Munky Delighted to Have 'Brother' Back in Korn

Guitarist says return of Brian "Head" Welch was exactly what the band needed.

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Korn's James "Munky" Shaffer has revealed that having Brian "Head" Welch back in the band after a seven-year absence was like seeing his "brother" again.

AsĀ Metal Hammer reports, Head rejoined the Californian group last year and, according to Shaffer, the band missed the co-founder's creative input, while hooking up was like seeing a long-lost family member.

Speaking with Alex Hinson from the Michigan Times, the guitarist says: "A lot of fans have said it's great to have him back. Every time they say that, I always think, 'it is, but not as great as it is for me.'

"It's like you hadn't seen your brother in so long and now he's back in the family. I think the band have really needed him for a long time. Now we can create that powerhouse that Korn is supposed to sound like - a wall of guitars.

"It's so pleasing to not only our fans, but for us when we were in the studio - coming up with riffing and creatively. It's a lot of fun."

Meanwhile, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis hooked up with Asking Alexandria on stage at the Gibson Brands AP Music Awards at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland for a cover of Duran Duran's "Hungry Like the Wolf."

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    Head and Munky always did work well together. Just need JD to stop mixing in his stupid dubstep/EDM influences
    It's good they've been reunited Plus, listening to Paradigm Shift, it seems like it was a really good move for the band. Though I do hope Love and Death will carry on, their debut album was seriously good.
    Decent guitarists at best. There, I said it. Its the truth
    They are decent guitarists. Their music is heavy as hell and face punching. That's the music they create and people love it/hate it/nothing it. Just like every other major artist. They're probably better than you or I and just lack creativity.
    creativity, attitude and cool ideas are way more important than some technical super talent.