Mustaine Accuses Obama Of Staging Shootings

Dave was caught on camera saying the President staged several gun massacres to bring in new gun control laws. Is he a fully-fledged conspiracy theorist now?

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Dave Mustaine has been avoiding press interviews to save himself from making controversial statements on record, but fan footage from a recent show has caught him making what could be his most outlandish statement yet.

Speaking on stage after on August 7 in Singapore, Mustaine addressed the crowd after having a shoe thrown at him before entering conspiracy-theory mode:

"Back in my country, my president is trying to pass a gun ban, so he's staging all of these murders, like the 'Fast And Furious' thing down at the border, in Aurora Colorado [the Batman massacre], all the people that were killed there and now the beautiful people at the Sikh temple."

Shaking his head, perhaps to rattle out any final remains of common sense, he continued: "God, I was talking our promoter and I was saying 'I don't know where I'm going to live if America keeps going the way it's going because it looks like it's turning into Nazi America.'"

Mustaine frequently makes his feelings on the President known. In a recent radio interview, Mustaine said he was "disgusted" with Obama and revived his claims that the President was born in Kenya: "Hello?! C'mon, guys, how stupid are we right now?"

He added: "Sometimes our fans that are younger, they look to me as a big brother, or even a father figure, because I really care a lot about them. But I have never been more terrified in my life about what's happening to our country."

Watch footage of Mustaine accusing Obama of staging the recent shootings around the US here (skip to the start of the clip to see Mustaine slamming the guy who threw a shoe at the stage):

YouTube preview picture

What do you think of Dave's comments? Should he stick to making music, or does he have a point? Should he try to provide some evidence for his outlandish claims next time? Let us know your reaction in the comments.

