Mustaine Won't Apologise For Massacre Comments

The Megadeth frontman has stuck to his story that the Obama administration staged the recent gun shootings across America.

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Dave Mustaine has responded to criticism of his claim that President Obama "staged" the recent spate of gun massacres across America.

One critic was a victim of the Batman shooting, who said it was "absurd" and says Mustaine probably just wants attention.

He made the comments during a Megadeth show in Singapore this week:

"My president is trying to pass a gun ban, so he's staging all of these murders I don't know where I'm going to live if America keeps going the way it's going because it looks like it's turning into Nazi America."

Mustaine has gone on to clarify his comments on Infowars, a notoriously speculative radio station which discusses conspiracy theories (via Classic Rock):

"In the heat of the moment, when you're on stage and you're talking, sometimes you're not as eloquent as you'd like to be.

"We really need to investigate that, and we need to have the attorney general release the documents and find out who's responsible. People died, and the democratic process is, Let's investigate this.'" Mustaine fails to acknowledge the ongoing police investigations.

He might not take the shocking comments back, but he knows it ruffled a few feathers. "I've always been controversial," he said in a bid to excuse himself. "I'm a political songwriter. This wasn't done to hurt any of my fellow countrymen. I think it's something we really need to look into."

Meanwhile, GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus added his usual response to Mustaine's outlandish statements on Twitter:

I don't need to berate Dave Mustaine to make him look like an asshole. He does fine just by opening his mouth.

Oderus Urungus (@TheRealOderus) August 16, 2012

Watch Mustaine try to explain his comments on Infowars here:

