Name of New Metallica Producer Is 'Not Gonna Surprise Anybody,' Lars Ulrich Explains

Band aiming to "buckle down" to write new album in September.

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Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich recently gave a fresh update regarding the process of producer selection for the band's new album, noting that the circle has been narrowed down to two final picks.

Stressing how the group is "just doing their best," Ulrich told BBC Radio 1, "We had a little powwow a couple of weeks ago. Our managers came out to try and ask us that very question - who's producing our record? - and they walked away empty-handed.

"But it's down to one or two names, both of them who are certainly not gonna surprise anybody," the drummer noted (via Blabbermouth). "We've just gotta kind of circle the wagons and figure it out."

In related news, guitarist Kirk Hammett shared some new info regarding the album recording, pinpointing the writing process kickoff to this September.

"We've all said to each other that September is gonna be the time when we buckle down," Kirk told Guitar World. "I know I told everyone it was gonna be last January... but that's just the way it goes! [laughs]"

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    Sometime later this week... "Bob Rock to produce new Metallica album"
    I really hope this is the case. Say what you will of the material that they put out with Bob in the chair, but those were some damn good sounding albums (St. Anger not included production wise, although they did what they set out to do on that album) and I would much rather see them work with him than Rick Rubin again. Bob Rock is actually there all the time and gets involved. Fingers crossed, for me at least...
    I'd be fine with that. They're not going to make another St. Anger. They got back to their roots with DM, so I don't seem them going away from that again. So you take that, and then the possibility of a better-mixed album from Bob Rock and I'm all about it.
    i know im not the only metal fan that wants a st anger 2. production was not there but that album had balls and great riffs
    Well, what I admire about St. Anger is the genuine passion about that album. The songwriting is sometimes a cluster****, and The Mighty Snare is a legend, but you can hear the anger is real.
    Bob led to country metal. Nothx. (although, I did actually like Load/Reload, if I ignore the band name on the packaging. Amazing albums, if you don't say Metallica wrote 'em.)
    Wtf? That's not real fair. If they were shit albums, could you say Metallica wrote them?
    That's not what he's saying man, he's saying they're good albums just that Metallica had set higher standards than most other music. Like Metallica could've just done so much better.
    If it's Bob all I can say is "don't touch the snare wire lever!!"
    Flemming Rasmussen please.
    The problem is Metallica is to big for Flemming. Theyre to big for anyone really. Which is why their last really good album was the Black Album. Something which is very noticable as bands get big is that they start self producing or producers dont do anything because they dont want to upset the band. Thats why Metallica was allowed to do St Anger and why many songs/riff made it onto Death Magnetic that really shouldnt have. The best kind of producer is one which keeps everyone and everything as best as possible as well as sort of being a voice of the audience.
    hmm that seems really to be the point, to me. maybe they should invite mike portnoy to grade their material and sort 99% and less things out. For those who don't know: Mike does/did this in all the bands in which he played and i think dt is still very good, but not as perfect as with mike, cause he doesnt sort out those 99%ers anymore...
    My money's on Dr. Dre
    I would actually LOVE to hear this. Dr.Dre is one of/if now the best Hip-Hop producer ever. He is very fond of guitars and the general rock sound. Honestly, I think in an alternate universe he could help make a very dynamic Metallica record. Even though I don't like him, Rick Rubin is a prime example that Producers don't need to be genre specific. I think if you have an open mind as a producer and a love of the craft then you can pull of multiple genres. If Dre were to produce a Metallica album I couldn't even imagine the butthurt of the Internet Metal Community. I would understand the confused, but it would be the most anticipated album of the decade for me!
    This would be ****ing sweet, imagine how hard and deep Rob's bass would be. I would actually be interested in metallica at that point.
    This is an epic call. Who knows, maybe a song off this theoretical album will feature Eminem too.
    I'd be keen for Bob Rock again. But my bet is they'll get Rick Rubin.
    Yeh id love Bock Rock to do it, all his stuff has been awesome. Forget St Anger, as soon as Lars decided on that snare tone (actually just a high tuned shallow tom) that was it. There was nothing Bock Rock couldve done to save that, along with lyrics like tick tick tick tock. Im suprised he even saw it through. Just don't let Lars near the desk or the mastering suit.
    Lords of Summer feat. Pitbull.
    James "Calling, Calling" (Pitbull in background "Kodak, Kodak") James "All as one" (Pitbull "badonka tonka truck") James "Lords of Sumemr Shall Return" (Pitbull "insert spanish words")
    Give me Andy Sneap, his work on Megadeth's Endgame album and Testament's Formation of Damnation album sounds beyond crushing.
    Sneap would be a great choice! Both Endgame and Formation of Damnation sounded perfect - heavy and crisp in a very modern way while still retaining each bands' classic sound. Metallica could really benefit from that kind of production.
    Second and third this choice! Andy's been producing a lot of great albums lately. Both of Accept's latest albums (and the one due in July) were excellent.
    Jason Newsted with Dave Mustiane!
    Alongside Ron McGovney and the ghost of Cliff Burton?
    If we're throwing in the names of all Metallica band members past, might as well include their all time greatest bassist, Bob Rock!
    Get kerry king. help dem releese a gud album. dey havnt done dat sinse "master of pubbets"
    They haven't done a good album since they used MY riffs Kerry, we discussed this on the Big Four tour remember? You know, I walk down the street, and I hear some piece of shit say "Metallica" at me, and they do that to taunt me. I mean, when I would hear Metallica on the radio, I would be like, "God, I have to turn this off," because I just kept thinking, "I ****ed up!!!"
    Hoping that it isnt Rick Rubin. I'd love to hear an Andy Sneap produced Metallica album
    Has to be either Bob Rock or Rick Rubin. Which would be better, I don't know honestly they're both great in my opinion.
    Bob rock is by far the better choice. Some of there best material (in my opinion) was produced by him. Rubin not so much.
    Jason Suecof! They need to work with someone that has vision and will make them do something that they've never done before
    Why do we need an article for every single step... scratch that, because this isn't even an actual step... of the "new Metallica album" process? Christ this site is annoying.
    The Metallica albums Bob has produced definitely have the best sound quality. I know they weren't Metallica's greatest albums (besides Black Album) but that was Metallica deciding to go down a different route with Bob helping them find the sound they were after.
    Have Rick Rubin "produce" in terms of song structure, direction, etc; and have Bob Rock over see the mixing and mastering process. Death Magnetic was great musically, IMO, but obviously the mixing/mastering could be much better.
    besides that, id like to see them get some really beefy production kinda like how bob rock did for them, it only makes sense. if your band becomes that huge then the albums are produced much more professionally and so on. the experimentation they did with st anger and the very raw stripped back approach on DM provided an artistic angle but took away from the power that that band could have with the technology of the 2010s
    Wow thats ****ing great to know. Come back when you actually have the name. Some of the worst "news" I ever seen lmfao