Mustaine Backs 'Chemtrail' Conspiracy

Dave Mustaine believes that the trail left by airplanes are a mixture of chemicals being sprayed by the government, and says only a fool would argue against it.

Mustaine Backs 'Chemtrail' Conspiracy
Dave Mustaine show no signs of halting his run of outlandish statements in 2013. In his latest rant, the Megadeth frontman threw his weight behind the "chemtrail" conspiracy theory. Believers claims that the trail left by aircraft is a mixture of chemicals which are sprayed across the sky by government officials. "Shame on the pilots spraying the grid lines in the once beautiful skies of San Diego. Shame, shame, shame!" he tweeted. "It's aluminum oxides & barium salts. They know what their cargo is. Only a fool or an accomplice would argue the unarguable." Dave neglects to mention that the trails are instead just condensation known as 'contrails'. Of course, engines do produce a lot of nasty chemicals, but they'remore a threat to the environment (which the government often ignores), rather than a conspiracy by the government. 2012 saw many controversial statements from Mustaine, including that African women should "put a plug in it" if they couldn't afford more children, and that President Obama secretly staged the shootings across America. By November, his bandmates in Megadeth made it clear that Mustaine doesn't speak for the band. What do you think of chemtrails and the conspiracy theorists? Let us know in the comments.

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    There is some truth to what mustaine is talking about. There's a difference betweeen chemtrails and contrails - a contrail disappears quickly but chemtrails linger for hours. Aluminum is toxic to life and contaminates soil and guess what - monsanto has created crops resistant to aluminum in soil. Boeing is a large shady corporation also! Watch this documentary called what in the world are they spraying:
    There is some truth to what mustaine is talking about. There's a difference betweeen chemtrails and contrails - a contrail disappears quickly but chemtrails linger for hours. Aluminum is toxic to life and contaminates soil and guess what - monsanto has created crops resistant to aluminum in soil. Boeing is a large shady corporation also! Watch this documentary called what in the world are they spraying:
    Thank you for posting this twice, meant I got to -1 it twice.
    I don't know why it posted twice I only hit the button once. But how about you watch the full documentary with an open mind before you decide to be ignorant and -1 it?
    Yes, ignorant. It isn't as if I am most of my way through a masters in Physics and have a relatively good understanding of how contrails are formed. As many people have already said, this conspiracy just doesn't have any logical weight. Every high altitude plane can create contrails, that is a very widespread conspiracy.
    I too am doing a masters in physics and "coopgit" you are an uneducated moron. A documentary can be biased and this one definately is.
    Did you even watch the documentary? There are extreme amounts of aluminum contaminating the environment all over the world and there is a huge diffrerence between a chemtrail and a contrail. Atleast watch the film and see that something strange is going on at the very least!
    Not every plane is spraying chemtrails, but many are. Even Bill Gates recently admitted that the atmosphere is being sprayed. A contrail does not linger in the sky for hours like a chemtrail does, at the very least watch the full documentary, you don't have to believe it all but something is going on in the skies
    I love how the conspiracy types talk about how people shouldn't believe everything they hear and they should have an open mind and not be ignorant -- and then they believe just about anything that they can find on the internet, are about as closed-minded as one can be in a debate, and are hysterically ignorant of reality -- in this case basic atmospheric science. The best thing about the internet is that anyone can share their views. The worst thing about the internet is that, indeed, ANYONE can share their views.
    Subject matter for an updated version of Polaris? ... "I spread disease like a dog / Discharge my payload a mile high".
    Jesus ****in' Murphy, can we stop with the Dave Mustaine "news"? Why exactly do the writers of this site feel to make a story on everything Mustaine says?
    I remember when California was sprayed for "Mediterranean Fruit Flies" in the mid 70's. Every morning the helicopters would fly over and dump chemicals on us. I think this was actually time delayed chemical warfare as I have no other explanation why Californian Dave Mustaine is coming so unglued or why Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected Governator in 2003.
    I wonder if by the end of the year, he'll be schizophrenic, and blaming everyone and everything for every problem, because his other personality is the exact opposite of his current one. Maybe I shouldn't post intoxicated thoughts.
    As a psychology student,I feel the need to clarify that Schizophrenia does not entail multiple personalities. You're most likely referring to Disassociative Identity Disorder.
    Sorry, but minor correction - it's "Dissociative Identity Disorder", not "Dissassociative".
    I'd be tempted to suggest acute bipolar disorder as a likely diagnosis, with a healthy dose of paranoid misperceptions and an overwhelming persecution complex to boot. He'd make a great case study for a doctoral thesis. He's a compendium of psychological disorders. Maybe the music has a schizophrenogenic effect on him. Anyway, I always liked clinical terminology . . .
    Gee Halen
    Actually, "Chemtrail" would make a great song title. Just pray it's an instrumental track.
    King Zeppelin I
    Dave is ruining Megadeth for me. Obviously his actions shouldn't cloud opinion of the band's music, but it's hard to separate. I'd rather like the people I support. I was a huge fan at one point, even owned one of his signature guitars (his signature pickups are fantastic, by the way), but I'm glad they're more of an occasional listen now; he's just an embarrassment.
    thats pathetic you call yourself a megadeth fan or ever were a big megadeth fan then, sorry to say man but guns n roses shouldnt have any fans if they were all like you for how big of an idiot axl rose is....dont take his personal life and attack the band, hes apologuized for what he says and his action and i know hes still doing it but his life is being a conspiracists, he still writes sick jams with our without the new bothering self
    He ruined it for me when he bitched on his site, couldn't take the heat, and deleted one of my favorite forums. It honestly affects how I listen to the music now knowing I can't take the guy seriously.
    As hard as i've tried and as much as i do like megadeth he's slowly ruining for me. In my head i find myeslf screaming just shut the **** up!
    said it before and i will say it again..... will you please report on something ****ing newsworthy for ****s sake this is so god damned ridiculous ! ug is starting to look like the bat shit crazy retards!!!! just stop already. sooner or later someone is gonna come along and replace this site with a better version minus all the stupid slam articles. i sure hope it is sooner rather than later!
    ug needs to worry about his updates on the new megadeth album screw what he does with his personal life i come on here for updates on the music i can goto his blog for his social news
    Dave, I'm such a fan of Megadeth but don't keep on talking like you are now cause I'm really getting sick of these ridiculous rants -_-
    Hey, this may not be music news but Dave's ramblings are fun to read. I agree with him on some of his rants, but this one is just too far out there. My Conspiracy Theory: UG is paying Dave for every controversial or asinine comment he publicly makes.
    Have any of you ever even listened to a Megadeth song? It's not like Dave is really hiding where he's coming from. If anything I appreciate his passion for topics they won't teach you in school. But I'm sure he did absolutely no research whatsoever and he's completely talking out his ass. You kids...
    Nobody who buys into chemtrails does much honest research. It really is laughable if you know much of anything about aviation and the atmosphere. I wonder how many chemtrail believers can calculate ISA deviation without googling "ISA Deviation Calculator"
    Apparently Mr. Mustaine has come to the conclusion that he will never achieve the level notariety he seeks via his brand of music ...thus he takes an alternate avenue to supposed least in his mind.....