Mustaine Won't Apologise For Massacre Comments

The Megadeth frontman has stuck to his story that the Obama administration staged the recent gun shootings across America.

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Dave Mustaine has responded to criticism of his claim that President Obama "staged" the recent spate of gun massacres across America.

One critic was a victim of the Batman shooting, who said it was "absurd" and says Mustaine probably just wants attention.

He made the comments during a Megadeth show in Singapore this week:

"My president is trying to pass a gun ban, so he's staging all of these murders I don't know where I'm going to live if America keeps going the way it's going because it looks like it's turning into Nazi America."

Mustaine has gone on to clarify his comments on Infowars, a notoriously speculative radio station which discusses conspiracy theories (via Classic Rock):

"In the heat of the moment, when you're on stage and you're talking, sometimes you're not as eloquent as you'd like to be.

"We really need to investigate that, and we need to have the attorney general release the documents and find out who's responsible. People died, and the democratic process is, Let's investigate this.'" Mustaine fails to acknowledge the ongoing police investigations.

He might not take the shocking comments back, but he knows it ruffled a few feathers. "I've always been controversial," he said in a bid to excuse himself. "I'm a political songwriter. This wasn't done to hurt any of my fellow countrymen. I think it's something we really need to look into."

Meanwhile, GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus added his usual response to Mustaine's outlandish statements on Twitter:

I don't need to berate Dave Mustaine to make him look like an asshole. He does fine just by opening his mouth.

Oderus Urungus (@TheRealOderus) August 16, 2012

Watch Mustaine try to explain his comments on Infowars here:

