Morrissey Bashes Public Response to Robin Williams' Death

"It was Lauren [Bacall], not Robin, who changed motion picture history," says the singer.

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In a post to his fan site True to You, Morrissey criticized the public's response to the recent death of actress Lauren Bacall.

"[It was] so sad that her death was overshadowed by that of Robin Williams," the singer wrote. "It was Lauren, not Robin, who changed motion picture history."

Read the singer's full statement below (via Spin) (someone just doesn't realise that everyone has their opinions).

"I was thrilled beyond words to have met Richard Attenborough, who, of course, played Pinkie in 'Brighton Rock' (1947), a central theme of my song 'Now My Heart Is Full.' When I met Sir Richard he was delightful, and I asked him if Brighton Rockseemed like a hundred years ago. He replied 'Oh, much more than that...' I also had the extraordinary pleasure of meeting the recently deceased Lauren Bacall ... so beautiful, so cautious ... and so sad that her death was overshadowed by that of Robin Williams.

"It was Lauren, not Robin, who changed motion picture history. Yet modern media has an odd way of forgetting the more senior servers of the arts. Dora Bryan, whom I knew personally in the late '80s, and who also died in recent weeks, had pitifully slim attention from the British news media, yet her talents were a treasured staple of British life throughout the 1950s, 1960s and beyond. Dora had agreed to introduce the Smiths onstage at the London Palladium in 1986, but at the last minute her agent asked for a fee which we, the Smiths, just couldn't afford. However, in our X-Factory society, it seems that anyone who has NOT appeared on 'Big Brother' just isn't worth remembering by the British media ... alas."

Morrissey at his best...

