Muse: 'Straight Rock Is Coming Back to Us, You Can't Beat Guitars and Drums'

"Our next album's gonna sound like 'Back in Black' basically," says frontman Matt Bellamy.

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Although their new album won't see the light of day by 2015, UK rock masters Muse seem to be quite certain about the direction they'll be taking. As frontman Matt Bellamy described it, the band is aiming to shift its sound toward classic rock, mostly because for the first time in years, he personally got back to listening to guitar-driven tunes as a fan. Chatting with KROQ radio, Bellamy explained: "I went through a stage where I stopped listening to music - it kept influencing me, I kind of cut off listening to music altogether. I kind of thought I'd write purer music if I didn't have any outside influence at all." However, those days are now over, making Matt once again an active listener and a fan of rock music. "I've gone back, I'm listening to a lot of music, especially classic rock music again, which I haven't listened to for a very long time. I'm getting really back into that again, as a fan." Explaining he had also gone through a period of listening to anything but rock, Bellamy also noted he is no longer afraid of other rockers' influence. "I'm into it, I think our next album's gonna sound like 'Back in Black' basically [laughs]." Summing it all up, the frontman added: "I think we're getting back to where we started - straight rock is coming back to us. We've done a lot of experimentation with all these other weird things and I think it's good for us to do that - to basically remind ourselves that you can't just beat guitar, bass and drums - you just can't beat that." The band's latest studio effort, "The 2nd Law," dropped in October 2012 via Helium 3 Records.

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    Has anyone else noticed this pattern in bands nowadays? They get to a certain massive point of popularity, start experimenting with electronics, using more digital equipment etc, saying stuff like "with this modern technology it's so easy" or "we embraced the modern sound", they start to get hated on by their older fans, then they come back with a 'classic' sound and almost act like they never liked the stuff they were doing anyway. I've seen this with Korn, Foo Fighters and now it looks like Muse are doing it too.
    So, there is hope for Linkin Park ?
    wouldn't linkin park be the opposite? they started with all the electronic things like samplers, etc. and then became more of the traditional band style.
    Muse haven't experimented all that much with electronics either. Nothing on The 2nd Law is as monstrously electronic as Take A Bow, for instance. I think it's more they've kept trying to make a "big" sound as much as they could and maybe are hitting a ceiling. Or maybe not since they said the same thing before making the 2nd Law, then Survival came out.
    Foo Fighters?
    They use the DVGRHL-1, the ultimate all-in-one electronic music device that includes drums, guitar, vocals, and a little bit of bass.
    Wasting Light was their "return to the classic sound."
    Lol yea, because the Foo Fighers have been experimenting with electronics and modern technology...
    With Foo Fighters I meant the whole acoustic aspect that became very central, I should've made that more clear. Also, they went from Studio 606 (modern digital studio) to Dave's basement and house (classic analogue).
    Yes, but you're implying that Foo Fighters acoustic aspect was hated by the fans when it was actually loved by the fans since we were shown that the band was capable of not just producing great rock records but also a great acoustic record as well
    They never said they didn't like what they were doing on the last 2 albums.. And there were also tons of fans me embraced the new stuff.
    I know, I'm not saying it happened *exactly* that way for each band but there is a pattern there. Dave seems like he dislikes digital now, and I also embraced the newer stuff.
    I kinda hope they still put in some synths like they've done in Absolution or Origin of Symmetry. Either way, I still can't wait for that album
    I think the experimentation on 2nd Law was brilliant and it will help them a lot on for having that time to explore what they can do, but I'm happy they're are going back to straight rock n roll again. I don't want a repeat of Showbiz but I hope that rawness is still there
    I like a couple songs off of the new Muse album, like "Madness" (which is totally electronica) but I am glad to hear them say this. Nothing beats albums like "Origin" and "Absolution." I would love a return to that kind of style.
    Sweet. Muse were starting to sound a little stupid compared to the older stuff. Good luck to em
    While it sound exciting and all, this is what? The fourth time he said it? I think we get it by now :p
    He probably said it once or twice, UG will say it triple the amount he really said
    He actually has been saying it several times since interviewers are all asking the same questions (Something about the Rome DVD, something about the new album, something about future tour plans). UG just decides to make an article for every time they mention it.
    I am so sick of UG posting article after article on one source... They make the bands seem totally obnoxious, and they take half of it out of context to try and stir the pot for clicks. Uncool. If a band covers something once, then we only need one article on it.
    Also, when you get interviewed on a daily basis, it's perfectly normal that you repeat some stuff sometimes..
    It was mostly directed towards UG, they just seem awfully eager to repost the same things over and over, but that's not really anything new :p. They reported on something very similar to this just two days ago...
    Yeah, and even before that there was one more article talking about it. Just look at "more Muse news" - "Muse Looking to 'Strip Away Electronics and Orchestral Elements' on New Album" and "New Muse to Drop in 2015, Band Focusing on 'Real Instruments'". IMO electronic sounds are and have always been a part of Muse's sound. Yeah, they may have started using less guitars and more synths in their newer songs but they have always used some electronic sounds. And I see nothing wrong with using them.
    Remember when Avenged sevenfold went to the "classic metal" with the new album? yeah.... don't do that Muse. Just go back to ur own older style. not AC/DC's style.
    Just because you're listening to that sort of music doesn't mean you'll produce music that sounds exactly like that... He was obviously being sarcastic saying it'll sound like 'Back In Black'. I'm pretty sure classic rock influences gave us awesome riffs like 'New Born' and 'Hyper Music'
    Ugh...I was happy to hear they want to go back to a straight rock sound, but Muse leaning towards classic rock means it'll just sound like a Queen album.