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    I live in Aurora. My girlfriend's friend died in the shooting. I went to the vigil and his Funeral. His name was AJ Boik. I think, although a huge Megadeth fan, Dave Mustaine is ignorant, and doesn't think of how he can be hurting people.
    Josh Reubenking
    I'm very sorry to hear that. :/ My condolences to you and your community. I do hope you all recover quickly. There was no reason for such a senseless event like that.
    I was watching a documentary about the shootings last night and AJ was mentioned quite a lot. He seemed like a great, friendly guy. Dave's outbursts astound me to say the least. I'm just glad he didn't say anything like this when I saw Megadeth a couple of months ago.
    Metal Head420
    Ya?! How do we know your not just secretly one of Obamas FBI agents saying that?!!?!?! huh?! HUH!?!?!?!
    These Mustaine articles make my comment-checking job very difficult
    RISE UP TO YOUR SUPERIORS! :p: To be honest, I think they publish these articles to create some sort of s***storm. Does someone have a grudge against you? :p:
    I'm getting pretty sick of seeing "Dave Mustaine ____ Obama Did It" every other day on UG.
    Youre reading a tabloid....and you expect actual music news? If this was a real music website, you would see music videos being streamed on the front page. Instead you see SLASH IS AWESOME, SO AND SO SLAMMED SO AND SO, MUSTAINE SUCKS, LARS IS BAD
    Dude, whats with all the Slash hate? OT: Dave Mustaine will probably stfu when we stop paying attention to him.
    I can't listen to megadeth these days without knowing Dave Mustaine has seriously gone off the deep end
    But without his comments, there wouldn't be as many articles on UG. How to make a popular article on UG Step 1: Post outlandish statements by Dave Mustaine Step 2: Make another article about the same statement
    I don't think he is this stupid.(or gone off the deep end) because all the bullcrap started after he was on the radio show.leads me to beleve that he is gulabule and these opinons are planted in his head. he prob.waches a LOT of fox news. Dave,i love meagdeth, but please, stop crap.
    You too can learn to spell.
    you too can stop being a prick.
    You're right. I realize now that English may not be the primary language of some of the posters here, and its inconsiderate to poke fun at those who are only trying to get a point across. I apologize, and no malice was intended.
    it is not that. it is that people like you act as if UG is an English class, which is just stupid. here, spelling doesn't matter as long as you can read and understand what someone is saying. tl;dr stop being a grammar nazi
    Tiago Sa
    CaliforniaKid, dude, when you spell Megadeth "meagdeth" and don't put spaces after punctuation and do a line break after every few words for no apparent reason, the only way "English isn't my primary language" will stick is if YOU HAVE NO PRIMARY LANGUAGE. Also, I'm not a native speaker.
    Black Hazard
    I bet your accent is horrible, English wizard.
    Tiago Sa
    As good as you can expect from a Portuguese dude who's never been in any English speaking country, but spends his entire internet "life" in English sites. Which is to say, not horrible. But you're welcome to bet, you'll loose.
    My parents have on Fox news all day, and I can recognize a lot of the times they take discussions in a misleading turn. Excluding Glen Beck, who is only watched for shock factor, nobody on Fox goes as far as Mustaine does. Not even close.
    Don't watch TV they're lying... That's why mustaine is trying to tell the public and not just slamming Obama for no reason, because he is a celebrity and knows more than we know. Do your own research on Illuminati or New World Order, you will then know what I mean. But I am not asking you to believe just giving another perspective on the case.
    I used to be a Megadeth fan until Dave started spewing all of this crap, I don't even think he knows how much more damage he's doing to himself and to his public image. I honestly don't think he can salvage the situation now
    You sir have never been a Megadeth fan. Nothing Dave is ever gonna say is gonna all of a sudden change my mind, I love the music they make. From the early stuff to the new stuff, Ive been a fan forever and its gotten me through good and bad times. Holy wars doesn't become any less amazing when he speaks his mind about Obama. He may have his own opinions on things crazy or not, but if he thought the same as everybody else from the beginning Megadeth wouldn't be Megadeth. So Dave your the ****ing man, feel free to be yourself and keep on rocking. MEGADETH!!
    Megadeath is the first and only band I ever stopped listening to because of political views. I will no longer support someone like Dave Mustaine with my money. And I will not pirate his music either, because that would feel wrong. So I have no choice but to abandon Megadeath.
    Fuck it, Dave is an awesome guitar player. Let him say whatever the **** he wants, it his point of view. He has points of view that may or may not be right, and thats the same with everyone. People should say whats in their heart and not what they think everyone wants to hear, thats one of the reasons why the world is ****ed up. Props to dave for not backing down and apologising, if you get offended thats YOUR problem. Dont be a bitch, get over it.
    And for people that don't think UG is doing character assassination, they're trying to get you to foster more hate for a story that they've ALREADY TOLD YOU ABOUT. This is lazy tabloid journalism.
    Dave can say whatever he wants, and we can say whatever we want about what he says. It's not "character assassination" if they're just reporting what he says.
    I agree Dave is an awesome guitar player but the reason I actually stopped listening to Megadeth is that he never learnt how to EQ his amp properly and roll down the treble knob. The second reason why I stopped listening to Megadeth is because Dave started acting like a lunatic, I agree free speech is important but when Dave starts spewing the crap that usually comes out of crazy homeless people's mouths I will stop paying attention to him. UG isn't doing character assassination because Dave already did it for himself, By the way the problem with the world isn't that people arn't speaking out because they already are; it's money buying politicians and them doing whats best for their donors and not the people.
    Also if Dave offends people it's not my problem or the people he's offended it's his because he's proving that he's clearly not right in the head; the conspiracy theory he's backing doesn't even make sense.
    There is an intelligent way to say this kind of things and pretty much anything and getting away with it, its a shame that Dave really does not get it.
    Let's take some quotes from you Mr. Mustaine. "You said you've got the answers, well who asked you anyway?" "Words I say heard today are not mine, just my voice" "The true face of evil can't be seen without eyes" "Blind follow, blind lead" Dave, listen to your own words and open your eyes.
