Muse Looking to 'Try Something Quite Raw' on New Album

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Muse Looking to 'Try Something Quite Raw' on New Album
Muse drummer Dom Howard recently expressed the band's desire to venture into uncharted waters on the new album and express themselves in a way they haven't done before. While chatting with Noize, Howard noted that the group is aiming to ditch the flashy studio effects and unleash a raw rock record. The drummer first discussed the latest effort "The 2nd Law," saying, "That was our point, that's what we kind of set out to do I supposed when we were in the studio, to make each song sound quite different.

"I think next time we'll do something different, I don't think it will be as random with its sounds. Like I said, we set out to do that and I think we kind of achieved it so maybe next time we'll get to do something just raw and rock, and f--ked-up sounding." Dom elaborated further, "I think it would be nice to try something quite raw, and something that I suppose like you mentioned, whether we could try something we've been afraid to try in the past. I think it would be us not being afraid to just to sound like the three of us in a room playing together." As the band's sixth studio effort, "The 2nd Law" saw its release in early October 2012, landing at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart with 101,000 units shipped in the US during the first week.
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