Mumford And Sons: 'Elton John Told Us Not To Get Our Cocks Out'

date: 02/26/2013 category: wtf?

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Mumford And Sons: 'Elton John Told Us Not To Get Our Cocks Out'
Mumford And Sons banjo player Winston Marshall has revealed that he received some bizarre advice from singer-songwriter legend Elton John while at the Grammys. Specifically, Sir Elton reminded Marshall not to get his cock out while collecting an award, as NME notes: "We were getting ready and were a bit nervous, a bit sweaty. Sir Elton goes, 'Winston, Winston, come over here'. So I went over I said, 'alright Sir Elton, what's up?' He goes: 'Winston, now would be a fu--ing terrible time to get your cock out'." Marshall went on to profess his affection for Elton, describing him as an "absolute lad": "Elton John is an absolute lad. He's a hero. He made that whole thing fun, because it was so weird." Wether you think Elton's comment was bonkers or want to share any of your own stories of public indecent exposure, get writing in the comments section.
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