Morrissey Calls For Paul McCartney To Return His Knighthood

Singer claims the former Beatle should distance himself from the British royalty.

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British singer and a renowned vegetarian Morrissey has recently addressed Paul McCartney's "anger" over the Los Angeles' Staples Center accepting to go meat-free for Morrissey after rejecting his same request in the past. The vocalist called former Beatle "Sir McMactload" suggesting that if he really cared for animals, he'd return his knighthood back.

"I was amused to hear that Sir Paul McCartload was very angry that Staples had said yes to me but no to him, when really, he should be happy for any victory on behalf of the animals. I know he works tirelessly for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals [PETA], but he also loves the British royals, whose treatment of animals is abysmal. The Queen herself wears enough fur to blanket most of Russia. He also once sang 'Give Ireland back to the Irish', which was directed at the Queen. Well, she refused, and she still refuses, yet Sir Paul gives her the thumbs up!", Morrissey tells the Hollywood Reporter.

"If he cared passionately about animals, he'd return his knighthood. He doesn't need the Queen's approval. He's given more pleasure to people worldwide than she could ever dream of."

As far as his ongoing search for a major label goes, Morrissey admits that he is putting back the new release until he finds one.

"I have no DIY instincts, and recording without a major label would give the music world yet another reason to completely ignore me."

The singer isn't very fond of finding new ways of distribution either, adding that the traditional record companies "are still there, and they have the machinery, and they can use it when they want to."

Morrissey's latest studio record, "Years Of Refusal", was released back in February 2009 via Decca/Polydor, debuting at No. 11 on The Billboard 200 list.

So do you agree with the singer here or do you think his vegetarian views are a bit too extreme? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    I don't really care much for McCartney either, but this has got to be one of the most nonsensical coagulations of tripe I've heard in a while.
    Funny how I groan almost every time Morrissey says anything, but I would kill to be able to see a Smiths reunion show.
    I enjoy him as a musician, but he is a bit of a pretentious *****. If he wants to be a vegetarian, all the more power to him. He can eat all the veggies he wants, and believe what he wants. It is when he force feeds those beliefs on everyone else where I have the problem.
    Morrissey has always been this strict with his views on vegetarianism. I don't see why people still get sour when he says something of this sort. He has a point, though he just has his own way of communicating his point. Sure, it's rude but you know he's right. That's why people are getting angry. There is a hypocrisy involved.
    I agree on that he should resign his knighthood, but not because of the royals' treatment of animals which I think is a pretty small drop in the ocean, but because of their privileges, the cult of personality around royals in the United Kingdom, and because monarchy is a f*cking outdated and non-democratic form of state.
    You do realise that Britain is a constitutional monarchy, right. So the people still vote in elections and the royals are only really there as a figurehead. The only thing the Queen has the power to do without the approval of Parliment is declare war.
    That's kind of the point. They're only figureheads, but a lot of tax money goes to paying them for doing little more than making public appearances and waving to their public. As for McCartney's knighthood, it is hypocritical of him to retain it, but it's only a title. It amounts to little more than him stroking his ego. I think Morrissey's right, but he exaggerated,as per usual. Bigmouth strikes again...
    I used non-democratic in the context of that the people isn't allowed to elect their own head of state. And once again, the ridiculous rivileges, despite just being there as a figurehead.
    Think he makes a sound point tbh but Ill go ahead and say hes a moron because that's the cool thing to do.
    1. This is a piece of unnecessary drivel. 2. Knighthoods mean F all, particularly when given to an entertainer if I may cite 'Sir' Mick Jagger
    Im an old school x gen punk metalhead.... But I still like Morrissey and The Smiths.. So suck it!
    I love how people hate him tell him to go away etc but here they are. Morrisey didn't come round to your house and force you to hear/read this. He makes a good point about hypocrisy though peta rips into countless celebrities here's someone who even owns his dead wifes meat free food brand being chummy with royals who wear fur hunt animals and stick them on the walls owns every swan in Britain and associated with fox hunting and generally live as if it were 1204
    This ***** makes me feel bad for calling myself a vegetarian. I'm sorry everyone, not all of us are terrible people, Trust me.
    What are you talking about? You guys take the lives of thousands of innocent plants daily!
    Are you f***** kidding me right now? You just stole 5 minutes of my life for what? So I can give even less a f*** about Morrissey? Really?
    Morrissey is such a little bitch. I actually like his music, but I'm so sick of everything that comes out of his mouth.
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