Mike Portnoy Offering to Share His Secrets for $2.99 Per Month, Gets Bashed as 'Sellout' By Fans

"There's no need to be mean and nasty around here," the drummer says.

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Drummer extraordinaire Mike Portnoy is willing to "share his secrets" with all his fans out there for a mere price of $2.99.

What this is all about is an app called Tweet Secret, hooking subscribers up with exclusive daily videos of Portnoy during his music-related endeavors.

"You're gonna get sick of me!" Mike jokingly says in the intro video. "You're gonna get clips of me on the road, in the studio, at home... no matter where I am, you will be with me."

Soon after the announcement, Portnoy was bashed by a portion of fans as a "sellout." The drummer was quick to issue a response via Facebook, saying, "The Tweet Secret app is something fun that I was asked to be a part of (along with several other musicians, athletes, etc). I don't control the fact that there is a monthly subscription fee ... (but really, it's only $2.99 a month ... is that really worth complaining about?? That's less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks!).

"I figured you'd enjoy getting an inside, behind the scenes look into my day to day life. If this does not interest you, then fine, just ignore the posts that automatically go here when a new clip is posted and move on with your day.

"However, the nasty comments that seem to be popping up here calling me a 'sellout' or personally attacking me because of this app (which is not mine, mind you!) will not be tolerated and you will be banned from this page. There's no need to be mean and nasty around here," Mike concluded.

More info on the app here, also make sure to check out the app screenshot and video below.

