Music Piracy Should Be Punished With Finger Amputation, Singer Insists

"By the time you cut off two people's fingers others will stop."

Ultimate Guitar

Popular Nigerian singer Stella Monye recently suggested quite a drastic measurement to control music piracy - finger amputation.

As the vocalist told the News Agency of Nigeria, illegal downloads won't be stopped until drastic steps are taken, naming chop-chop as the ultimate example.

"If their fingers are cut, they won't see the hands to use in pirating the works," she noted (via All Africa). "Cutting their fingers off will stop them, by the time you cut off two people's fingers others will stop.

"They will learn and it will be faster in stopping them; without a drastic measure they won't stop. Taking them to court to be fined will not deter them. They will pay and come out to continue," Monye added.

In conclusion, Stella explained how piracy caused major issues among the nation's artists, saying, "You become a pauper because of your pirated works, they impoverish you.

"What is more wicked than pirating someone's intellectual property and making the person suffer without getting anything from all the money he invested in the works?" she asked. "We have been saying a lot about piracy but the authorities have not done much for it to be stopped."

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    Lol Natures
    Alright, but only if they can behead you if you put out a bad album.
    Or perhaps her tongue can be cut out, force her to stop making music and save us the trouble of pirating her music.
    I dont want to know what they will cut for pirating porn then...
    My guess is that they will force you to wear a T-shirt with keywords of your searches printed in big letters.
    Yeah, but not many people are familiar with terms like 'oppai' , 'paizuri', 'futanari'... and if they're printed in kanji, I can easily lie about it.
    da fuq?
    Is Nigeria a Muslim State? Isn't music haram in Islam? Talk about getting your wires crossed...
    In order; More or less, absolutely not. Getting tired of all these weird misconceptions about Islam. Actually, Ottoman armies invented marching music which in an indirect roundabout sorta way lead to power metal being a thing.
    Considering that it's a fairly contentious question, it's not really a "weird misconception".
    Yes that old guy with a beard and ulterior motives is cool and all but I'm kinda basing what I said off of you know being a muslim.
    Losing a foreskin don't make you an authority, brah. Cite your sources if you're a scholar, cos he does.
    You notice how this video in NO WAY starts with a voice melodically expressing in a way similar to the lost of 'singing' an ancient tradition that's been used for all sorts of practices between remembering recipes, spurring your army on or calling people to prayer...
    Music isn't haram as such, there have been many interpretations of the word of Islam however the one most modern muslims that I've met have followed is that drum music based on rhythmic motifs flowing in and out of eachother, a lot like African or Native American traditional music, is actually a positive way to show your worship and involve others in your religion. It's true that some people within the religion still hold the belief that there are greater and more productive ways to live your life and praise Allah than playing a western traditional instrument. It's also true that the other guitarist in my band comes from a muslim family that couldn't be happier with their son who is currently waiting for the new term to start his masters in Music Technology. A lot of what you find on the net about this issue will be people opinions but the people who don't have as strong (or in this case hateful) opinions aren't going to go around shouting about them are they? Long post short: No music isn't haram, you can choose whether or not to involve yourself in this glorious world of tones or not but ultimately, as is the same with any christian or jewish person, the important part of their lifestyle choices is their deity and how they interpret the scriptures of their religion.
    Well I think I'm safe because I recently gave my bank account number to a Nigerian prince and he says we're friends now.
    "What is more wicked than pirating someone's intellectual property and making the person suffer without getting anything from all the money he invested in the works?" she asked. Well the thing she suggests is at least a 100 times more "wicked" than downloading music.
    *Slips finger into pull-tab of worm can* Statistics have shown that the death penalty does not deter crime, so how would finger amputation stop piracy?
    Carl Hungus
    Maybe she should fight piracy in Nigeria by speaking out against their poverty rate.
    If it weren't for piracy, Rock/metal artists would not have more than half of its fans right now. Having little media exposure and being underground genre, most people only get access to rock/metal through piracy.
    Saying dumbshit things should be punishable by getting your lips chopped off. See how this works? Saying things that are clearly unreasonable isn't smart.