    What an hypocrit, he wrote a song called 99 ways to die, against guns because, as he sang, it's dangerous for kids. And then he says something so stupid as the president of the united states orchestrated killings to pass a law... HOW STUPID CAN HE GET???
    It's just easier for me to pretend that Megadeth stopped making albums after Rust in Peace, and Dave overdosed on heroin shortly after. Sure, I love an assortment of songs from the following albums, but Rust in Peace was truly the last time Dave did anything actually vital . I don't find his political views upsetting, just stupid. I don't have a problem with his religious views, but also, stupid. The stupidest and funniest thing though? That he truly, and honestly, believes in black magic and thinks some older Megadeth songs are genuinely evil. Sorry Dave; the only magic on a song like 'Bad Omen' is the magic you lost a few albums later.
    Been a deth fan for twenty years. mustaine was a big role model for me growing up. Now hes just a trolling god bothering idiot.
    That Alex Jones dude annoys the hell outta me. How was Mustaine's comment taken 'out of context'?. It is what it is...he directly accused the president for staging those shootings. What a nutsack.
    UG needs to stop posting these articles. People come here to read music news not news about musicians. All these articles do is get everyone up in arms. Im starting to dislike this website more and more.
    You'd think someone in the Megadeth camp (mgr, label rep, the other guys in the band, etc...) would be strong enough to stand up to Dave and tell him that spewing his born-again, right-wing, conspiracy-nut propoganda is going to hurt his beloved Megadeth and all he's worked for. He's become as embarrassing as Uncle Ted.
    I just refuse to acknowledge that this s**t-spewing Dave Mustaine is the same one that fronts the legendary thrash metal band Megadeth...
    We should stop giving this guy a public voice and not post the stupid shit he says. Its gotta stop somewhere
    We live in a free country, you clown. You can dislike what somebody says, but you can't shut them up. If you want to live in a place like that, go to Europe....or N Korea.
    People can choose to say what they want and people can choose to publicize what they want. That's how it works, idiot. Shit like this does not need public attention.
    Well this is a UK site, and there are tons of retarded ass Europeans that say shit like we need to shut people up, and then bitch and moan about people like putin shutting people up.
    Oderus' comment about Dave is comical, and hits the nail on the head, but let's face it, this guy performs in a glorified dinosaur costume and says he came from outerspace. I'm sorry if I have trouble taking him seriously.
    I try my best to separate the people who create the music from the music. However, it is now incredibly difficult for me to hear any megadeth song without recognizing the person singing is a complete psycho. Don't think I will be buying any megadeth CDs or attending any shows from here on out. Yes I'm aware neither he nor anyone else really cares, but still.
    Im not a huge fan of the Obama administration but this is absurd. The big problem with Dave these days is he gets all his info and opinions from Alex Jones, who while not always wrong, does tend to make illogical exaggerations. The moral is following one source of news like it is gospel is almost always bad.
    I don't care what Mustaine says, his political views are irrelevant to me, all I care about is the music he makes.
    We all know things are kept secret from the public by our government. We all know that things are done by our government that a lot of us dis agree with. But it's sad when you see people fall into the category of conspiracy theorist. These conspiracies start in the right place by trying to investigate certain controversial subjects, but are filled with misinformation and fear. It goes way beyond not trusting authority. There is a fine line Dave between educating yourself and wearing a tin foil hat.
    lol nobody here believes in conspiracy theories huh? Yeah its a sensitive issue but there is a possibility that he is right
    The name conspiracy theory is already put down just by having been labeled a "theory". It's sad how unopen-minded and unquestioning American society has become.
    Seriously all this crap that comes out of his mouth makes me not want to listen to Megadeth really at all anymore. I mean their music is alright but the things Dave just make me want to go up to him and smack him up along side the head til I knocked some sense into his thick skull.
    And he wonders why lars And Hetfield won't start a "supergroup" with him. Complete Glen Beck brainwashed brain fried idiot.
    Glen Beck is an extreme radical but even he doesn't blame murders on the president. Mustaine makes up his own crap. He doesn't get it from anywhere other than drugs.
    seeing as how so many popular rock stars/ celebs seem to have(or used to have in many cases) Obama's hairy black nutsack in their mouth, just for the sake of fitting in, it's nice to see someone like Mustaine that thinks for them self. BUT, that being said, this whole massacre thing really is off the deep end, even for Dave. He's starting to sound like Jesse Ventura
    Defending his ultra conservative, extremist views on an ultra conservative media outlet? Redundant. Go on the Daily Show and see what happens.
    Ultra Conservative media outlet? Alex Jones is a Constitutionalist Libertarian. Libertarians don't give a **** what you do with you're life, ultra conservatives seek to control you. Libertarians such as Ron Paul and Gary Johnson have been wonderful guests on The Daily Show.
    It's official. Mustaine went full retarded.
    And yeah, despite Mustaine being a complete moron, he makes some good music and plays a big influence on most metal guitarists... so shut up you too, 'Oderus Urungus' or whatever the **** you are.
    Dear Mr Mustaine, when your Promotions manager said "Son, you need to raise your public profile" I don't think he meant for you to turn yourself into a walking joke. For future reference. 1. Shut your mouth 2. Play your guitar and write music 3. Tour the world and entertain your fans and just in case you missed it first time... 4. Shut you feking mouth....please. Yours faithfully A concerned fan.
    I don't understand why people (especially on this site) can't acknowledge that being a genius and being crazy are not mutually exclusive. Dave Mustaine is a music genius, but he is also pretty crazy. He had an awful family existence in his youth and I think it's pretty dumb of us to think that that wouldn't have affected him even today. He's an egomaniac. Most guitarists are.
    Although I disagree, nobody reacted this negatively when people made up almost identical conspiracy theories against Bush regarding the 911 attacks.
    that was because bush didn't make a ton of political songs that contradict who he is today.