Mustaine Backs 'Chemtrail' Conspiracy

Dave Mustaine believes that the trail left by airplanes are a mixture of chemicals being sprayed by the government, and says only a fool would argue against it.

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Dave Mustaine show no signs of halting his run of outlandish statements in 2013.

In his latest rant, the Megadeth frontman threw his weight behind the "chemtrail" conspiracy theory. Believers claims that the trail left by aircraft is a mixture of chemicals which are sprayed across the sky by government officials.

"Shame on the pilots spraying the grid lines in the once beautiful skies of San Diego. Shame, shame, shame!" he tweeted. "It's aluminum oxides & barium salts. They know what their cargo is. Only a fool or an accomplice would argue the unarguable."

Dave neglects to mention that the trails are instead just condensation known as 'contrails'. Of course, engines do produce a lot of nasty chemicals, but they'remore a threat to the environment (which the government often ignores), rather than a conspiracy by the government.

2012 saw many controversial statements from Mustaine, including that African women should "put a plug in it" if they couldn't afford more children, and that President Obama secretly staged the shootings across America. By November, his bandmates in Megadeth made it clear that Mustaine doesn't speak for the band.

Shame on the pilots spraying the grid lines in the once beautiful skies of San Diego. Shame, shame, shame!

Dave Mustaine (@DaveMustaine) January 5, 2013

It's aluminum oxides & barium salts. They know what their cargo is. Only a fool or an accomplice would argue the unarguable. #chemtrails

Dave Mustaine (@DaveMustaine) January 6, 2013

What do you think of chemtrails and the conspiracy theorists? Let us know in the comments.