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    I can't listen to megadeth these days without knowing Dave Mustaine has seriously gone off the deep end
    Fuck it, Dave is an awesome guitar player. Let him say whatever the **** he wants, it his point of view. He has points of view that may or may not be right, and thats the same with everyone. People should say whats in their heart and not what they think everyone wants to hear, thats one of the reasons why the world is ****ed up. Props to dave for not backing down and apologising, if you get offended thats YOUR problem. Dont be a bitch, get over it.
    And for people that don't think UG is doing character assassination, they're trying to get you to foster more hate for a story that they've ALREADY TOLD YOU ABOUT. This is lazy tabloid journalism.
    Dave can say whatever he wants, and we can say whatever we want about what he says. It's not "character assassination" if they're just reporting what he says.
    I agree Dave is an awesome guitar player but the reason I actually stopped listening to Megadeth is that he never learnt how to EQ his amp properly and roll down the treble knob. The second reason why I stopped listening to Megadeth is because Dave started acting like a lunatic, I agree free speech is important but when Dave starts spewing the crap that usually comes out of crazy homeless people's mouths I will stop paying attention to him. UG isn't doing character assassination because Dave already did it for himself, By the way the problem with the world isn't that people arn't speaking out because they already are; it's money buying politicians and them doing whats best for their donors and not the people.
    Also if Dave offends people it's not my problem or the people he's offended it's his because he's proving that he's clearly not right in the head; the conspiracy theory he's backing doesn't even make sense.
    But without his comments, there wouldn't be as many articles on UG. How to make a popular article on UG Step 1: Post outlandish statements by Dave Mustaine Step 2: Make another article about the same statement
    I don't think he is this stupid.(or gone off the deep end) because all the bullcrap started after he was on the radio show.leads me to beleve that he is gulabule and these opinons are planted in his head. he prob.waches a LOT of fox news. Dave,i love meagdeth, but please, stop crap.
    You too can learn to spell.
    you too can stop being a prick.
    You're right. I realize now that English may not be the primary language of some of the posters here, and its inconsiderate to poke fun at those who are only trying to get a point across. I apologize, and no malice was intended.
    Tiago Sa
    CaliforniaKid, dude, when you spell Megadeth "meagdeth" and don't put spaces after punctuation and do a line break after every few words for no apparent reason, the only way "English isn't my primary language" will stick is if YOU HAVE NO PRIMARY LANGUAGE. Also, I'm not a native speaker.
    Black Hazard
    I bet your accent is horrible, English wizard.
    Tiago Sa
    As good as you can expect from a Portuguese dude who's never been in any English speaking country, but spends his entire internet "life" in English sites. Which is to say, not horrible. But you're welcome to bet, you'll loose.
    it is not that. it is that people like you act as if UG is an English class, which is just stupid. here, spelling doesn't matter as long as you can read and understand what someone is saying. tl;dr stop being a grammar nazi
    My parents have on Fox news all day, and I can recognize a lot of the times they take discussions in a misleading turn. Excluding Glen Beck, who is only watched for shock factor, nobody on Fox goes as far as Mustaine does. Not even close.
    Don't watch TV they're lying... That's why mustaine is trying to tell the public and not just slamming Obama for no reason, because he is a celebrity and knows more than we know. Do your own research on Illuminati or New World Order, you will then know what I mean. But I am not asking you to believe just giving another perspective on the case.
    I used to be a Megadeth fan until Dave started spewing all of this crap, I don't even think he knows how much more damage he's doing to himself and to his public image. I honestly don't think he can salvage the situation now
    You sir have never been a Megadeth fan. Nothing Dave is ever gonna say is gonna all of a sudden change my mind, I love the music they make. From the early stuff to the new stuff, Ive been a fan forever and its gotten me through good and bad times. Holy wars doesn't become any less amazing when he speaks his mind about Obama. He may have his own opinions on things crazy or not, but if he thought the same as everybody else from the beginning Megadeth wouldn't be Megadeth. So Dave your the ****ing man, feel free to be yourself and keep on rocking. MEGADETH!!
    Megadeath is the first and only band I ever stopped listening to because of political views. I will no longer support someone like Dave Mustaine with my money. And I will not pirate his music either, because that would feel wrong. So I have no choice but to abandon Megadeath.
    Think Critically People. Whats the opposite of a conspiracy? A coincidence ether people plan it or it just happens. We have this united nations telling out government what to do with out 2nd amendment. And people stage attacks in order to gain more control The burning of Reichstag was caused by the nazis and then they came and said elect us and will put a end to it. Dave is saying the people need to investigate and keep on this and inform each other we have the tools now ie internet. Now they maybe staging gun massacres, in order to say look we cant have guns anymore cause people will just slaughter everyone. Well think a bit more into it we have a educating system built off the Prussian modal which was aimed to keep people obedient to the state instead of critical thinking individuals, like we had during the american revolution. until we get out of are comfort zone and take up real responsibility a free society should take up and put the information through the trivium created by the great thinkers of western civilization developed ie grammar logic and rhetoric which is the means on finding truth and communicating it. I see alot of people talk about misinformation, this is true and the trivium is the tool we need to sift through the bullshit if things dont logically add up maybe we need more information (grammer). Also ultra conservative? please define your terms conserving freedom or tyranny? there is a infowar going on my friends! Alex Jones isnt the greatest resource tho check out one more thing this is more about our children then ourselves at this point keep them free!
