Mustaine Accuses Obama Of Staging Shootings

Dave was caught on camera saying the President staged several gun massacres to bring in new gun control laws. Is he a fully-fledged conspiracy theorist now?

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Dave Mustaine has been avoiding press interviews to save himself from making controversial statements on record, but fan footage from a recent show has caught him making what could be his most outlandish statement yet.

Speaking on stage after on August 7 in Singapore, Mustaine addressed the crowd after having a shoe thrown at him before entering conspiracy-theory mode:

"Back in my country, my president is trying to pass a gun ban, so he's staging all of these murders, like the 'Fast And Furious' thing down at the border, in Aurora Colorado [the Batman massacre], all the people that were killed there and now the beautiful people at the Sikh temple."

Shaking his head, perhaps to rattle out any final remains of common sense, he continued: "God, I was talking our promoter and I was saying 'I don't know where I'm going to live if America keeps going the way it's going because it looks like it's turning into Nazi America.'"

Mustaine frequently makes his feelings on the President known. In a recent radio interview, Mustaine said he was "disgusted" with Obama and revived his claims that the President was born in Kenya: "Hello?! C'mon, guys, how stupid are we right now?"

He added: "Sometimes our fans that are younger, they look to me as a big brother, or even a father figure, because I really care a lot about them. But I have never been more terrified in my life about what's happening to our country."

Watch footage of Mustaine accusing Obama of staging the recent shootings around the US here (skip to the start of the clip to see Mustaine slamming the guy who threw a shoe at the stage):

What do you think of Dave's comments? Should he stick to making music, or does he have a point? Should he try to provide some evidence for his outlandish claims next time? Let us know your reaction in the comments.

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    STFU Dave
    No other comment is relevant
    Dave I have relized this to and i'm not even an american, And we should all worry about what's gonna happen.
    Would be funny if it'd be all true.
    False flag incidents have been proven to have occurred numerous times throughout history
    absolutely....people who descredit these accusations because they cannot fathom big brother turning against them need to do their research before calling questioners of the official story crazy...
    I wouldn't say numerous times. They have been proven to have been proposed to presidents. That doesn't mean at all that dave is right here. This is just nonsense.
    IKR The minute, the government decides to talk on gun policy, a bunch of people go mental and start going on a shooting spree I wouuld enjoy here In Jamaica. Dont downvote me aite? its a coincidence...Just a coincidence... Dave is wierd, but looking past the dumbas*erry i think im on to something.
    He's the Meg of the music industry.
    Actually you're right, it's more like "Shut up, Meg-adeth." *Disclaimer: I'm a fan of the band, not the nonsense Dave says from time to time.
    take any and all microphones from this guy and make him stick to guitar. he's not a good singer and his political stances are a million times worse.
    But dude what if hes right- lots of goverments stage things so certain law would be passed, Why does America think that theor governments are so righteous and noble? like the 9/11 thing i wouldnt be surprosed if my old buddy George Bush did that so he could go attack Iraq.If someone like Kirk Wahmett or someone else said im pretty sure u guys would put his conspiracy-theory into consideration
    I'm not sure what's worse, Mustaine's paranoid comments, labeled "Republican," or the equalyl and oppositely charged and completely moronic comments that can only be labeled "Democrat." How did this article spiral into gun control? And worse; gun control discussed by a bunch of close minded individuals sure of their superiorty, with a few exceptions. At least Mustaine has an open mind and considers two sides to an issue, as shown by his latest insanity above.
    *facepalm* Dave, PLEASE. Sit down, shut the hell up and just PLAY YOUR GODDAMN GUITAR.
    You sit down and take a look at what your government is doing to your country.
    The government includes state governments, especially mine (texas), and the House of Representatives, who are really screwing our country over. So yeah, taking a good long look at our government would do us all good.
    *sees link*...*rolls eyes*...*clicks*....*sighs*...*feels stupid for reading it and watching it*...*hates Mustaine more*... *moves on*..
    You forgot *comments*. But really, poor Dave has lost the plot.
    My bad. *feels stupid for reading it and watching it*...*hates Mustaine more*...*comments his reactions*..*hates Mustaine a lot more*...*moves on*...
    It's okay. At least you don't make conspiracy theories about public massacres.
    Or spit in some random person's shoe and tell them they are the result of a incest sexual encounter between cousins. I guess it takes one to know one. ****ing retard.
    Next week: "Our government needs religion in it. It should be illegal to be anything but Christian. I mean, I care for these people, and I don't want them all to go to Hell." Or "Barack Obama is a Muslim. Come on, people, isn't it obvious? He wants to spread Muslim ideals throughout America and take away our rights!"
    Three kinds of news that appear on UG 1. Ted Nuggent/Dave Mustaine/Morrisey political rants 2.Axl Rose is a being a dick again 3.Kerry King trying to prove he's METAL THe point being if it happens all the time, it isn't news
    Come on, man... I lean to the right myself, to be honest, but you're giving us a worse name than Glenn Beck. I don't like Obama either, but I also don't believe he's behind a huge murder conspiracy to outlaw firearms. That's just as ridiculous as claiming that Bush was responsible for 9/11. Be quiet and write a song about it. United Abominations and Endgame were way better than Th1rt33n anyways...
    I honestly worry for people in America, too. I worry that people like Dave have too much power, and will possibly gain more power through elections etc.
    People who spout off about wild conspiracy theories have no power in the US. They are very quickly dismissed as idiots, and only wield power in internet chat rooms and syndicated radio shows. The average American citizen would consider the idea that Obama had anything to do with the Aurora shootings laughable.