Motorhead 40th Anniversary Will Involve Naked Women

Lemmy says fans will get an eyeful at their big birthday celebrations - but not until after their 21st album is complete, which they will start recording in January.

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Motorhead are planning to give fans an eyeful for their 40th anniversary for 2015.

"We'll think of something; we always do - probably involving naked women," said Lemmy.

Discussing why the band have lasted so long, Lemmy added: "We've been lucky; we've been around so long people realise they can't get us to go away, so they've just decided to join us. You might not like what we do, but we do what we do very well."

Motorhead are set to start on their 21st album, which follows their 2010 release "The World Is Yours".

"We're gonna start in the New Year, go into the studio in January. We'll go into the rehearsal room about a month before the album and just band stuff out," he told Billboard.

"We're not killing ourselves. We don't get into the studio and say, 'Let's write a hit single!' We've never been one of those bands. We really don't care if everybody likes it; if people like it, to us it's a bonus."

Meanwhile, Motorhead are selling their very own brand of beer called "B-stards Larger". It's their second tipple, after a successful release of their "Motorhead Shiraz" red wine. Perfect for those 40th birthday celebrations.

How would you celebrate Motorhead's 40th birthday? Share your ideas in the comments.

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    I guess we all know why we clicked this.
    Because we love Motorhead, right? Right guys?
    Of course I came for Motorhead! If I wanted naked women, I would go to one of the billions of websites on the internet that have them.
    You came for motorhead ay? Guess the naked ladies won't be having much impact then ay? Ay? AY?!
    Not a huge Motorhead fan or anything, but I swear Lemmy is the definition of the term "Rock Star" in every way that it can be considered a compliment. I'm amazed he hasn't died yet, and I'm sure he won't retire until he does. Rock on, Lemmy. You're my very worst role model.
    Pretty much Rock N' Roll embodied, 60 years old and still putting away a bottle of Jack a day, that's badass, man
    Motorhead are planning to give fans an eyeful for their 40th anniversary for 2015. 2015!!! That's 3 years away!!!
    When drake sang the line "last name ever, first name greatest" you knew he meant Lemmy. ....The Little bastard just won't admit it.
    Motorhead what can be said 40 years of muisc fair play.... shall go to a few of the gigs.... new album gonna be good. they are yet to have a bad one...