Muse Dismiss $3.5 Million Lawsuit

After a man claimed the band stole his concept for a space rock opera on their last album, the band have called his lawsuit "nonsense".

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Muse have responded to a $3.5 million lawsuit from a man who claims they stole the concept for their 2009 song "Exogenesis".

Charles Bolfrass says he approached Muse and two other bands in 2005 with a view to write a "cinematic rock opera" set in space after an apocalypse, and claims that after rejecting his idea they stole the concept for their 2009 album "The Resistance", along with an image from his story boards which allegedly appears on the album cover.

Now a spokesman for the band has dismissed the lawsuit.

"The claim is complete nonsense, and is categorically denied. It appears to be based on a 'screenplay' which the band never received or saw, produced by someone the band has never heard of," said the spokesperson (via NME). "It speaks volumes that the album in question was released a full three years ago, and yet this is the first that has been heard of these groundless allegations."

Label Warner Brothers was also targeted in the suit for copyright infringement, unfair trade practices and unfair competition.

Muse are set to release their sixth studio album "The 2nd Law" on October 1. They will commence on a European tour on September 20, though US tour dates are yet to be announced.

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    Muse Slams $3.5 Million Lawsuit Come UG, aren't you even trying anymore...?
    How do you approach a band with the concept of a "Rock Opera" anyway? Like, is this game a well respected person in the music industry or what? If I could just approach 3 bands with concepts for their next albums I'd get right on it.
    This would sharpen you up and make you ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence.
    So the lawsuit coming out was news, but it being total bullshit isn't. I SEE YOUR BIAS JOURNALISM UG!!!
    I still can't take the case seriously. A lot of stuff that doesn't sound right being claimed.
    Even if he did send in the screenplay, this would have been received by their agents, who, if they have any sense in them, will do the same as other agents and not forward it on to the band. Fan letters, things like that, are fine, but they do not as a general rule allow creative suggestion to reach their clients for this very reason.