    We need to open our minds and see that our gov sucks! look at 9-11.... wake up people!!!!!
    I wonder, how Oderus reallly believes that is not an *****, i mean, he goes saying he doesn't have to open his mouth to somehow prove that save is being an ass.... and then he twitts this and I quote: "I just kidnapped, raped, and murdered the whole US Women's gymnastics team. Make the "sour face" with your jaw on the floor...try it!" very mature oderus.
    Just like Paul McCartney was "replaced!" As was Dave!!! With ****ing Annie! A red head whinging bitch!!!!!
    Is there a way to hide all music news regarding mustaine or metallica? please?
    Dave, last time I checked the Nazi's loved a gun, they also loved gas and wiping entire ethnic groups out. I am not sure that Obama is doing that. You may have become slightly confused.
    Kids, Dave has been spewing sh*t from his mouth his whole life, he is not gonna stop now. No wonder metal sux these days... metal is supposed to shock, disturb, to be like anarchy. Yes Dave is an A hole, keep waving the flag for real metal!
    I said it to the last article. In the day Mustaine had some good things to say about politics. He was actually pretty intelligent and well spoken. Now, he comes off pretty ****ing crazy. Guy just needs to stick to the music and stop shooting his mouth off about this shit.
    Suit yourself, Dave, no one's stopping you from committing credibility suicide.
    It doesn't matter how credible you are really. Credibility is how the government is still hiding. It's a ****in word thats overused. Why are we talking like it's past the government to do something like this? I believe Dave, actually I've heard about this "staged shooting" on other forums. What about Judge Judy and those 3 reporters that were talking gibberish on air? The government HAS the technology to control our brainwaves. I'm sure you know about HAARP. And whoever said anything about Fox News.. Fox News is complete shit and it's a bunch of brainwashed idiots spitting biased stories. PEACE SELLS BUT WHO THE FUCK IS BUYING?
    Sacred Blood
    i dont know much about this massacre case but what i do know is that the american government is corrupt and that there is much more going on in world than what it looks like as far as politics is concerned. although i dont know if mustaine is right but i will always have respect for someone like him who tries to read between the lines and not blindly follow the media unlike most ppl in the music buisiness and ppl in general. you may call me and mustaine 'conspiracy fag' and whatnot but the real question is that have you really done any research on illuminati, new world order etc yourself before labelling someone as a conspiracy fag? if you have, then you d atleast get the feeling that there a possibility that greater political powers may be at work here for acheiving their secret goals exists. those of you who just start labelling others as nutcracks and arent willing to listen for once or do any real research before defaming are the real fags and deserve to be called sheep.
    Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean the illuminati don't know who you are and where you live.
    Where was the objection when Michael Moore accused Bush of planning 911? Don't agree with either of these idiots... but... I'm tired of artist using the media to state political views or to "shock" for attention... it is divisive... play killer music or make kickash movies..
    Jaws will part...shit falls that prick dave...with a hook in his mouth
    if wonder if Dave Mustaine will stop banging on about how his 'freedom of speech' is being taken away, seeing as he's just been given air time by a major tv network to discuss his unfounded conspiracy theories while in Russia three women get sentenced to two years in prison for playing a gig their President disapproves of.
    Pretty much every human being I have ever known speaks shit, including myself, so get over it people. Dave and Megadeth are awesome and I was privileged to see them live at the height of their prowess in 1991. Oh and for those ex-fans that now choose not to support Megadeth due to Dave's comments, wake up , Dave has always had a very different outlook on life.
    It's called freedom of speech. i know there are things out there that get my mad like protesters at military funerals and other BS. Let's him say his peace. Dave keep writing them killer riffs. Still trying to practice the spider chord
    Lol It's funny when people shoot down other people's views because they think they know it all. Keep on keepin' on, sheep people.
    You have the right to an INFORMED opinion. Anyone can have an opinion, and an idiot will often be proudest and loudest without having any facts or proof on his/her side. This is not something to be respected, and when you're in a position of relative influence, with sponsorships to boot, flaming stupidity shouldn't be tolerated. Not that I think Dave Mustaine should be censored, or anything stupid like that. But he should absolutely be called on his bullshit. Dave Mustaine might have made a whole lot more money than me, but that's for playing his music; it doesn't take any talent to be that big of a douchebag, just a lousy personality and maybe heroin addiction.
