Motorhead Fan Banned From Wearing Band's Hoodie in School, Lemmy Reacts

"Don't ever let the b-tches grind ya down!" the frontman says.

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Motorhead fan Taylor Mathes was banned from wearing the sweatshirt of his favorite band in school due to officials labeling the renowned Snagletooth logo gang-related. Young Taylor decided to share his run-in with the authorities with the band itself, who then posted his story and words of support via Facebook. "My name is Taylor Mathes and today I wore my Motorhead England sweatshirt to school and I was sent to the office because of the Snagletooth logo on the front," Mathes explained. "I was then told that I could not wear it to school due to some relation to a gang. However I told them I'm going to continue wearing it and showing my Motorhead pride every day!" The email clearly struck a nerve of hard rock legends, as the official response was soon to follow. "We spoke to Taylor and we support him 100 percent!" the announcement reads. "He's a cool kid and we are sending him a Motorhead Merch Package so he can continue to wear his favorite band proudly! We all have your back Taylor! Motorhead for life!" And as if that wasn't enough, Taylor received words of support from the man himself - the one and only Lemmy Kilmister. "Taylor - Thank you for your diligent defense of Motorhead ... glad we're still worthy!" the frontman said. "Don't ever let the b-tches grind ya down! Lemmy." The new Motorhead record, "Aftershock," is set for October 22 release featuring 14 new tunes. So just how awesome is this? Let us know in the comments.

