Most Shocking Moments of 2013

Here's the things that we really wish didn't happen over the past year.

Ultimate Guitar

For every hundred great things in the rock world, there's one thing that spoils the fun for everyone. Sometimes it's the passing of a musical hero - and in those cases, we can at least celebrate their life and contribution. In other cases, something terrible has happened that puts the rock world to shame. Here's the moments that we wish we didn’t have to report to you this year.

Tim Lambesis in Murder Plot

The frontman of As I Lay Dying tried to hire a hitman to bump off his wife at the time. Thankfully, it was an undercover cop posing as a hitman, who got it all on tape and busted Lambesis for the despicable attempt. He tried blaming it on steroid use, but that won’t do much good when he is finally sentenced in 2014.

The death of many greats in music

Death is part of every life, and it's something to expect when our favourite musicians are ageing more and more. But there have been moments this year when beloved players have been taken before their time, like Slayer's Jeff Hanneman whose liver cirrhosis hadn't even been revealed until after his death, hinting at a depressing end to his recent health battles which put his guitar playing to an end. And Deftones' Chi Cheng, who never fully recovered from a car crash in 2008. Then there's the Doors' Ray Manzarek, and of course Lou Reed, for all his stranger moments, write some of the most original and revered music of the 20th century, so it’s a shame to see him go. There're many other fallen musicians like Pink Floyd artist Storm Thorgerson, Eyehategod's Joe LaCaze, and many others who we're sorry to lose. Let it be a lesson to celebrate our living musicians before it's too late.

Boston Marathon Bombing

The shocking bomb attack on the Boston Marathon which killed and maimed innocent people, including children, moved many rock musicians to spill their emotions online. If only it didn’t take an event like this t bring people from different sides of the political spectrum together.

I feel terrible for all the people of Boston. On a day like today, something so evil should take place. Deepest sympathies to all affected.

— Slash (@Slash) April 16, 2013

Ian Watkins Sex Scandal

This has got to be the worst news story we've ever had to report on Ultimate Guitar. The Lostprophets' singer always seemed sleazy, but no one could have predicted that he would become one of the most famous and depraved sex criminals in history. We won’t go into detail, but his abuse against children deserves more than the 35-year jail sentence he received this week. They crimes went on and on, and it could be that more victims emerge, so we’re sorry to say this story isn't over yet. It's safe to say this was the most shocking moment of 2013, if not from the last decade - and it puts an awful spin on his older interviews which, in hindsight, hint at his ghastly secret - like this one where he says the Bambie soundtrack "turns him on."

Thankfully, this is the end of our most shocking moments post. Let’s draw a line under these points and look forward to a positive 2014.