    And here we go again. Someone needs to just redicule this man face to face, so that he stops spewing shit. Thats what you do, that's why crazies usually keep their trap shut. But if you're a rockstar, i guess it doesn't happen too often.
    ContraBeast, you should STFU as much as Dave should. What Mustaine said is a very offensive thing for the relatives of the victims and anyone who witnessed the shooting. Of course people are going to have negative comments about that. I am of the opinion that Mustaine should learn to keep that kind of crap to himself. He's entitled to an opinion, yes. But if that opinion is offensive to pretty much everyone, he'd be wise to keep it in his pants.
    How is it offensive? In what way? I'm not being a dick but I just don't see what is offensive in thinking that instead of shooting people cause he is a lunatic, that the president or other political powers played a role in it. I think he was just bat-shit crazy but how does it hurt the victims changing thoughts on why he did it? Nothing changes. It was a terrible incident and I feel sorry for the victims but just cause you don't agree with his thoughts doesn't make them offensive.
    Put yourself in the shoes of the victims' families. To them, this is basically Mustaine trying to get free publicity off their backs. That is a d*ck move after something so emotionally charring.
    He isn't saying it to get publicity, he is saying what he believes to be true. The guy can get publicity of any sort all on his own. In his mind he is trying to open peoples eyes to look deeper then the surface. In which if his theory was correct it would actually better the families to know more of the truth behind what happened. He seems plenty concerned about the families to me, just misguided.
    You're not looking from the perspective of a victim. In their minds it may as well be. Lots of famous people who fall out of the public eye do stupid things to get free publicity.
    Too many people bite into what the mainstream media spoon feed everyone in the morning, and people get attacked for asking questions about the circumstances. Numerous first-hand claims of more than one shooter, another gas mask found hundreds of feet from where the shooter was arrested, and the police hunting for the extra shooters for more than 2 hours should throw some flags up. If we lose the ability to ask questions, we lose the ability to be open minded and might as well all be put in the FEMA camps already present and guarded across the nation.
    Gone are the days when he would actually try to distance himself and Megadeth from the whole 'political band' stuff.
    Been a deth fan for twenty years. mustaine was a big role model for me growing up. Now hes just a trolling god bothering idiot.
    You'd think someone in the Megadeth camp (mgr, label rep, the other guys in the band, etc...) would be strong enough to stand up to Dave and tell him that spewing his born-again, right-wing, conspiracy-nut propoganda is going to hurt his beloved Megadeth and all he's worked for. He's become as embarrassing as Uncle Ted.
    Why there are so many negative comments? He is just saying what he thinks. It is his right. It is the same if I say that America sucks. It is just an opinion.
    Lies are not opinions.
    one, we live in a world where lies become facts. two, He isnt lying you dope, that would assume he knows exactly how everything went down.
    He's lying precisely because he doesn't know, so he makes up untestable false truths (ie, lies) to fill in the gaps. He's just been watching too much Alex Jones right wing fundie conspiracy nonsense. And Alex Jones doesn't know shite.
    Saying stupid things doesn't make you a liar.... Knowing the truth and saying the opposite makes you a liar.
    You really think someone as experienced with mainstream media as Dave Mustaine - a public figure for over 20 years - believes that the President arranged the movie theater massacre in Denver? Really, douchehead? He is a liar.
    Lies are what the media feeds you. Your opinion is one that is against Dave Mustaine's, It is your opinion to state his opinion as lies, not fact.
    I liked Megadeth before but after he said I dont deserve equal right because I am gay I no longer listen to them. Its hard to listen to someone knowing they think you aren't equal to them. Now throw all the other crazy shit he said on top and its the nail in the Megadeth coffin for me.
    Seriously all this crap that comes out of his mouth makes me not want to listen to Megadeth really at all anymore. I mean their music is alright but the things Dave just make me want to go up to him and smack him up along side the head til I knocked some sense into his thick skull.
    Honestly, Dave, I'd like to hear more about the new Megadeth record than this...
    Well dave would like you to hear more about that too, but youre reading a tabloid thats not actually going to give you music news
    Enough with the word "tabloid" bro. You are on the same "tabloid" website. Besides, that has nothing to do with why Dave hasn't released new music.
    I just refuse to acknowledge that this s**t-spewing Dave Mustaine is the same one that fronts the legendary thrash metal band Megadeth...
    We all know things are kept secret from the public by our government. We all know that things are done by our government that a lot of us dis agree with. But it's sad when you see people fall into the category of conspiracy theorist. These conspiracies start in the right place by trying to investigate certain controversial subjects, but are filled with misinformation and fear. It goes way beyond not trusting authority. There is a fine line Dave between educating yourself and wearing a tin foil hat.
    Defending his ultra conservative, extremist views on an ultra conservative media outlet? Redundant. Go on the Daily Show and see what happens.
    Ultra Conservative media outlet? Alex Jones is a Constitutionalist Libertarian. Libertarians don't give a **** what you do with you're life, ultra conservatives seek to control you. Libertarians such as Ron Paul and Gary Johnson have been wonderful guests on The Daily Show.