Mick Jagger Voted 'Most Stylish Rock Star'

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Mick Jagger Voted 'Most Stylish Rock Star'
Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger has been voted most stylish rock star of all time by lifestyle website Complex. The front man pipped David Bowie, Kurt Cobain and bandmate Keith Richards to the top spot. Complex offered the following justification for his topping the poll: "Hands-down one of the best-dressed musicians of all-time, he definitely set the bar for flamboyant frontmen. From his crazy stage antics to his bad boy edge, his style reflected his personality perfectly: it was something that needed to be tamed, but functioned best when it was wild. "Even today, he wears silk scarves and suits with more rakish appeal than most men - and he's pushing 70." Some of Complex's most stylish rock stars: 1. Mick Jagger 2. Prince 3. David Bowie 4. Kurt Cobain 5. Sid Vicious 6. Keith Richards 07. John Lennon 08. Jimi Hendrix 09. Elvis 10. David Byrne 11. Alice Cooper 12. Slash 13. Bruce Springsteen 14. Jack White 15. Keith Moon 16. Lemmy 17. Johnny Rotten 18. Freddie Mercury 19. Billy Gibbons 20. Zakk Wylde 21. Billy Idol 22. Axl Rose 23. Lenny Kravitz Of course, some will note that there is an irony in rock stars, as the supposedly anti-authoritarian, against the curve figureheads of 20th century culture being considered "stylish". Perhaps the question we should be asking though is, in a list of stylish rock stars, how the bloody hell did Lemmy only get to #16 ?!?
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