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    There is some truth to what mustaine is talking about. There's a difference betweeen chemtrails and contrails - a contrail disappears quickly but chemtrails linger for hours. Aluminum is toxic to life and contaminates soil and guess what - monsanto has created crops resistant to aluminum in soil. Boeing is a large shady corporation also! Watch this documentary called what in the world are they spraying:
    There is some truth to what mustaine is talking about. There's a difference betweeen chemtrails and contrails - a contrail disappears quickly but chemtrails linger for hours. Aluminum is toxic to life and contaminates soil and guess what - monsanto has created crops resistant to aluminum in soil. Boeing is a large shady corporation also! Watch this documentary called what in the world are they spraying:
    I love how the conspiracy types talk about how people shouldn't believe everything they hear and they should have an open mind and not be ignorant -- and then they believe just about anything that they can find on the internet, are about as closed-minded as one can be in a debate, and are hysterically ignorant of reality -- in this case basic atmospheric science. The best thing about the internet is that anyone can share their views. The worst thing about the internet is that, indeed, ANYONE can share their views.
    Thank you for posting this twice, meant I got to -1 it twice.
    I don't know why it posted twice I only hit the button once. But how about you watch the full documentary with an open mind before you decide to be ignorant and -1 it?
    Yes, ignorant. It isn't as if I am most of my way through a masters in Physics and have a relatively good understanding of how contrails are formed. As many people have already said, this conspiracy just doesn't have any logical weight. Every high altitude plane can create contrails, that is a very widespread conspiracy.
    I too am doing a masters in physics and "coopgit" you are an uneducated moron. A documentary can be biased and this one definately is.
    Did you even watch the documentary? There are extreme amounts of aluminum contaminating the environment all over the world and there is a huge diffrerence between a chemtrail and a contrail. Atleast watch the film and see that something strange is going on at the very least!
    Not every plane is spraying chemtrails, but many are. Even Bill Gates recently admitted that the atmosphere is being sprayed. A contrail does not linger in the sky for hours like a chemtrail does, at the very least watch the full documentary, you don't have to believe it all but something is going on in the skies
    Subject matter for an updated version of Polaris? ... "I spread disease like a dog / Discharge my payload a mile high".
    Jesus ****in' Murphy, can we stop with the Dave Mustaine "news"? Why exactly do the writers of this site feel to make a story on everything Mustaine says?
    I remember when California was sprayed for "Mediterranean Fruit Flies" in the mid 70's. Every morning the helicopters would fly over and dump chemicals on us. I think this was actually time delayed chemical warfare as I have no other explanation why Californian Dave Mustaine is coming so unglued or why Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected Governator in 2003.
    I wonder if by the end of the year, he'll be schizophrenic, and blaming everyone and everything for every problem, because his other personality is the exact opposite of his current one. Maybe I shouldn't post intoxicated thoughts.
    As a psychology student,I feel the need to clarify that Schizophrenia does not entail multiple personalities. You're most likely referring to Disassociative Identity Disorder.
    Sorry, but minor correction - it's "Dissociative Identity Disorder", not "Dissassociative".
    I'd be tempted to suggest acute bipolar disorder as a likely diagnosis, with a healthy dose of paranoid misperceptions and an overwhelming persecution complex to boot. He'd make a great case study for a doctoral thesis. He's a compendium of psychological disorders. Maybe the music has a schizophrenogenic effect on him. Anyway, I always liked clinical terminology . . .
    Gee Halen
    Actually, "Chemtrail" would make a great song title. Just pray it's an instrumental track.
    King Zeppelin I
    Dave is ruining Megadeth for me. Obviously his actions shouldn't cloud opinion of the band's music, but it's hard to separate. I'd rather like the people I support. I was a huge fan at one point, even owned one of his signature guitars (his signature pickups are fantastic, by the way), but I'm glad they're more of an occasional listen now; he's just an embarrassment.
    He ruined it for me when he bitched on his site, couldn't take the heat, and deleted one of my favorite forums. It honestly affects how I listen to the music now knowing I can't take the guy seriously.
    thats pathetic you call yourself a megadeth fan or ever were a big megadeth fan then, sorry to say man but guns n roses shouldnt have any fans if they were all like you for how big of an idiot axl rose is....dont take his personal life and attack the band, hes apologuized for what he says and his action and i know hes still doing it but his life is being a conspiracists, he still writes sick jams with our without the new bothering self
    As hard as i've tried and as much as i do like megadeth he's slowly ruining for me. In my head i find myeslf screaming just shut the **** up!
