Musikmesse 2013: Guitar Highlights

See the latest guitars from the Musikmesse trade show floor, including a 9-string Ibanez and a new Chris Cornell Gibson ES-335.

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Musikmesse is Europe's premier music event, and we've been hunting out the showroom floor to bring you this gallery of new guitars and amps.

All the big name manufacturers were out in force on the showroom floor in Frankfurt, and there was a lot to explore. Here's a small slice of what we discovered at Musikmesse 2013.

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Ibanez 9-String Prototype

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up from the ground and admire this freak of nature. Nine strings?! Insane and awesome in equal parts. Whether that sounds practical or not, you've got to applaud Ibanez for giving it a go. This isn't the time Ibanez have put a 9-string guitar on show (they had one on the floor at NAMM in January) but this blue version is smoking hot.

Fender Classic Series Stratocaster

This gorgeous '50s style guitar with a nitrocellulose finish could be the best value Stratocaster at around $1,000. A maple fretboard and aged plastic parts, it's got an authentic vintage look and the specially designed pickups will get you pretty close to a real '50s sound.

Fender Thinline Cabronita Telecaster

Probably the most beautiful guitar anywhere at Musikmesse. This Cabronita update has a new f-hole to improve the sound (and look twice as good). It's also available in white and Shoreline Gold, and though it's not out yet, it's said to have a reasonable price tag.

Chris Cornell Gibson ES-335

The Soundgarden frontman's signature Gibson is finally here, and it looks like the final product lives up to expectations. The earthy matt green finish and Lollartron pickups help it stand out from other 335s, but it won't be cheap.

Yamaha CGX102

A new electro-acoustic guitar with a solid spruce top, nato back and sides, a choice of nato or mahogany neck and a rosewood fingerboard and bridge. It should sound even nicer than others in the CG series with a new preamp system - a good all-rounder for perfuming and recording.

Yamaha APX500II

This exotic looking delight has a mango wood veneer top and comes in either a light amber sunburst or tobacco brown sunburst.

Marshall Custom Offset Head & Cab

Marshall have been selling a series of 50th anniversary one-watt amps for the last year, and this version will be the last that the Marshall Custom Shop make for the celebrations. Very few will be made, so you'll be lucky to get hold of one. A fitting tribute to Jim Marshall who died in May last year.

Bogner Stompbox Pedals

Bogner make some great amps, and have been experimenting with stomp box pedals since their Ecstasy and Uberschall pedals earlier this year. Now they're expanding their pedal lineup with these drive, boost and distortion pedals.

Orange Crush CR120C

Word is that Orange were quietly unhappy with their solid-state Crush amp sounds, and have been working in secret to completely overhaul them. Now they say they've cracked it, and have bundled a new reverb with spring, hall or plate settings which sounds just right.

That's the end of our roundup, but there were plenty more guitars, pedals and amps on show at Musikmesse 2013. Have you seen anything new that you'd like to share with UG readers? Go ahead and post a link and start a discussion in the comments below.

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    That "Cabronita" Tele looks awesome, i'd love to own one. And i have a friend who will definitely be interested in that Classic Series Strat with nitro finish. Hopefully it'll be a bit cheaper than $1,000 when it hits the stores. Chris Cornell's Gibson is mouth-watering, but i'm sure it'll be way too expensive.
    yeah the Cabronita thinline looks very nice a facelift of a classic that looks worth it
    You know those deathcore bands will be all over that nine string guitar
    That Orange guitar lead looks pretty nice. I was unaware they sold their own leads. I'm going to look into them.
    In before 'nine string! why don't you just get a bass' If you can use something, then it is worth having. In the hands of Mr Chugchug then it would suck, but what about tuning it in thirds or something.
    "This isn't the time Ibanez have put a 9-string guitar" I'm guessing you mean "First time" instead of just "time".
    I swear to god metal guitars are so ****in corny and ugly All the 12 year old metalheads on UG will love them however
    9 strings, really? My opinion is that these big companies are trying to feed on the uber string fad. If they make big sales on the 9 string whats going to be next? 10..11? If they are trying to push these uber string guitars, you'll eventually have to play them like a classical stand up bass. IMO, cut it off at 8 strings.
    you know deathcore bands just play on 8 Strings, but where can you go from there? You already play on the lowest String. So what we do is, we just added 1 extra String (to the 2 extra Strings that are already there). But you could just use an 8 String and tune that lower ... these go to 9
    That Ibanez looks so impractical, but it is beautiful
    I sense a whole new range of metal which is tuned even lower than our current 8-string Djent/deathcore bands.
    What the hell is the ninth string for? I mean, you can downtune an 8-string just as low and no one uses the highest strings anyway.
    Yamaha CGX102 - "a good all-rounder for perfuming and recording" Great! I always stink after a hot gig or being in the studio too long! This could be the answer.
    That Fender Cabronita Telecaster is gorgeous! I'm just wondering how reasonable that price tag will be.