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    "If this does not interest you, then fine, just ignore the posts that automatically go here when a new clip is posted and move on with your day." I wish more people on the internet would comply with this, seriously
    That's the very part I wanted to quote myself, thank you. Everyone should just read this part and shut up.
    The internet brings out people's true demeanors because the anonymity removes almost all actual repercussions someone could suffer for bullshit they say.
    The problem is, I had been thinking the same... Until Facebook. It turns out that people are just as fine to write stupid shit signed with their real name. It's not that simple.
    Reminds me of when Lars sued napster and said it wasn't about the money, and people still think they are sell-outs and only want money.
    So he's doing it for fun. Can a guy have some fun without being lambasted? Apparently not, if you're Mike Portnoy.
    You know about the bandwagon, don't you?
    Know. Don't care. I'm a fan of his work, though maybe his attitude needs some adjusting. But if this is seriously eliciting that much hate, maybe his fanbase (I'm sorry, "bandwagon") needs to get itself checked as well. And no, I'm not gonna download the app. I'm bombarded with enough useless information about celebrity figures from Facebook already thankyouverymuch. But let Portnoy have his fun. He's probably enjoying himself more than you are right now.
    Unless you're compromising your musical sound due to financial reasons, I don't think you're selling out. Musicians need to make some damn money, I don't see why people always throw the term "sell-out" around so easily, try putting yourself in perspective. Mike was offered to be apart of something cool, for a cheap ass price, and isn't forcing you to do it, like he says, so why should it be negative? If you don't like it, don't pay for it, carry on. It's not like he made a silly commercial for McDonalds.
    The internet acts like a bunch of spoiled children crying and stomping their foot when they don't get everything for free.
    Why do people always only want FREE stuff?!
    Since information became free, so pretty much when the internet was going mainstream.
    The internet caused people to become over entitled. The notion of paying for something has become ridiculous to some people.
    "The Tweet Secret app is something fun that I was asked to be a part of (along with several other musicians, athletes, etc). I don't control the fact that there is a monthly subscription fee..." So this is something that others are doing and Portnoy was asked to be a part of, it wasn't his choice on the payment, and it's only 2.99 a month? People need to seriously look up what "sellout" means.
    Some people think it's not cool to ask for money in exchange for service. Unless it's their service, then of course it's okay to ask for money.
    Yea, I wonder if those pretentious ****s do their jobs for free. Its freaking 10 cents a day lmao.
    I think the same as enslave the world. Im not a big MP fan, but if wold be, let say Maynard James Keenan, I would pay even 6 dollars a moth, just to enjoy a part of his world for a bit. I dont think its selling out, i think its acctually something cool. Let say, its a dram come true for others out there. Good for you Mike, Great Idea
    Or you could just post the videos up for free on Youtube or something if you really wanted fans to access them that much
    There's a bit of work involved in making videos and I don't get why anyone would expect to get the content for free. It's not like they're entitled to it. :S On youtube you'd get endless ads instead, and this is just another funding option. It's up to MP how he chooses to distribute his material and what he's going to charge for and not. Why is there even a discussion?
    The Internet gives people so many awesome opportunities to be an entrepreneur these days. I say more power to him. Anybody can have access his music for free with the click of a button. So In my mind, there is no problem with being resourceful and finding other ways to use your talents to make a living (besides relentless touring).
    While we're at it, why not just put all your music up on Youtube for free, instead of selling it?
    You clearly didn't get the part where he said this wasn't his initiative, did you? The 3 dollars are propably primarily paid out to the people who facilitated this concept. It's not like he's saying "I REALLY want you to see this, but I also REALLY want money for you to do so." It's an offer for the diehard fans. A little extra something.
    I did get it. I'm just saying he could put up his own ones up on Youtube. I wouldn't fleece fans with something a lot of independent and unsigned bands regularly do for free as it is
    Velcro Man
    He's not doing it nor is he interested in doing it himself. The company is in charge of the recording and shit, all that would be a bunch of shitty work for him for something he doesn't care about. So either pay the shitty company or take nothing.
    Guitarists actually do this for this very website for free, if he wanted to its not hard to upload a video now is it? He already has a youtube channel that he uploads to, why cant he use that?
    You can make more money being a w hore. Tell that to your co-worker's mother, c unt.
    I swear, people are so eager to cry "sellout!" nowadays. In the words of the immortal Inigo Montoya "You keep saying that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."
    Fucking musicians wanting to be teachers, sell out shits..... That was sarcastic j/s
    so at what point will people start calling everything that isn't free as part of a "sellout"? Why are they charging me to see them play?! SELLOUTS! Why are they charging me to buy their albums?! SELLOUTS!
    Have a problem with it? Simple solution: Don't buy the app. Christ. How come musicians aren't allowed to make money these days? Who cares if it's $2.99? If you're not one of the people who want to pay for it, then don't. If you are, then do. It's that simple. People on this website will honestly bitch about anything.
    i dont know why mike portnoy listen all this idiots... not everything is free otherwise, he will post all the extra of the dvds on youtube.. everybody who critizes him for what he is doing and leaving DT and i`m damn sure you want a bit of his carreer pathetic, all of you
    He's famous because he stuck with it for decades. He's skilled because he's put in thousands of hours of practice. He's (probably?) as deep and interesting as anyone who has overcome challenges in their life driven by a will to succeed. But no, we all deserve this musician's time and insight for free apparently.
    Irwin Navarro
    Let's say for example he is really doing this for money and really "selling out", can we blame him? He quit a successful progressive band (Dream Theater) due to excessive burnout, in hopes of joining a fresher successful band (A7X) in which he got rejected to be a permanent member. Sure he made some side projects (A-Mob, Flying Colors, Winery Dogs) but do we really think that those bands can match DT and A7X in terms of financial earnings? I don't think so. Whether we like it or not, at the end of the day a guy's gotta make a living so let it be.
    Really people are complaining about 2.99 a month for something that they can ignore? Also i'm pretty the fee is mostly for the app and not for Portnoy. Pretty sure that dude is rich as hell already.
    I'd rather guess he can make a decent living off music, but I doubt he's actually rich in any sense of the word. I'm pretty sure DT make a small fraction of what stadium-selling bands earn, and I'd guess he earns a bit less now with his projects than he did with DT.
    He's quick to say it's not his idea but I'm sure he'll enjoy the extra income. Don't really see why it's a problem. Idolisation is not for me though.
    Cut the guy a break. Everyone needs to earn a living. And now that Mike is no longer a part of DT he likely needs to be a little more busy/creative to maintain his lifestyle.
    well if he's not changing his musical style or artistic integrity in order to make money then its not selling out.
    so hes a sellout because hes not posting his videos on youtube for free? its $3 a month to see the daily life of Portnoy. if you like his drama or his playing, you might enjoy this since hes sure to give drumming tips and whatnot. Just dont bich and complain about this just because it isnt free.
    I am not jealous of him for this private video story. I am just jealous of his playing drums :
    I have no interest for this personally but people it's not that much money/month.. Some fans probably are interested about this and it's one way to support him if you want to do so.
    The only people who have any credibility to their comments about this are people who make 100% of their income by playing an instrument. I figure the guy needs to eat, pay rent, buy Pot, etc.
    Lesson number 1. Don't quit popular bands and think you'll be alright on your own, cus you'll probably regret it and end up making a "sell your secrets" site.
    I don't think for a second Portnoy would have left to work with Avenged and go on tour with them if he knew it would ultimately result (indirectly) in him being kicked from Dream Theater. I kind of think he thought since he was a founding member, they wouldn't just move on without him, but unfortunately he was wrong. I still like Portnoy, and I don't think this is selling out in the slightest. I don't know if its related or coincidence, but the last two Dream Theater albums are their best in years, and they were all written without Portnoy.
    It's Roger Waters syndrome. Quit a band, and expect them to just come to a halt. Doesn't work that way....fortunately.
    I don't care anyway. Sometimes whether you like it or not in life, change is good. I wish all our heroes would show us how they do their thing. Whats 3 bucks? I don't think he is selling out. I think it's a good idea. I'm not dissing him, I respect him. I just think that in the back of his mind somewhere he is probably thinking something like what you said "i was a founding member, i should have had the power to do what i want etc, it was my baby". but he will go on and on and on and be respected for it. this definitely is not selling out. people will love to see him explaining his shit in depth. and if it flops it will all be forgotten about as quick as it started. Will always be a great drummer, could beat lars ulrich using a couple of biscuit tins and people want to know how he does it.
    now you know why dream theatre decided not to take him back after he quit.....(apparently he asked to rejoin after quiting)... another guy whos getting influenced by KK..... now who influenced KK... was it axl or is it the other way round??
    he should take a page from the book of periphery I'm subscribed to misha mansoor on facebook and my feed is flooded with him answering questions and pictures of axe fx IIs
    "Don't call me a sellout or I'll ban you from my page." - Mike Portnoy