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    Clearly Motorhead is part of the most dangerous gang of all: rock and roll.
    It's not a gang- it's the only religion worth beliving in. It will never let you down.
    I smiled a happy smile after I read this. Edit: I meant the post, not the story sorry.
    Mr Winters
    What kind of retarded ******* bans a kid from wearing a shirt of his favorite band?
    Pwnasaurus Rex
    Kinda like when some kid was suspended from school for wearing a Korn shirt in the 90s and the band sued the district.
    The band also handed out KoRn T-Shirts in front of the school, with assistance from local police. It was a pretty cool day for freedom of expression.
    I know man, my school went nuts when I tried to wear my Tomb of the Mutilated shirt. Fascists.
    I know someone who wore a Tomb of the Mutilated shirt regularly in high school. No one seemed to mind. Or maybe they did but gave up.
    If it was the school policy to ban pupils wearing clothes with band logos or brand names that would be somewhat understandable. Banning it because it's "gang related" is totally retarded. It's prompted a really cool response from Lemmy though. When I hear about schools banning long hair for boys, that really winds me up. It would be nice if the article mentioned where the school is, like at least what country it's in. I'm guessing it must be the US. I don't think kids in the UK are allowed to wear band merch to school.
    In general they all have uniforms, so he was probably wearing a hoodie over his uniform, which most accept, I mean if they had a no hoodie policy then I get that, but just because it's Motorhead, piss off.
    Most schools here in the UK do have uniforms, so it was never so much of an issue. Some though, like the school I went to, even go as far as to insist that pupils who wear a coat to school, wear one which matches the school colours, e.g. only blue or black. It didn't stop us wearing our band hoodies of course, but they still kicked up a fuss about it. Pathetic.
    Literally every school over here - in Chile - requires usage of uniform and color-matched coats. Such an authoritarian school system.
    how do i join this gang? i want in.
    Well seeing as Motorhead is slang for somebody who does a lot of speed, snort enough Adderall to put a moose in a coma. If you survive, you're in.
    I'll never understand the negativity 'band shirts' and similar clothing gets. When I was in high school, that's what all the friendliest people wore. The kids that were ACTUALLY in gangs, doing coke, failing everything, ect, all wore either Monster, Fox Racing, or Yankees hats. Why not consider those last three gang symbols too?
    That's ridiculous. I used to wear my butthole surfers shirt to school that clearly said the word butthole in big bold letters, and I never once got told a thing.
    Motorhead fan banned from wearing bands hoodie in school, Lemmy continues drinking.
    Come on, where did the old days go?! I remember when I moved to a technicall school, our literature teacher was talking about going out often, to concerts, art galleries and such... and when I said that I went to a Iron Maiden concert the previous week, the teacher walked infront of my desk and offered me a handshake with a big smile
    Lemmy is god, so clearly they wanted to maintain separation of church and state
    Very cool words from Lemmy! Just gotta love and respect that guy, even if one isn't Motorhead's biggest fan
    I was lucky my school let me wear band shirts. I wore Slayer shirts, Exodus shirts, both of which were gory, Metallica, Ozzy, Iron Maiden shirts...Hell, it was a Christian school too. It's so great that this guy is sticking up for himself. And Lemmy responded? What a awesome dude.
    I think the school staff would be right if they asked the kid about that logo (if it's gang related, in this case), all their naivety aside. School takes part in forming individuals too and besides, gang violence is big enough among teens nowadays to be checked out. However, if the school is willing to ban the guy from wearing the hoodie knowing it's just a band logo, then I think it is extremely authoritary and anti-pedagogic. In all honesty, this article and the Facebook posts haven't made this perfectly clear, so sorry if anything.
    If the kid was really good at magic tricks with cards he could have told the principle. I will make a deal, if you draw a card higher than mine I will never wear the hoodie again, If I draw a higher one I get to wear it all the time. The Princapal draws a 3 of hearts, then Taylor throws his down. BAM! Sorry! Ace Of Spades Bitch!
    My pal Chris regularly wore his Cradle of Filth; 'Jesus was a ****'t shirt. People minded, he did it for attention in any case, he didn't even listen to them.
    Why didn't cool stuff like this ever happen to me in school??? Lol that's just friggin cool
    Harry Marsh
    I wore my Suicidal Tendencies hat to school on a casual day and had three teachers try and convince me to take it off. I wear the names of the bands I love with pride so of course I didn't take it off haha and now they just don't bother saying anything.
    "and showing my Motorhead pride every day!" Why the **** should someone be proud of listening to a band? What a retard lol, it's only music. But oh yeah, I keep forgetting that rock and metal fans are the worst nowadays with this holier-than-thou attitude. The school's attitude was almost as bad though.
    It's more to do with having pride in enjoying something even when others hate you for it and try to stop you, not just enjoying the band itself.
    There's no need to respond to other's hate for the music you enjoy and the way you act by feeling "proud" of listening to a band. All you gotta do is turn on the Idontgivea****ometer. People used to complain a lot about the music I listened to back in my school days too, and I didn't care about it a little bit, end of. But I guess I see your point.
    I personally wear different band logos for different reasons. Some I love the design itself. Others hold memories. And then some I wear more specifically because I have an emotional attachment to music and wearing a logo brings me closer to satisfying my hunger. It's no different from people wearing football shirts, film quote shirts, etc etc.
    It's a high-school kid, they love to feel rebellious, not necessarily a bad thing, it just shows they can think for themselves, that's what all this is about. When it comes down to it, it's hardly about music at all.
    And what exactly would you be, pray tell? What music do you listen to; and its a little holier than thou to judge others as such. "It's only music." Said by no musician ever.
    I know what your saying. I have a friend who blasts his music in his apartment and is "proud" that people hear rock and metal coming from his apartment. But who cares man?!?!?! Really, no one cares about what you do...Just do what you want. I wear only band T's so that people can look at me and know right away what I'm in to. I went through the metro phase and kind of a preppy phase and realized that I love music and only want to wear music shirts, but I'm not proud because that would imply I feel it's better or superior in some way. They are also all shirts I bought at concerts so I feel good wearing them because of the memories.
    Scott O
    This kid is a modern day Beavis and Butthead. Eh, heh, heh, um, like Motorhead is cool. Yeah, Yeah! Um, like Lemme rules! Rules!
    I used to have Lemmy on my friends list on Facebook. Talked to him a few times as well, unfortunately he became inundated with friend requests, people wanting him to answer every post etc, he eventually closed his account down. When I did talk to him he was a really cool guy.