Motley Crue Offer Justin Bieber Advice on Bad Behavior

"The next thing he'll get arrested for is toilet-papering a house," says Vince Neil.

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Motley Crue are saying goodbye to several decades of decadence with their farewell tour, so the search is on for someone to pick up where the self-styled bad boys of rock are leaving off.

The subject came up during the band's recent interview with Q Magazine (via Ultimate Classic Rock), with frequently arrested tween heartthrob Justin Bieber being named as a possible replacement. Not surprisingly, the idea was kind of funny, although the Crue did concede that he's well on his way to building the kind of rap sheet that might one day fill a regretful memoir.

"Let's give him a little bit of credit," said bassist Nikki Sixx. "He started with the eggs, which was a little weak - a poor start. Then he got arrested in Miami for drag-racing, and that was kinda cool - he was under the influence. Then he got arrested in Toronto and turned himself in. So he's getting better, but he has work to do."

"He has to beat someone with a chain, or something - or get into a fight with a cop," suggested Vince Neil. "The next thing he'll get arrested for is toilet-papering a house."

Of course, it's all fun and games until someone snorts a line of ants off the ground, as the band witnessed Ozzy Osbourne do during a particularly memorable stay at a Ritz Carlton during the '80s. "We were full on, even though it was a nice five-star joint with families and kids by the pool," recalled Tommy Lee. "The bar asked us to move outside, and I think somebody looked down and saw trails of ants. Once Ozzy saw that he got on his knees and snorted it up."

"Sick man," added Sixx. "We're amazed he's still alive. Ozzy more than any of us."

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    Do it, Justin. Attack a cop, do it!
    That would at least entertain and amuse me. Maybe the experience would give him an idea for a song - something along the lines of 'Don't Taze Me Bro!'?
    Was wondering when that little s**t was going to be brought back up on here. Been a while
    What he does is child's play in comparison to the 80s excess.
    However they of all people should not be encouraging anyone to drag race while under the influence.
    Yeah, I was going to say. After all that effort to distance themselves from the **** up that is Vince Neil, they shouldn't be commenting like that on such activities. I'm hoping this was just some sardonic comments, hoping that he'll do something stupid and actually get incarcerated.
    They've done a few things in poor taste since Razzle died. Releasing the compilation album "Music to Crash Your Car To" was definitely one of them.
    "Then he got arrested in Miami for drag-racing, and that was kinda cool - he was under the influence" How the fu ck can they say that?
    There's only so much edginess they can manage at that age, they gotta take what they can get. Tasteless and somewhat worrying though it may be...
    Or we could remember the guy who said this happened to O.D. as in check out from the excessive amounts of heroin he was doing. I mean what the hell do people expect from one of the most excessive bands in recent memory? They shoved a phone up a girls snatch and had her call her mom post penetration as it sat there. Food for thought there. If you want to talk bad boy behaviour these guys are the authority of it. They're (nor Sixx) are condoning it. Simply ranking his shenanigans. Again who else could?
    I was hoping the advice would be more like 'stop making music and get out of the music industry'. Bieber's popularity may sky-rocket then for doing that.
    They should of told him to go into Eddie Murphy's house and grind his feet on his couch
    Surprised they mentioned the drag racing under the influence since Vince killed his buddy while wasted and driving like a shithead.
    That's right. I thought about the same thing after reading the article. and Sixx has OD'd. Yeah, I guess Justin still has a long way to go...or maybe he needs to grow the hell up.
    When I first read this I thought Nikki Sixx was encouraging Justin to do stupider shit
    Next thing we're going to be see this kid wearing a Motley Crue shirt... :/ Poser fag pop scene sh!t!
    "Of course, it's all fun and games until someone snorts a line of ants off the ground..." I was not ready for this. I scared my sleeping-cat with my laughter.