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    STFU Dave
    No other comment is relevant
    Dave I have relized this to and i'm not even an american, And we should all worry about what's gonna happen.
    Would be funny if it'd be all true.
    False flag incidents have been proven to have occurred numerous times throughout history
    absolutely....people who descredit these accusations because they cannot fathom big brother turning against them need to do their research before calling questioners of the official story crazy...
    I wouldn't say numerous times. They have been proven to have been proposed to presidents. That doesn't mean at all that dave is right here. This is just nonsense.
    IKR The minute, the government decides to talk on gun policy, a bunch of people go mental and start going on a shooting spree I wouuld enjoy here In Jamaica. Dont downvote me aite? its a coincidence...Just a coincidence... Dave is wierd, but looking past the dumbas*erry i think im on to something.
    He's the Meg of the music industry.
    Actually you're right, it's more like "Shut up, Meg-adeth." *Disclaimer: I'm a fan of the band, not the nonsense Dave says from time to time.
    take any and all microphones from this guy and make him stick to guitar. he's not a good singer and his political stances are a million times worse.
    I'm not sure what's worse, Mustaine's paranoid comments, labeled "Republican," or the equalyl and oppositely charged and completely moronic comments that can only be labeled "Democrat." How did this article spiral into gun control? And worse; gun control discussed by a bunch of close minded individuals sure of their superiorty, with a few exceptions. At least Mustaine has an open mind and considers two sides to an issue, as shown by his latest insanity above.
    But dude what if hes right- lots of goverments stage things so certain law would be passed, Why does America think that theor governments are so righteous and noble? like the 9/11 thing i wouldnt be surprosed if my old buddy George Bush did that so he could go attack Iraq.If someone like Kirk Wahmett or someone else said im pretty sure u guys would put his conspiracy-theory into consideration
    *facepalm* Dave, PLEASE. Sit down, shut the hell up and just PLAY YOUR GODDAMN GUITAR.
    You sit down and take a look at what your government is doing to your country.
    The government includes state governments, especially mine (texas), and the House of Representatives, who are really screwing our country over. So yeah, taking a good long look at our government would do us all good.
    *sees link*...*rolls eyes*...*clicks*....*sighs*...*feels stupid for reading it and watching it*...*hates Mustaine more*... *moves on*..
    You forgot *comments*. But really, poor Dave has lost the plot.
    My bad. *feels stupid for reading it and watching it*...*hates Mustaine more*...*comments his reactions*..*hates Mustaine a lot more*...*moves on*...
    It's okay. At least you don't make conspiracy theories about public massacres.
    Or spit in some random person's shoe and tell them they are the result of a incest sexual encounter between cousins. I guess it takes one to know one. ****ing retard.
    Next week: "Our government needs religion in it. It should be illegal to be anything but Christian. I mean, I care for these people, and I don't want them all to go to Hell." Or "Barack Obama is a Muslim. Come on, people, isn't it obvious? He wants to spread Muslim ideals throughout America and take away our rights!"
    Three kinds of news that appear on UG 1. Ted Nuggent/Dave Mustaine/Morrisey political rants 2.Axl Rose is a being a dick again 3.Kerry King trying to prove he's METAL THe point being if it happens all the time, it isn't news
    Come on, man... I lean to the right myself, to be honest, but you're giving us a worse name than Glenn Beck. I don't like Obama either, but I also don't believe he's behind a huge murder conspiracy to outlaw firearms. That's just as ridiculous as claiming that Bush was responsible for 9/11. Be quiet and write a song about it. United Abominations and Endgame were way better than Th1rt33n anyways...
    I honestly worry for people in America, too. I worry that people like Dave have too much power, and will possibly gain more power through elections etc.
    People who spout off about wild conspiracy theories have no power in the US. They are very quickly dismissed as idiots, and only wield power in internet chat rooms and syndicated radio shows. The average American citizen would consider the idea that Obama had anything to do with the Aurora shootings laughable.
    The Aurora shooting was staged? Well Christian Bale was kind enough to visit some of the victims. Maybe he can do us one more favour, don his Batman garb and drop-kick Dave out a window before he says anything else stupid?
    Right, I know I've entered mid shit-storm so may have to leave this comment again on another Dave Mustaine article (as this surely won't be the last), but here's my response to everything this guy has ever said: People on the internet seem to think that a right to free speech is an obligation to speak. If you weigh in with controversial, outspoken opinions on a subject you don't know much about, more often than not you will make a fool of yourself. If Mustaine stood up at a G8 summit and voiced opinions such as these he would be told to sit down and shut up. This wouldn't be stifling his freedom of speech, it would be putting him in his place. Everything this guy says seems to be completely baseless, defames other people and insults often entire nations, impoverished people... I could go on. The sooner he stops getting attention for it the better.
    I agree'd with your start there but using the word baseless seems ill informed. There is a lot of information out there to add weight to a lot of what he and many others have said. Regarding the 'Batman shootings' there have been a lot of discredited witness reports of multiple shooters, questions as to how he got hold of $8000 worth of riot gear and guns unanswered or even ignored. but it comes down to what point do you believe what you hear, im not saying you should believe dave mustaine but look to why he would feel strongly enough to say these things knowing how much stick he would get for it. if you don't believe government id capable of such things have a read of this.- ixzz23Ne1tgJa
    I was thinking more of the "Obama's birth certificate is fake" and "African women should put a plug in it" comments. There's a conspiracy theory for EVERYTHING in the U.S. I'm not saying just close your eyes and accept everything you're told, but Dave seems to make a lot of leaps, like all conspiracy theorists do, to completely illogical conclusions just because one aspect is a bit fishy.
