Mumford And Sons: 'Elton John Told Us Not To Get Our Cocks Out'

Singer offers bizarre advice to folk band.

Ultimate Guitar

Mumford And Sons banjo player Winston Marshall has revealed that he received some bizarre advice from singer-songwriter legend Elton John while at the Grammys.

Specifically, Sir Elton reminded Marshall not to get his cock out while collecting an award, as NME notes:

"We were getting ready and were a bit nervous, a bit sweaty. Sir Elton goes, 'Winston, Winston, come over here'. So I went over I said, 'alright Sir Elton, what's up?' He goes: 'Winston, now would be a fu--ing terrible time to get your cock out'."

Marshall went on to profess his affection for Elton, describing him as an "absolute lad":

"Elton John is an absolute lad. He's a hero. He made that whole thing fun, because it was so weird."

Wether you think Elton's comment was bonkers or want to share any of your own stories of public indecent exposure, get writing in the comments section.

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    Darth Wader
    Oh goodie, UG Metalheads get another opportunity to hate on a talented band in the comments section.
    Not a metalhead, I actually like a ton of genres. Just can't appreciate the new suspenders-wearing old folkie fad that seems to be catching on.
    Preferred genre doesn't change what this band is. I like tons of genres, folk included, and they just aren't as talented as everyone says. If you think UG commenters hate on the band because they're mostly metalheads, think again. Bland music is bland music.
    LOL at the massive inferiority complex that the M&S haters have, metalheads or not.
    No I'm pretty aware and confident of my superiority to "M&S" as you call them. Thanks though.
    When you can write lyrics as good as Marcus Mumford, then by all means gloat. Their lyrics deal with important themes and have a depth you just won't find anywhere else in music today. At the least you should respect them for bringing meaning to music in a culture dominated by Nicki Minaj and other such nonsense.
    Who are you to judge talent? M&S make great songs, are acknowledged by the greats, and put on a wicked show. The guy is right. UG is full of idiots who love to trash any band or person that is successful that isn't Dave Grohl.
    Such a boring band. Such boring songs. They belong in an Irish bar in Boston, not on the radio.
    Nope, we have metal night at our Irish Bar. Mumford and pals can go play elsewhere.
    Not good enough for the radio eh? Belong in an Irish bar eh? So you're saying these top quality musicians and songwriters should be banished to the bar while the radio continues to churn out what sounds like maggots in a dead man's ass hole?
    They are boring and gimmicky. Nothing earth shattering there. I don't give a shit if they can play their instruments well if the song sucks.
    I can't stand to listen to a full song by this band. They all sound the same to me...So boring...
    plenty of Dylans songs sounded the same but i doubt you'd say the same about him. People should be happy that an alternative group is having as much success as all those shitty pop stars it might not happen again for a while
    Doesn't help when the pop music actually sounds better than the "alt" band.
    I find it humorous that the only place I've ever seen anyone trash this band is on UG, where trolls hate this band as if they went out and physically hurt your feelings.
    I don't hate them, I respect them as musicians, I just feel when you look back at 1993 for example and see the quality of alt rock on the radio at that time, it's a shame that this band's music is considered on the same level 20 years later.
    90s rock is great, and arguably the greatest era for rock other than 70s. But they should not be compared with Mumford and Sons, they have their own thing. They have something. People need to stop comparing bands in terms of talent, and more in if the actual songs good. A thing about the older generations is that they listen to music that's good, not what's more talented. My father showed me this band before they even got big, because they're a good band.
    I just hear pure ignorance coming from the first 15 comments or so the people making those comments obviously have no idea what it takes to play music like that and to say that the mass produced computerized pop shit is better than a truly great band of our generation shows me that the person saying that and all that agree are just more of the truly ignorant mind less drones of the modern era and you people are every thing that is wrong with this wold not just the country do us all a favor and stop wasting oxygen
    Guitar Skater
    Not only is Winston a fantastic banjo player, sir elton john told him not to get his cock out.
    And to call this band bland is absolutely ridiculous and an opinion from someone who thinks he is superior ias a musician but can't see the basic fact that you are just another no body and they are filling stadiums as proof that your music and lyrical ability is nothing but shit to everyon but you and those who lie to you.