    said it before and i will say it again..... will you please report on something ****ing newsworthy for ****s sake this is so god damned ridiculous ! ug is starting to look like the bat shit crazy retards!!!! just stop already. sooner or later someone is gonna come along and replace this site with a better version minus all the stupid slam articles. i sure hope it is sooner rather than later!
    ug needs to worry about his updates on the new megadeth album screw what he does with his personal life i come on here for updates on the music i can goto his blog for his social news
    Dave, I'm such a fan of Megadeth but don't keep on talking like you are now cause I'm really getting sick of these ridiculous rants -_-
    Hey, this may not be music news but Dave's ramblings are fun to read. I agree with him on some of his rants, but this one is just too far out there. My Conspiracy Theory: UG is paying Dave for every controversial or asinine comment he publicly makes.
    Apparently Mr. Mustaine has come to the conclusion that he will never achieve the level notariety he seeks via his brand of music ...thus he takes an alternate avenue to supposed least in his mind.....
    Have any of you ever even listened to a Megadeth song? It's not like Dave is really hiding where he's coming from. If anything I appreciate his passion for topics they won't teach you in school. But I'm sure he did absolutely no research whatsoever and he's completely talking out his ass. You kids...
    Nobody who buys into chemtrails does much honest research. It really is laughable if you know much of anything about aviation and the atmosphere. I wonder how many chemtrail believers can calculate ISA deviation without googling "ISA Deviation Calculator"
    I'm fairly certain at this point that his years of drug abuse have caught up with him. And hit him HARD.
    Can anyone tell me what the point of spraying aluminum oxides & barium salts in the atmosphere would be? I'm aware that 99% of scientists say these trails are mainly vaporized water from the jet engine exhaust, but just curious why this is even a conspiracy theory?
    KingV911 - I suggest looking into the psychology of conspiracy theorists. The reality is, there are three (possibly more) kinds of conspiracy theorists: 1)Observational - They see things, they don't have an explanation so they come up with one. "Isn't it just a little suspicious that those planes are leaving trails?" 2) Bandwagon - They hear people asking vague questions like the one above, and decide to take the same side as number 1 because they can't find a logical answer as a result of being manipulated and ignorant. 3) Leech - They notice the trend emerging and attach it to whatever they hate in order to spread horrible lies. #1 starts the conspiracy theory. #2 form the bulk of the theorists. #3 are the famous ones. I honestly believe that Dave Mustaine is joining the Bandwagon. He hears people saying "Obama did ___", and can't see a possible reason why it would be otherwise. He's been convinced into the Republican nut-job life-style as a result of listening to the wrong voices of "reason", aka, Number 3 on my list.
    Conspiracy theories are only loosely based on reality and instead rely on fallacious logic, evidence that doesn't exist outside of forum posts and radio shows after 10 PM, and thinly-veiled emotional appeals that aim to rope in loonier civil libertarians. What's funny is that they NEVER just believe in ONE conspiracy -- they believe in all of them. I'm half surprised nobody's brought up WTC #7 yet.
    It's not just scientists, it's anyone who has even a casual interest in aviation or weather. This chemtrail stuff doesn't really have any merit at all.
    Wut a idiot. He clearly has a large lack of education. I would like UG to stop posting worthless, pointless articles about musicians uneducated opinions.
    it actually takes alot of intelligence to understand things like this and talk about politics as much as he does, mustaines actually a really smart guy, granted hes said some rather stupid things in his 51 years of living but who cares, hes a sick musician with a sick band lay off ug does thi sbecause the ug community feeds it with people like you commenting this shit even though you all complain about them, doing it you all comment about how stupid he is...
    It doesn't take much intelligence at all to understand things like water vapor freezing at temperatures below -40 and sublimation occurring at different rates depending on humidity.
    I'm glad they post this stuff. Ever since Weekly World News quit publishing their print edition I've been trying to find another source of insane "news". Only in this case, DM actually believes this stuff. It's good, if not mindless, entertainment . . .
    The chem-trail conspiracy is out there and a little strange and paranoid.. but at least it's not hateful or racist. So, in a way, this is actually a step in the right direction for Dave (who I LOVE as a musician but have rightfully been disappointed by a lot of his stupid comments lately).
    Gee Halen
    Okay, this made me open my second beer after a hard day's work. I hope these tweets will make sense after I finish it.
    I dunno about any chemtrails but they do spray bug spray from time to time. They usually send out a notice though telling you to keep your pets inside.