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    Clearly Morrisey doesn't understand the concept of relevance... which actually explains a lot come to think about it!
    Old people die; sick people die; healthy people don't, but when they do, it's usually seen as a tragedy. Perhaps more so when they are beloved, have touched many lives, and it happens by their own hand. Personally I'd never heard of Lauren Bacall and Dora Bryan until they died, but I've seen countless Robin Williams movies and stand-up specials. And to me, tragically losing someone who made you laugh/cry/etc as a child and into adulthood, leaves a far bigger void than two people who are just names in an obituary.
    what a dick
    And a self loathing bigot (hates the Irish, which he is). He makes great music, but is an awful human.
    this is what people do whenever someone famous dies... what are people supposed to pretend like it didn't happen???
    The sad thing about Morrisey is that even when he has a genuine point in his rants, he always also has an incredibly dickish and pretentious statement in connection with it.
    I dont really think he does have a point. The reason it was big news that Robin Williams died was because he was still a huge star when he died. He was still doing talk shows, still doing 3 or 4 movies a year, still in the public eye. It was still big news when Richard Attenborough died because he was a star too. The 2 women he listed who it wasnt big news when they died havent done anything of any real note since the 60s. And his little "xfactor society... big brother" dig is complete bollocks. No one gives a f**k about anyone from those reality shows 2 months after its over. This is just another one of his "why isnt the rest of the world exactly like me and have exactly the same priorities as me" He really has become quite a detestable man over time.
    Totally agreed. I love Morrissey and The Smiths for their music and a lot of times Morrissey actually makes some great points in his rants... but not really this time. In this case, it's very clear as to why Williams' death was covered by the media so much more than Bacall or Bryan but Morrissey feels the need to criticize everyone anyways. The "X Factor" comment isn't even relevant in this case - it's not Robin Williams had been famous for a few weeks or months, he was in many, many movies that mean a lot to a lot of people over the course of over 4 decades.
    That wasn't the point I meant - I was refering to his statement about old movie stars that were equally (at the time) famous often being forgotten, and their demises often barely make a small column in the news unless they were ridiculously huge. Almost every movie star nowadays whose death makes the news had at earliest "made it" at around the 60's/70's. Most before that time normally goes ignored.
    Spot on. There's one thing that has always baffled me: Moz is an awesome artist, who always manages to be active and in the spotlight. There's no need to be a prick to get media attention.
    besides the fact that "Death from suicide" tends to be a bit more tragic than "death from being really old."
    Honey Badger
    Completely agree. I remember awhile back I read an article about his essay concerning Canada. He basically condemned the whole nation because of the seal hunting happening at the very northern parts of the country. Well less than 1% of the entire Canadian population hunts seals (I read somewhere there's only a couple thousand workers in the industry), yet Morrisey attacked Canada and Canadian citizens all together and said he refuses to step foot in the country until sealing's eliminated. Then he compared the sealing industry to Auschwitz and sealers to Nazis. Definitely made me see him as a pretentious activist.
    I was expecting him to say something about the manner of Williams' death being the reason it was bullshit.
    Stop mourning the death of someone, I have someone else who should be mourned! Good people have died here, I don't think anyone exactly is winning at the moment.
    There probably is a valid point somewhere in what he has said, it's sad that the other people he has mentioned didn't get much attention when they passed away. The way he's expressed it is awful, and Robin Williams deserves attention.
    The point is Robin Williams died before his time and with the others that wasn't the case, if he'd lived to old age and faded away over time he would have been virtually ignored too.
    Bacall was a product of the 40s-50s not the 60's although she did some cameo's etc in the 60s 70s. In addition she was a model and Humphrey Bogart's girlfriend and without Bogart you probably never would have heard of her.....Williams resume speaks for itself....once again Morissey misses the boat.....
    what a dick. i dont think this is about who changed movie history. robin williams was really loved by everyone.and his untimely death was what shocked us that much.
    What a ****ing *******. I hope this stupid liberal retard gets as much shit talked against him when he dies, the sooner the better for this ****ing loser!
    I can see where he's coming from because I remember Richard Burns' death being overshadowed because he died on the same day as George Best. Although Morrisey could have gone about it better because in his own words Robin Williams changed "motion picture history". Had it not been for Aladdin we wouldn't currently be seeing so many celebrities doing voices in animation. He also helped increase the recognition of comedic actors with his roles in Insomnia and Good Will Hunting, I could go on...
    OMG! NO ONE HAS WRITTEN ME A HATE LETTER IN A WEEK! I need to spew more intellectual shit out of my mouth and piss people off!
    WTF Moz!!! Can you not be such a prick!? Shut ur hole. . Put The Smiths back together, make an album and be happy! He is like UK version of Kanye West except he has talent.
    Maybe he should kill himself and leave a letter on his fan site about how his death should overshadow EVERYONE else's?? What a loser.. With statements like these, who would honestly care about what this guy has to say?
    His main point is that the deaths of Lauren Bacall and Dora Bryan didn't get the media attention they deserved compared to Robin Williams. Obviously, Robin was a fantastic actor and deserves every credit given to him because he was very active compared to Lauren and Dora who weren't.
    If we mention every death of an actor in a serious way, the channels were full of news about That. Sometimes you have to separate what's important and what less. I come from Germany I don't know the people mozzy has mentioned, but I do know williams. And I am not alone here. There are many younger people who didn't live in the 70s and don't know anything about classic British movies. But of course, every death is serious news, but you can't spend a 2 hours documentary on every famous dead person.
    Morrissey for once would you plz SHUT THE FUCK UP dont get me wrong your a very respected musician but as a human your a ****in prick ;D
    This is cognitive bias. Nothing prevents people from mourning the deaths of several individuals at the same time, as long as they cared about them. This woman's death would get the same amount of attention regardless of who else died at the same time. People who don't care wouldn't suddenly start caring if it happened much earlier or later.
    Robin personally touched the hearts of many people and inspired them...that's why her death was overshadowed
    I am sad that those 2 actors had died and were overshadowed by his Williams suicide. He's right on when he says that the senior contributors are swept under the rug. We lost Ernest Borgnine,Jack Klugman,Lauren Bacall and Richard Attenborough.The media has done everything in it's power to milk the sympathy of the public to sell more Williams Memorabilia and magazines in light of his tragic suicide.
    losing battle
    for morrisey this isn't that bad.. bad UG and its misleading headlines. He is still a knob though
    The modern media favors more relevant people over old people nobody gives a shit about? Hmmmmm I wonder why this is. The only people who give a shit about this women don't follow the media they watch wheel of fortune and jeopardy
    It is a shame for someone to get overshadowed but even if Williams didn't revolutionize film his performances were always quality and was a childhood icon to a lot of people.
    The reason Morrisey is talking so much is because he can't seem to reunite the Smiths and his record label dropped his sorry ass like a bad habit. So he needs someone to listen to him. The problem is, I live in the US, I don't know anything about British movies, I really don't care, and I'm a Robin Williams fan. So it isn't gonna be me.
    OMG! NO ONE HAS WRITTEN ME A HATE LETTER IN A WEEK! I need to spew more intellectual shit out of my mouth and piss people off!
    I think Morrissey should talk more of the things he does like. Things animals, the New York Dolls, and orange soda.