Muse Looking to 'Try Something Quite Raw' on New Album

Band planning to write "something different and f--ked-up sounding," says drummer Dom Howard.

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Muse drummer Dom Howard recently expressed the band's desire to venture into uncharted waters on the new album and express themselves in a way they haven't done before. While chatting with Noize, Howard noted that the group is aiming to ditch the flashy studio effects and unleash a raw rock record. The drummer first discussed the latest effort "The 2nd Law," saying, "That was our point, that's what we kind of set out to do I supposed when we were in the studio, to make each song sound quite different.

"I think next time we'll do something different, I don't think it will be as random with its sounds. Like I said, we set out to do that and I think we kind of achieved it so maybe next time we'll get to do something just raw and rock, and f--ked-up sounding." Dom elaborated further, "I think it would be nice to try something quite raw, and something that I suppose like you mentioned, whether we could try something we've been afraid to try in the past. I think it would be us not being afraid to just to sound like the three of us in a room playing together." As the band's sixth studio effort, "The 2nd Law" saw its release in early October 2012, landing at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart with 101,000 units shipped in the US during the first week.

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    YES! That's the kind of Muse I want to hear.
    Because anything else would just be... •_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) ...Madness.
    I'm a devout Muse fan from the early days and I am so happy with this! I'm hoping we can see some more of the Deftones influence which was observed in their debut album, a much punk-ier Muse!
    I also hope Muse can stick to those lower-tunings found in songs like Survival and Supremacy. Something like Citizen Erased. (I've always liked Matt's 7-string work.)
    Matt Bellamy did say at the iHeart radio, "This most recent album is quite electronic in sound, the album before is very progressive and have a lot of classical music on it, I think the next album we might return to more so straight rock sound, kinda sounding to early albums I think" And he also said a few months ago that the new stuff will sound similar to songs like Agitated and Yes Please! Can't wait for this album!!!!!
    Emperor's Child
    I remember joking a while back about an album of songs like Yes Please, Ashamed, Agitated and Dead Star... and now it might come to fruition?
    Dead Star roooocks!!!!! )) If they had a whole EP or even an album, with the same vibe, I'd cry golden tears of Musey joy.
    Maybe this one will forget the last two albums. I'm playing the ''disappointed Muse fan'' role for over 4 years now!
    Hey now... Say what you want about Resistance, but 2nd Law was a really interesting album with very few real weak spots.
    I agree. Panic Station alone just makes me want to flip over a table with a combination of rage and joy and hop on a unicorn to Candyland.
    Hey, The Resistance was good solely for the solo in the middle of Uprising.
    I dunno man, I think Matt will keep trying to make the sound of their records bigger and bigger... :/
    I think so too..Matt did mention a couple of years back, a bit after the release of TR, that they eventually will fail, be it with that album or the next..But the chart success says otherwise, and I don't mind at all, the only thing is, when you get older, you realise how cheesy and superficial some of the songs sound like. Even older ones. Still my favourite band and I still love a lot of the newer songsGo MUSE!And yea, less drugs, more family, more optimism, and a more grown up view of the world,lots of times unfortunately hinder the songriting abilites of most artists. P.S. I really believe Matt hopes he'll become the next rock icon like Freddie Mercury was. He at the same times knows that cannot happen, but grand live stadium shows are a good indicator that he enjoys it a lot. Chris seems like a guy who would prefer small venues, and Dom seems like a "whatever pleases the other two" guy Sorry for the long reply. rambling
    I love this band!
    I hate this band. Might be the first release worth listening to tho
    Personally, I love all their albums. Each has a distinct sound to it. The last two are far from bad, so many great tracks on both.
    When I think raw Muse I think Showbiz and maybe Origin. Not necessarily good or bad, I guess; each album has its place, but I'm generally more a fan of Black Holes. That said, if it means more guitar work and piano work from Matt, I'm happy.
    Please. After the dark days of TR and T2L, prove the world you're still the same band who made the classic album Origin of Symmetry.
    Muse definitely have to ability to make a raw, solid, heavy rock album and if they get it right it will be huge
    I love all their albums & The 2nd Law might be my favorite (unpopular opinion I know), but I'm excited to hear about this. If they went any bigger & more ambitious on the next one it probably wouldn't be as effective. Something simpler would be welcome at this point in their discography.
    cha33 armstrong
    love this band and though I like their electronic stuff It would be great to hear a more rock sound from them
    Cool, I'd like them to release a solid rock album again with less lovey songs. Hopefully we'll see some Absolution style riffs again too
    Guys, remember when MCR said this? They proceeded to scrap that album suddenly, create an entirely new one which was poop (imo), and then broke up.
    WTF. why do you even compare them to Muse? "They're on a higher level" Muse fans would get it )
    I'm not comparing them musically. I'm just saying last time I heard a band proclaim they were going to make a more stripped down and 'raw'' record it didn't pan out in any way
    I actually liked 2nd Law more than I liked Origin Of Symmetry. They had lots of cool experimentation and there was only a few songs which I didn't feel were that great (Follow Me and Liquid State). I'd love for a straight rock album, but they don't deserve all this hate for their last two albums
    2nd law is my favorite muse album. every song is great, but explorers/big freeze are less godlike imo. But everything muse releases is stuff i like! I trust them on this new record, and if it isnt rawer it'll still be the best new album!
    Thank god, you know there's a problem with the past album when even Dom is saying that this one won't be "random with its sounds."
    As long as they're not writing a song for the Olympics, we should all be in the clear.
    That's great, I enjoyed all their work, and like their new stuff just as much as their old. I'm sure whatever they do will be interesting!
    is it just me or does Muse feel like a new-age Rush to anyone else here? I know they don't quite go into the epic-length songs and insane instrumental realms that the boys from Canada do but they do have that unique power-trio thing going on with some rather eclectic sounds coming through their tunes Guess what I'm saying is TIME FOR THEM TO MAKE THEIR 2112!!!! Or Moving Pictures, I'll take either one lol
    Muse should just do a full on balls to the walls mad instrumental epic long songs Rush style album but in the modern style.
    As much as I hope they're not talking out of their asses, they probably are. I don't think they'll ever fully be able to return to a 'raw' sound again, since it'd mean Bellamy would have to pull his guitar out of storage.
    Breaking News: Muse members were recently found unconscious after overdosing on sushi.
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