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    I thought this was going to be all music events, until the Boston bombing came up.
    So all of the other 2013 world tragedies don't matter except Boston?? Makes no sense at all. That pretty much ruined the article. Keep it music related.
    I think Lee Rigby being beheaded in the street was a much more shocking terrorist moment than the Boston bombings, not that it's a competition.
    I never even heard about that one. The Boston Bombing took over news channels for weeks.
    Well, putting the Boston Bombing on the list was a little bit out of left field...
    Not if you've seen the photo's of the FBI operatives dressed in the same clothes as the "bombers" with the same back packs in like 80 photos. That's out of left field. Especially since the people who did it, didn't do it.
    hi dave mustaine! looking forward to the next album!
    The world has turned into a very ****ed up place! I agree with mustaine on conspiracy stuff. Especially 9/11.
    and you know better than the 400+ investigators who say they did....and the confession of the living brother as well? pull your head out of your rear end idiot
    The government would NEVER cover something up by planting fake evidence and using the news stations that they control to spread a believable lie. Never. Nope. Couldn't happen.
    The government would NEVER cover something up by planting fake evidence and using the news stations that they control to spread a believable lie. Never. Nope. Couldn't happen.
    Thank you for not including Miley's VMA performance on the list.
    Agreed, course I was expecting to see it, since SOOOOO many people were talking about it. Glad it's not here though.
    Lou Reed's death shocked me quite a bit, because it was all of a sudden. He kept everything under the radar until his death. Oh well.
    I choked on thin air a few weeks ago. Couldn't believe it, didn't think it was even possible. That's more shocking than the fact that a guy in a band who wrote music for little girls turned out to be a paedophile. I remember (a few years back) joking about Lost Prophets being paedophiles for writing music in order to make little girls wet...haunting.
    Glad to see Chi Cheng got some love. Hoping Eros gets a release nod in the near future.
    Typically, how the Boston bombing is considered "most shocking" whereas the civil war of Syria is not. I know... I know... it's an American site, but still.
    It's Russian
    Ste Ramakers
    Whats Russian? This website??? coz most of the competitions are only for USA..... you've confused me.
    The site is based in Russia, which is the main reason it avoids the copyright laws with all the tabs.
    If they put he Boston marathon disaster which only music-related thing is that musicians "spilled their emotions online"(as the article says) then maybe Nelson Mandela could be on the deaths list, sice many musicians done the same and it's not music-related also.
    Tbh it's not that shocking that a 95 year old passed away, Lou Reed was also far along in years but he was an important musician, which explains his inclusion. Reed's death was also rather unexpected whereas Mendela had been in bad shape for a while. The point of the article was to highlight shocking events of 2013, which The Boston Bombing was.
    its shocking because its an unexpected act of terror. a civil war is an ongoing conflict so its not shocking in the sense that a bombing is.
    I knew what country, my reply was related to what i commented on about this being an American site but something outside of the country made number 1
    I wish the Tim Lambesis thing didn't happen. Their latest album is so good they were heading in the right direction as a band. So much for that.
    On the plus side, there's a pretty baller supergroup just formed in heaven with the best album covers known to man.
    Allen Lanier, keyboardist / guitar player of Blue Öyster Cult passed away this year in August. He will be missed, such a great musician. It may not be one of the most shocking moments in 2013 for some of you guys, but for me personally it is, he deserves to be mentioned. Blue Oyster Cult - In Thee (Live at UC Berkeley)
    (great song by Blue Öyster Cult written by Lanier, he's on keyboards in this video)
    Why is it that whenever something tragic happens, you always post members of Guns N Roses and Motley Crue's replies?
    The death that shocked me the most was Ray Manzerek's, such a good pianist/keyboardist. R.I.P. Why did UG just say his name and said he died and explained the rest of the ways the other musicians died.
    I thought Joey Jordison leaving Slipknot would be up there. I thought that was pretty shocking, anyway :/
    I'd hate to think the Boston bombing was a set up but the conspiracy theories exist and will continue until they can be without doubt be disproved or found to be true. The us government still isn't being transparent about 9/11 wither they just had Intel they didn't act upon or an inside job to justify an illegal war who knows just very sad. Nelson Mandela dying not up there though? The man was a symbol!
    Madela's death was definitely a major event, but not "shocking". He was 95 years old.
    MCR breakup anyone?
    'On a day like today, something so evil should take place.' ..... what Slash?
    If your problem was with his use of the word "should" in that fashion, "should" can be used to explain possibilities and suppositions. He is expressing disbelief that such a thing would happen, because it was so severely unexpected. If this was not your quandary: please, do ignore and carry on.
    the most shocking moment of 2013 was right now, when i decided to stop reading all these ridiculous filler articles that UG keeps putting out.
    I think the Boston bombing can be justified since no one expected the bombing. It certainly took many by surprise. Of course there was more important matters at hand in 2013, such as the Syria civil war, but that isn't as "shocking". You could argue however that the government using chemical weapons on its own people definitely falls under the "shocking" category. In my opinion I think it should have been focused entirely on music.
    Seriously, the Boston bombing is getting ridiculed for being placed on a Most Shocking Events list? And the conspiracy theories? You all understand the government is more intelligent than we would all like to give them credit for and they very much could have set it up so that we would all love to pin the blame on them performing a cover up, because it gets us to watch their "cover up" scandals on the networks right? It goes both ways. Stop thinking you're all so damn educated and keep your mind open. Sometimes the most obvious result is buried beneath the common folks conspiracies, and the would-be powers at hand know that. You're just playing in to their intentional hysteria that the American Government might be hiding something. Take all of your heads and dildos out of your asses and just accept that what is done is done, theorizing about the past will get you no where.
    Most Shocking Moments of 2014 ...Tool not releasing their new album.
    Meh.. couldn't care less. Maybe most for murricans. pff
    ....Pink Floyd?
    Cing Krimson
    I think the Boston bombing shouldn't be on this list, yes it is shocking, but not music related, and a lot worse has happened that year...