Muse: 'Straight Rock Is Coming Back to Us, You Can't Beat Guitars and Drums'

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Muse: 'Straight Rock Is Coming Back to Us, You Can't Beat Guitars and Drums'
Although their new album won't see the light of day by 2015, UK rock masters Muse seem to be quite certain about the direction they'll be taking. As frontman Matt Bellamy described it, the band is aiming to shift its sound toward classic rock, mostly because for the first time in years, he personally got back to listening to guitar-driven tunes as a fan. Chatting with KROQ radio, Bellamy explained: "I went through a stage where I stopped listening to music - it kept influencing me, I kind of cut off listening to music altogether. I kind of thought I'd write purer music if I didn't have any outside influence at all." However, those days are now over, making Matt once again an active listener and a fan of rock music. "I've gone back, I'm listening to a lot of music, especially classic rock music again, which I haven't listened to for a very long time. I'm getting really back into that again, as a fan." Explaining he had also gone through a period of listening to anything but rock, Bellamy also noted he is no longer afraid of other rockers' influence. "I'm into it, I think our next album's gonna sound like 'Back in Black' basically [laughs]." Summing it all up, the frontman added: "I think we're getting back to where we started - straight rock is coming back to us. We've done a lot of experimentation with all these other weird things and I think it's good for us to do that - to basically remind ourselves that you can't just beat guitar, bass and drums - you just can't beat that." The band's latest studio effort, "The 2nd Law," dropped in October 2012 via Helium 3 Records.
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