germany's points. The rest are just inexcusable.