Mumford & Sons Making Their Own Brand of Whiskey

Band looking to get into distilling their own booze. "We better cracking," says keyboardist Ben Lovett.

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While recently discussing band's future plans, UK folk rockers Mumford & Sons revealed plans for distilling their own line of whiskey.

As keyboardist Ben Lovett told the Sun (via NME), "It'll happen. It takes a few years to make, so we better cracking."

Lovett also revealed that the group is looking to take a short break until the end of the current year and kick off the new album work in 2014. "We're incredibly excited," he added. "Our third album can be anything we want it to be."

Following this year's Glastonbury festival performance, the latest Mumford & Sons release, highly-successful "Babel" once again topped the UK albums chart. However, frontman Marcus Mumford admitted that the group still didn't take the time to watch their Glasto show footage.

"I'll watch it one day," the frontman told NME. "It's one of those life events that feels like it'll take 20 years to process."

As the group's sophomore effort, "Babel" dropped in September 2012 via Island Records, landing at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart with around 600,000 units shipped in the US within the first week.

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    People just need to accept the fact that @ Ultimate Guitar people and groups like Slash and Mumford & Sons can do no right, and Dave Grohl can do no wrong. It's not even worth trying to argue with them. I'll be happy come their 3rd album, and will once again learn it all on my banjo.
    Truer words have never been spoken. The only thing people are proving by saying all their songs sound the same is that they clearly haven't listened to a full M&S album.
    Somehow people will criticise them for this.
    You know what I hate -- that I can't admit I like these guys anymore. I've been listening to them since 2008 and they have of course been well overplayed. If they hadn't been plucked by a major record label for stardom I might have had the chance to see them live someday instead of fighting for tickets at a sold out arena. And yes, their songs sound similar! Every artist does in some regard -- but come on, they are on their 2nd album. You think the Beatles albums sound the same early vs late in their career!! NO. Just be glad it's whiskey and not bottled water.
    Why does everyone say all their songs sound the same? They really have some good songs that stand out...
    My Last Words
    Because all their songs are the same.
    It depends on what you like. This message board is FULL of music snobs that think everything they like is the best in the world and what you like sucks. Dopes.
    matteo cubano
    all their songs sound the same but i like their sound. AC/DC songs all sound the same but and have the same song structure but I love their sound too. What's great about music is there's many bands out there and you can go to different ones for different sounds that make them distinct.
    "Our third album can be anything we want it to be." Bet it'll sound the same as the first two.
    At least each bottle of whisky's taste will represent their songs: All the same
    Iron Maiden comes out with a beer, everyone praises. Mumford and Sons comes out with whiskey, everyone criticizes.
    I'll stick to my fake Vladivar vodka , the stigma of being poisoned by mumshite and sons would haunt my family forever .
    "Anything we want it to be", which means more boring folk-pop junk. Also a band making whiskey is pretty uninteresting.
    To quote my brother upon hearing this news - "Sounds more like a brand of whiskey than a band name anyway."