    what pisses me off is if your precious Dave Grohl said this you'd all be like OMG HE IS SOOOO RIGHT DAVE GORHL FOR PRESIDENT CHEMTRAILS TOTALLY EXIST get off the mustaine hate bandwagon he's a far superior musician to any of you and he's a smart guy just because his views are different doesn't make them automatically invalid
    I like Dave Grohl. I like Dave Mustaine. I like Megadeth's music WAY more than I like Dave Grohl's music (any of the bands he's played with). Stupid statements are stupid statements. Dave Mustaine has made nothing but stupid statements recently. If you can't realize this, then any point you'll make is "automatically invalid".
    his points are only stupid if you follow trend and rip on them without any sence of research besides what you call common sense, it may be untrue but it wouldnt be hard to put things in jets to spray..... and its not just daves opinion theres alot of other conspiracists that believe in shit like this so dont just believe its only him because ug is agaisnt him
    its also not hard to fill a plane with sheep and drop them on the poulation of the world, KILLING US ALL! doesnt mean its happening though :s
    Love the comment ahead of me. Dave Grohl sucks. I don't care. Yeah, I like some of Nirvana and QOTSA stuff but shit like Foo Fighters is pop. As a personality, I don't like him or the goofy shit that comes out of his mouth. Mustaine on the other hand, I'm beginning to like more and more each day. The only thing he's said that I would expand on with his 'plug' comment would be to include all women. It's not just black women. That and his Men's Wearhouse rant was a little lame. Other than that, I respect people who go against the grain and speak out against shit they perceive to be wrong. ESPECIALLY THE GOVERNMENT.
    Chemtrails are real...I don't know what they're spraying or why but they ARE spraying something....its funny that people can't accept the fact that military and governments perform research and do things that they don't tell the masses about. If this was the 40's and Dave said "the government has a secret city and they're making a bomb that could destroy an entire city" you people would laugh.
    I don't think anyone is denying that the government is doing things in secret or using the public as test subjects at least occasionally (at least I hope not). This is something that has happened several times throughout history so it can be assumed it is happening/will happen again. Thing is to say there's some widespread chemtrail conspiracy is just irrational. Many posts above has said why it would just be too massive of a project for little benefit. Also, don't assume just because people disagree it it's because they can't accept it. Sorry if it's more of a personal attack but I the argument used a lot in conspiracy posts and it's a pretty easy way to avoid rebuttal.
    You say its too massive of a project for little benefit but we don't even know what the project is so how can you say that? There's so much going on in the world right now...its crazy. I want to look into the future 20 years....I bet it'll look like some typical dystopian movie.
    You're hysterical, dude... you have to prove chemtrails aren't a figment of the internet's imagination before Kueller917 has to explain what the project is.
    SlackusMaximus - How many bombs do you remember being dropped on our cities by our government, without our knowledge? The Bomb allusion is hilarious because the bomb was used ON JAPAN, NOT ON AMERICA. So you immediately proved your own case wrong. They never bombed Americans, they never sprayed Chemtrails on us either.
    What's hilarious is the point you think you're making. I said that to point out the fact that government does things in secret. The Manhattan Project being one of the most well known. I could give you plenty of examples of things the US government has done and has officially apologized for years later.
    The idea of a fission bomb was around well before the 1940s. They ARE spraing something based on what? Guys on the internet saying that contrails persist longer than they used to? Guys on the internet saying that there are higher levels of this or that?
    UG please tell me how this is related to music.
    exactly, his life outside of music should be on the news not on here, and seeing is how CNN would rather attack him with metallica comments its funny how hes getting to them, i dont agree with his shootings being staged conspiracy buut i agree with chemtrails its a logical kinda of theory
    "i agree with chemtrails its a logical kinda of theory". How in the hell is it logical? In the article there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for the trails planes leave. There is no scientific backing to the chemtrails theory. It is nonsense made up by people who think that if something sounds cool in fiction then it can be true in real life.
    its also not very smart to ignore this theory. its not just Mustaine who thought this up out of no where. he was told by someone he holds as a reliable source. he has friends in the FBI and other government agencies. Now im not saying this is true, but to completely disclose it is foolish. Until you know 100% either way it is a theory. I want to stress that I neither endorse the "chemtrail thoery" or disclose it. Basically i could have just said "please don't jump to conclusions on either side of an argument until you have proof or at least quite strong evidence". trust me, I've made a fool of myself many times by jumping to conclusions.
