MTV Blog Advises Guys to Visit Metal Concerts to Pick Up Ladies

Metal community reacts to controversial blog post.

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MTV has come under fire from the metal community after publishing a blog post that encourages guys to visit metal shows to pick up girls. The article, which ran on MTV's GuyCode, notes that more and more women (or "cute girls" as the article refers to them) are frequenting concerts by bands like Dying Fetus and and Pig Destroyer, before telling readers:

"Ultimately, it doesn't matter why cute girls are there - they're there. So get your ass to a metal, punk or hardcore show."

The piece then goes on to offer such advice as:

"... Single metal girls often travel in packs, and it's easier to approach such a crew with a pal in tow. Plus, it'll help mask your ulterior motives, you head-bobbing lurker, you…"

And tells guys to make sure they know their s--t about metal before attending.

As Axl Rosenberg of MetalSucks notes, the article effectively states "you should be going to metal shows JUST because it's a place to meet women BUT make sure you do some research on Wikipedia first." Other commentators, such as St. Vitus Bar, who hosted the Pig Destroyer concert that the MTV author was attending, have criticized the piece for its "blatant sexism" and "misrepresentation."

When asked for a response to the piece, author Ethan Fixell noted "it was written for a specific comedy-driven blog - if it were for a music-driven site, I would have written a much different piece."

You can read the original MTV blog article here.

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    The last thing metal shows need are a bunch of douchey MTV drones walking around with only the intent to pick up girls.
    Dr. Knox666
    I really hope that some idiot who actually reads a ****ing MTV blog takes this advice seriously and attends a Dying Fetus concert. He's going to kill himself afterwards
    OOORRR... meet babes out in the general public, BRING them to metal shows, and CONVERT THEM TO METALHEADS!
    "It’s pretty tiring to feel like an animal at the zoo when you walk into a club (or on stage)." Quoting this, to all who think that people are overreacting.
    That's clubs anywhere man. Women check out hot guys too, often in the same way, it's human nature. No guy ever takes offense when women check him out because it's really a compliment. Every guy should go meet girls and if they're exposed to some great music in the process it's only a plus. I've never met a metal chick who couldn't handle an ******* or two anyway.
    "If it were for a music-driven site..." What does the "M" in MTV even stand for anymore?
    It's actually no longer an acronym anymore. They dropped the 'Music Television' brand in 2010 and it's now just 'MTV'
    MTV is out of touch the the metal community?! HOLY SH*T! It's almost as if it's been like this for more than a decade!
    I don't think this article should be here on UG.If i'm going to a metal show, i'm going to see the show, everything else is just a bonus. But to give money for a band i don't give two shi*s about, just to maybe meet girls ? (I am that cheap xD ) Nope.
    I went to an Avenged Sevenfold concert, and I picked up a lady... But it was just after she passed out
    If you're paying £30/£40/£60 for a gig ticket, you're not gonna spend that time trying to chat up a girl who can't hear you are you? Also good look finding a girl who's not there because her boyfriend dragged her there!
    Yes, because girls at concerts totally want to be harassed by unwashed, desperate metal guys.
    It's kind of true, actually. I have yet to meet a girl that likes any metal. Big metal concerts would probably be the only place, really.
    Is this really that important? Hot chicks at Mayhem Fest or Summer Slaughter is just a bonus.
    I think some people need to harden the f**k up, seriously!! Solution: don't waste your time reading crappy MTV blogs in the first place. Them sh*ts are lame.
    What's so controversial here? Or am I missing something? If they'd posted an article saying that night clubs are a good place to pick up women, would anyone have made a big deal about it? So why's it different because the said concerts are? PC madness. People need to chill the f*** out sometimes.
    The difference is the metal community tries actively to separate itself from the other genres of music that dominate the club scene. Those genres tend to be more objectifying of women and men really do go out in packs and think they are on a hunt. Don't get me wrong the metal scene is full of sexism and scantily clad fans (though of both sexes a lot of the time I guess), but it is to a lesser extent. I guess the fact that guys make up the largest percentage of fans in metal plays a part too though.
    Overreact much? Like none of us ever went to a gig just because we saw it packed with girls even if we didn't know the band? Some people take themselves too seriously.
    "Like none of us ever went to a gig just because we saw it packed with girls even if we didn't know the band?"... Nope.
    If not a gig, a bar or a club or any place. Like seriously, is it frowned upon to engage in social activities in order to have sex now? I bet some of the guys who would go in a gig to meet girls could end up being fans of the band and go for the music next time.
    I don't know what your point is - I'm sure we've all ended up in an awful club cause of majority rule on a night out. Maybe 'pulled' or whatever, but I certainly wouldn't go to MTV beforehand looking for a list of hook-up tips associated with that particular crowd. Noones disputing that people hook up whilst socialising (how else would you do it?!?), it was the tone of the article.
    Nothing wrong with people going out to socialize but personally I only go to gigs to actually see the gig and most people I've seen do so too. Bar and club would be different as they're more geared for socializing. Not old enough to go into a bar yet though.
    I've certainly attended social events to try and get laid, but never a gig. It totally defeats the purpose of going there for me.
    Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Poison, Motley Crue,(though that was a good time) Ratt, yeah ... guilty... back in the day that's where the chics were guys...
    Nope, that would probably entail something horrid like Black Veil Brides.
    Fixell should be executed with a massive mosh pit to set an example.Fuc#ing pr1ck.
    I met some of my female friends and former GF's at concerts like these, even an Evanescence concert once, I call them the Amy Lee types/semi goth rocker chicks, it's a common look btw my friend from the UK Jen told me once.
    Bah why should we care. At least they'd have to buy tickets, so the band gets more money.
    Just what we need more douchebags at metal shows. The shows have already been getting doucheyer lately
    I remember I nearly went to a festival just because I thought the singer of one of the bands was totally hot. Then I realized it was just a complete waste of time and I had no chance with her so I might as well just get back to fapping.