    I agree that it's very easy to get lost int he leaps made by dave and others, as often they don't explain the details to how the've made them. Events that on the face of it seem perfectly probable coincidences.I think for you to see how the events connect you have to be switched on to why it would be relevant for you to connect them. I would say this commonly happens when a very small and relatively inconsequential officially reported incident is proven to be falsified. I mean at this point in society we are no strangers to the possibility of corruption inside company's for example. their end goal is easy to relate to, they want to make more money. So why are we so uneasy with the talk of our governments being corrupt? For one it's a scary thought, it's someone telling us that we have been fools to believe our governments, it's being told that we are wrong. This is not easy for anyone to take, but if people are able to look past this and search they will find that information that connects the dots and leaps. Im not directing any of this at you btw, im just posing these views to get people thinking about them -peace
    These people throwing around the words "Nazi" and "Communist" have no clue what they mean. Apparently Obama is turning the USA in a Nazi-communist state.
    Jesus Christ Dave just shut up before a fan takes it wrong and ends up shooting you.
    At the rate he's going I'm beginning to see this as a real possibility. That big mouth is going to get him into trouble eventually.
    I remember when i used to like Dave, back around 2007, when he kept his mouth shut, spoke only about Megadeth and guitars and was just that nice person for a bit of time. Now he's just a knob, I like Megadeth, but Dave is just a knob.
    Is it not Ironic that Dave sounded saner when he was off his face on drink and Class A's?
    Because yeah, banning guns really makes a country a nazi country. Because the nazis hated guns, violence, and anything related to that...
    uh, actually YEAH, dumb****. Learn a little history. Allowing an oppressive government to remove our means of protecting ourselves allows them to either completely enslave or kill us.
    I probably know more history than you. Besides, learn some actuality. Take the Netherlands (or any western European country for that matter). Hardly anyone has a gun here. Do you see these shootings happening here? Do you see an oppressive government here? If the answer to the last two questions is "yes", get yourself checked out. Otherwise, you may still want to do that.
    Banning guns in it's self does not mean oppressive government no but it does make it that in the future if there were to implement anything the american public might object violently to that they will no longer have any way of objecting. All im saying really is that it's a slippery slope. I live in the UK, here we have far more strict gun laws and yes with that there is less gun crime but what has happened is that we have a lot more knife crime and the like. So yes we don't see shootings like Aurora or Wisconsin but you got to wonder why do these happen in the first place? and there is a lot of reasons to at least be open the possibility of it being rigged. This is a good example. ixzz23Ne1tgJa
    Given the fact that I never have & probably never will see that place with my own two eyes, I can honestly say no. I'm also sure you are lying out of your ass too because every species of life on this planet has "demented" beings that rape/kill/torture others, (guns protect us from these kinds of people too, facepalm) so I know for a fact that it can't be very different over there. I don't know anything about "your government" and I don't have to either...I DON'T LIVE THERE. I do know that this one is VERY oppressive though. You are probably either a FED, a member of some secret society, or BOTH so how about this...find a very sturdy rope, tie it to a high & thick tree branch, and HANG your self. You are a waste of life
    I must admit I found your comment very amusing to read. Now go back to your cave, before you actually start believing what you just said.
    You honestly think allowing each and every citizen access to a gun is the best way of protecting yourself? Adding a nifty little comment advising someone to hang themselves just threw away what minute logical sense your comment made.
    The government isn't oppressive. Even if your government is oppressive and the whole of the US population disagrees with it.. What are you gonna do? Run into government buildings guns-a-blazing? Don't think so. Owning guns to protect you from your government is the greatest bullshit I've ever heard. Governments are chosen by people, for people. There are always people who agree with and disagree with governments. Saying "we have guns" isn't going to change anything, as the people who agree with the government also have guns. The only thing guns accomplish in this scenario is making sure that both sides kill each-other a whole lot quicker.
    The American Constitution was created to be revised later on. Obviously certain amendments that were relevant when it was created won't be in 2012. A good example of an irrelevant amendment in today's western society is the 2nd amendment. It was created during a time where small town militias were actually necessary and the US wasn't the last remaining super power with trillions of dollars spent in defense. Should guns be banned? Probably not, but stricter rules are a no-brainer, but then again this is the American political system we are talking about.
    "Obviously certain amendments that were relevant when it was created won't be in 2012" Well, that's the thing. Look at the term "Amendments." They are by nature changes to the Constitution. Since it was originally adopted, the US Constitution has been altered 27 times (hence 27 Amendments). Just a minor factual error in your post I wanted to point out.
    Well you're obviously insane and have no way of seeing anything around you in reality. Because every country that has gun bans is led by a tyrannical murdering Nazi-esque govenment right? Let me just look outside my British window...nope, not 1984 here. Regardless of your "defend ourselves against the government" bollocks, I'd like to see your pistol do jack against a tank. or a nuke. or a predator drone. or whatever else the government has at its disposal.
    Saying that Obama isn't the best president is fair enough, but claiming that he paid that guy to shoot people in that Batman screening, and to shoot people in the Sikh temple? Has he got the IQ of an 8 year old?
    You're right, but don't insult the 8 yr old's out there. He has of the IQ of a pile of dog shit. I hope Mustaine somehow comes across to reading these (trolling or not to get attention) and comes to terms that people all around the world really hate him.