    So do you think that vapour trails from planes cease to exist outside the US and any territories where it holds political sway? Seriously, how can anybody believe such nonsense... Edit: Written before spiff-corgi had ninja'd me!
    You don't need scientific proof from a scientist to know something isn't true. You don't need to talk to a horse expert or a zoologist to know unicorns aren't real. Plane trails exist in every country a plane flies over, with every make of commercial airline from every country producing trails. So is this some amazingly organised logistical task that every country in the world is on, every aviation and health and safety inspection board, everyone in the industry in every country knows about... or is it horse shit? EDIT: You don't need scientific proof to know something ridiculous isn't true.
    Exactly! Like I don't need to proof from a scientist to know global warming is a crock of shit. But the amount of people who believe this kind of garbage is overwhelming.
    lankeysob - let's do an experiment. Off the top of your head, come up with all of the evidence that you have to suggest that global warming is NOT real. Not anecdotal evidence either. Scientific evidence. Oh wait, you can't, because you'd need to consult a scientist, which you apparently refuse to do. You really think that 99% of the experts on the subject of global warming are all wrong? Well then let's do another experiment - go into a room filled to near capacity with bodybuilders, and tell them that you can take on every one of them at once. See how far that gets you.
    I don't need proof that planes aren't leaving "chemtrails" because even the notion of it is completely f***ing RETARDED! If Dave Mustaine made a statement that Obama was a German shepherd in disguise, would we argue about that on here too?
    eVwaylon - Your thinking is both close minded and unscientific. The reality is that theories are based on mounds and mounds of evidence, and mounds and mounds of tests and studies. At least, scientific theories are. Conspiracy theories are based on skipping the scientific method and jumping straight to a conclusion based on fear. Scientists have already done all of the tests, and have all of the knowledge to assume, without a shadow of a doubt, that it is CONTRAILS, not CHEMTRAILS. Conspiracy theorists have no evidence at all. They just have a claim. Claims are not evidence in and of themselves. Therefore, we can ignore their claims because they have no basis in reality. If I told you that you were actually a horse, would you ignore me? They're equally idiotic of theories, but you apparently are willing to trust the idiots of this world because of a false idea of an open mind.
    I find it highly unlikely that Mustaine has "friends" in the FBI, unless he's talking about the people who've investigated him. Ever hear the phrase "full of shit"?
    There's a good documentary called Why In the World are they Spraying? that will enlighten the naysayers on here. Dave is nuts but he's right on this one.
    all documentaries get riducled and shutdown because they all try to prove a point and some try to prove conspiracies theres a reason for conspiracies because they cant be fully proven, but theyre out there for the world to see, everyones calling dave stupid theres millions that believe this theory
    There is actually a difference between contrails and chemtrails. If you're interested in some videos, go to YouTube and search "Contrail vs Chemtrail". Wether or not it's a government experiment... I don't know, but there is an established visual difference between these two types of trails.
    Bull effing shit. It has everything to do with the temperature and humidity at a given altitude and nothing to do with anything else. There's numerous shots from WWII of fighters and bombers leaving contrails that are precisely what nit-wits on the internet have called "chemtrails" since the late 1990s.
    He is right! Only an idiot would argue this because it would be giving him exactly what he wants, attention. Surely it is nothing to do with any form of fuel burning and jet engines... no.... it must be magical chemicals not even used in planes at all... yes... that is the ONLY logical conclusion... r-tard
    Dave is right. Those are not normal contrails. I'm with Dave also against Obama, who is a marxist intent on turning the U.S. into a communist dictatorship.
    Congratulations on being the biggest idiot on the comments section of this article.
    All these down votes. Has nobody heard of sarcasm? On the subject of Dave and Chemtrails. . . it's the same as the 9/11 conspiracy theories [correction: hypothesis (hypothesis is something postulated to be proven, theory is a hypothesis supported by scientific research). It would have taken the government making all the custodial workers at the WTC be silent about implanting bombs that would have most likely killed said employees (with no governmental employment) as well. Basically, these chemtrails would entail forcing a massive amount of people (more than any counrty can afford to silence through bribes, force, etc.) to be silent about something that is screwing them over. Thus Chemtrails are disprove without me even going into science, which I can if you like, but the author of the article already has, and I don't feel like doing that on a forum.
    Jesus christ there is so many ****ing retards in the world. Seriously? You conspiracy theorists are a disgrace to society. That is all.