    She was then quoted as saying: "My late husband had/has Eighty Million USD ($80,000,000.00) specially preserved and well packed in trunk boxes of which only my husband and I knew about. It is packed in such a way to forestall just anybody having access to it. It is this sum that I seek your assistance to get out of Nigeria as soon as possible before the present civilian government finds out about it and confiscate it just like they have done to all our assets. I implore you to please give consideration to my predicament and help a widow in need. May Allah show you mercy as you do so? Your faithfully, Dr (Mrs.) Mariam Abacha (M.O.N)"
    What is more wicked than pirating someone's intellectual property and making the person suffer without getting anything from all the money he invested in the works?" Wall Street and the Big Banks are more wicked. They still have all of their fingers...
    "What is more wicked than pirating someone's intellectual property and making the person suffer without getting anything from all the money he invested in the works?" she asked. Well...
    Not to defend illegal downloading, can't say I didn't do that myself when I had next to no money, it obviously sucks and is wrong. However, the music industry as a whole really needs an overhaul, so many practices are way too out-of-date and only applied because money talks.
    I just want to say, this is a perfectly normal African conclusion. Everything is violence. Cut off his head. Cut off a hand. Stone them to death. Rape lebians to make them straight. Kill gay men for their desires. Steal this because why not. Mug this person because their phone will get me a quick drug fix. Oh, let's kill them because I feel like it while I'm mugging them. This is perfectly normal and always extreme. Ebola hospital camp things being raided? The white people are stealing money, resources and killing our people off, so it's time to take them to our witch doctors to get the Ebola demon out of them.
    As psychotic as this sounds, she's right. Not right as in "Yes, that should happen", no, right as in illegal downloading will continue for as long as people can punch words into a keyboard. As much as I disagree with illegal downloading, what can you really do about it?
    Pick 'n' Finger
    Don't rely on sales and put on good shows, sell great merch? And don't start to whine about "but that will cut into the artist's profits!". The ones who will suffer from it are those already earning a shitton of money and the smaller bands won't even give a shit. Music industry dying? You mean people who sit on their arses making the occasional call or two not earning their millions anymore. Yes, I endorse that!
    Wow, that's probably the most misinformed comment I've ever read on UG and that's saying something! Try reading some books instead of believing whatever drivel you read on the internet.
    Although people shouldn't defend piracy, if you like something buy it, the money doesn't simply disappear when people pirate stuff. The money goes into other areas of the economy, to buy food and other products. Some of it might even go into buying band merchandise or seeing live shows.
    funny how Metallica, one of the most successful bands around, got where they are from people trading tapes with their friends who turned and shared with their other friends on a vast scale. We all still bought their albums, and still do. The Black album is still selling well even to this day..
    I don't take part in or condone music piracy, but I condone punishment by phalange amputation less.
    Whats fair is fair, and if you produce a crap cd just to fulfil a record contract so you can go back to getting high you should have all your riches you've earned returned to the fans who just bought your piece of shit album.
    No one needs to illegally download anything anymore because no matter what, somebody always ends up getting it on YouTube somehow. YouTube is the biggest pirate of all. and with that being said, a lot of people who listen to music actually like to play music and create. Chopping fingers off would in time cheat us of many musical greats, ruining their ability to use musical instruments and cheating them of aspiring to their full potential.
    I guess YouTube is more of a file-sharing site than a pirate and music is a gift not a commodity.
    Ah ha! What a fantastic idea, I'm sure society would function perfectly with Draconian laws. Oh wait, I forgot, we don't treat people like that for a reason. I think it has something to do with morality, or ethics. Societal authorities setting a precedent for mutilation and all that jazz.
    if my job stopped paying me, I'd get another job. sorry if you think you're entitled to a recording career, but you're not.
    You do know most of what they "earn" is for the companies who recorded the albums? the artists (and i don't mean the famous ones) need to get known by people, if they want to do something with their art. if you really want to help an artist, to get known by others, "piracy" is the best choice. lots of artists do encourage piracy, the more people know them, the more money they will earn by playing in shows. thats the real deal.
    well, here in the real world...fines are a more practical way of losing limbs. damn savages.
    Just like Dave Grohl said: It's just like burning and trading CDs. Oner person has it and gives it to someone else.