    Ppl thought Hitler was a nice guy too ya kno. America spreads a lot of propaganda, Like the gay rights stuff and emasculating men- shit like tht, i kno for kno it seems dumb and tht its fun to make fun Of Dave, but you never kno what goes on in the head of a world leader...
    This is why some people want guns banned... there are unbelievably stupid people who have access to them.
    Dave, you are a guitarist in a heavy metal band. Not a politician or a preacher. Get the **** over it and stop saying dumbass things like this!
    I wont even touch the Dave comment but for crying out loud people, why does everyone say: "You are a musician, leave politics to politicians"? You might not like politics but it does affect your life whether you like it or not and you should not leave politics to politicians.
    Its because his not making intelligent comments regarding politics. His just talking s@&* out of his mouth, not once or twice but constantly and considering his in the public eye and we sadly live in an age where people tend to not think for themselves or bother to get facts/understand situations Daves uninformed, uneducated and down right inflammatory comments will influence some people (granted not many) and it only takes 1 idiot who "agrees" with Dave with a gun to kill a 100 of us who find his political rants stupid.
    For one thing, my comment was a general one as I see that criticism quite frequently regardless of who it may be. And I doubt there has been any age where people think for themselves and the part about someone getting a gun over this is just baseless rhetoric.
    You make it harder for me to like you and your music everyday Dave.
    Not much of a father figure, right?
    I look to him as a musician. Someone who isn't afraid to speak how he feels, which in the earlier days seemed to make sense. But now he backs up his "facts" with nothing. He's consumed by one little idea that "Obama is bad" so everything else that is bad is now suddenly connected to him. If he has an opinion, he can state it but have some facts to back it up and don't say "This is fact" but "This is what I think". So to me, Dave who says these things, and the Dave in Megadeth are different people. Maybe I just want to think of Megadeth in a positive way without bringing this Dave into it.
    I always knew he was still on drugs
    I think he might need to get back on drugs.. He was blissfully silent back then..
    Hang on... didn't he complain about how unfairly he was treated by Metallica at every given opportunity back then? :-D
    It saddens me to see what's happening with Dave, this isn't the guy that inspired me to pick up the guitar and to follow my dreams, to open my eyes and look at people and situations from a different angle.. and he did drugs then! So many fans are turning against him, just because he's talking gibberish.. I hope he gets his shit straight soon
    If I won the lottery I would buy U-G and make them stop posting articles with Dave Mustaine. And Morrisey.
    His mouth should be duct taped 24/7, cause all that comes out is this endless stream of pure stupid.
    Dave, I have one rather crucial argument against America turning into a Nazi state: You're still able to say the crap you do on a regular basis. also,
    Sometimes our fans that are younger, they look to me as a big brother, or even a father figure
    Well actually, as a younger fan, all I know is that I'm never giving you another dime of my money.
    It seems Dave has finally fallen off the edge. Today marks the day that a hero has fallen. It's funny, I was talking about this with some friends a few days ago, and we were all bummed out that Dave has become so . . . different. I have nothing against Christianity, but I think it's pretty evident that Dave has become more radical in his political views *after* he became a born-again Christian. I have to wonder if, instead of the peaceful sermons I imagined they had about appreciating your fellow man (I'm a Catholic, so I figure there's not much difference? I honestly don't know), they rant over and over about how racial and other minorities will bring forth the Antichrist. Dave, I'm sorry to say that you are becoming more and more like Bill O Reilly and Rush Limbaugh.
    Even Obama isn't THAT bad. I've lost all non-musical respect for Dave. He's just solidified himself as crazy.
    I read about this on CNN. President Obama has made no attempt to change gun laws to any extent. No legislation, no presidential decree, nothing. Dave Mustaine has become more delusional on the drug called religion than any other drug he has ever taken. If anyone still cares to go see this guy or buy any of his records I'd be surprised. He makes these wild accusations then wonders why people give him $hit for it. You had a nice career Dave. Maybe you can still see it in your rearview mirror.
    UN Arms Trade Treaty. It failed 2 weeks ago.
    I didn't realize that the UN was a governing body of the United States. Not to mention the treaty only dealt with the trade of weapons between sovereign states. As there is not a single American citizen that qualifies as a sovereign state (despite many apparently trying to become the size of one, judging by obesity rates), the treaty would not have affected your ability to buy a gun. Unless you're one of those "UN black helicopters are coming to take my guns and jobs" people. In which case, good luck with all that.
    "God, I was talking our promoter and I was saying..."
    Seems like you just accidentally your sentence UG.(Not the first time, obviously not the last!)
    The original people to say it was staged by the government suggested it was staged by the FBI, since the shooter had FBI swat team equipment in his car that he would have been hard pressed to steal. They also point to the FBI stating about half a decade ago that they did stage a shooting, in so much that they armed and drove the individuals to the location. But the fear about gun legislation originally stemmed from fear of an international gun control treaty passing in the UN, which was never voted on because the US said they weren't ready to vote on the intended date of July 27th. Dave probably knows nothing about either of these things and only heard distorted fragments from some raving conservative...
    Ok, here we go 1. This website has sensationalized Mustaine so much it hurts 2. Every article of these sorts from UG gets more opinionated each time. Yes, I know most people here think he's crazy, but you don't have to show that bias in the article just to start shit. 3. Mustaine can say all he wants and I'm fine with that but please don't bring it into concerts.