Napalm Death Frontman Supports Gay Marriage: 'Its a Basic, Fundamental Human Right'

"Nobody has the right to dictate the way that these things go," says singer Barney Greenway.

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Napalm Death frontman Barney Greenway recently gave a strong support to gay marriage, calling it one of the basic human rights that nobody has the right to ban or interfere with.

During a chat with Loudwire, the singer compared the gay marriage situation to the civil rights issue in the States, calling it "exactly the same thing."

"I've got a very basic view on this; it's a human rights issue," Greenway said. "I think it's a civil right issue; I would draw a parallel to the civil rights issue in the States. It's exactly the same thing. People have got the right to do whatever they'd like with their lives if it's a basic human principle and they're not hurting anybody else. Its basically nobody else's f--ing business who anybody gets married to."

The singer then made a jab at the views church has regarding the gay marriage, saying, "Nobody has the right to dictate the way that these things go. The churches might think they do, but that's all mundane crap anyway, in my eyes. Nobody has the right to tell anyone else what to do in the fundamentals of life. I just find it quite ludicrous, to be honest, that people are debating this or trying to set a legal precedent. "It's about two human beings doing something that's a perfectly human being thing to do that makes them happy and people should basically f--ing stay out of it. It shouldn't even come to a matter of legalization. It's a basic, fundamental human right. I can't see where the legal issue is that says that two people of the same sex cant get married. I don't understand what laws have been broken. You could start getting really stupid with this and start talking about 'God's natural law,' which I think is utterly ridiculous."

The singer elaborated further, saying, "There are many things I have problems with - with churches and religion in general - and I'm not saying that all religious people do think that way in terms of trying to stop same-sex relationships or gay marriage, not everybody that does that is involved with religion, but there are some major lobbying groups and movements that are very much involved in that."

Finally, Greenway summed up his opinions, saying, "Again, it's a fundamental human rights issue. It's the same as the right for people of color to go on public buses. It's exactly the same issue in my eyes. It's a civil rights issue, not a legal issue."

Napalm Death are currently busy touring with a string of confirmed concert dates stretching well into mid-December. The band's latest studio effort, "Utilitarian," was released in February 2012 via Century Media Records as the group's fifteenth album.

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    Cheeseman Jay
    Gay marriage shouldn't be an issue. Anyone who is against it is antiquated, and homophobic. The sooner it happens, the better.
    Darth Wader
    I'm against it and I am not antiquated or homophobic. That's a very bigoted statement to imply that.
    Seriously, why would you be against it? Just posing a question, you are entitled to your opinion.
    Darth Wader
    As a Christian, I believe in marriage between man and a woman. I have no hatred towards people who are gay nor treat them any kind of way negatively. But there is a belief in our culture now that if you believe in the Bible and God then you are antiquated or have a hatred towards others when in reality we are trying to bring people closer to God and God's will. If we didn't follow the Bible, then that would make us hypocrites, right? If we truly believe in something that is eternally damaging towards someone, we should stand up for it, right? I have known several gay people who have found God and turned away from being gay. They had a hole in their lives they tried to fill with homosexuality as a way of temporary relief because they found comfort in it and happiness in it for awhile. They recognized it as both a choice but also the result of things that happened to them over the course of their life. Now I believe in free will and people can choose to be gay in our society without repurcussions, but this doesn't mean that we change laws. It doesn't mean that we shouldn't use our free speech and our religious belief to be against something that goes against my morals. The problem in our society is that when something becomes a hot button issue, others try to ram their opinions down other people's throats and throw out buzzwords like homophobic or civil rights or anything they can to get an agenda across. They don't allow for other people's beliefs. And the fact that we are trying to re-define marriage should not be taken lightly. There needs to be civilized, respectful discussions.
    Darth Wader, you are aware that, in a secular state, the laws are neutral to religious beliefs and therefore gay people are (or at least should be) fully protected by the law in case they wanna get married, right? The fact that the Bible says it's wrong doesn't mean that gays can't have a legal civil wedding, and I think that's the point of Barney here. If religions influence political and social decisions, then I'm going back to bed and you wake me up when this becomes even a shadow of a secular state again. Also, it's very narrow minded to put God as the "way out" for all homosexuals, since your sexuality is an intensely intrinsic part of your very being. You could also explain your logic to the thousands of animal species in which homosexual behavior has been observed, but I don't think they will get your point. Way to reinforce Cheeseman Jay's comment, dude. Just to make it clear, I know not all Christians are narrow minded pricks (as a religious person, you know that there's many branches of Protestants and Catholics that offer no objection to homosexuality whatsoever, right?), but you're coming across as one of them here.
    "I have known several gay people who have found God and turned away from being gay." They didnt turn away. You just sent them back into their closets. How could you turn away from something you are? Being gay is not a bloody choice!!!!
    There is so much wrong with this comment that I don't know where to begin. Cheeseman Jays comment is reinforced. Antiquated and homophobic bollocks to put it lightly. No one should have their lives dictated by what YOUR particular holy book teaches.
    Just sayin': Religion can say whatever it wants to. It's religion, it's a belief. However, religion cannot dictate what is and what is not legal. If religion says that marriage is a human right that cannot be afforded to the gay community, well that's fine and dandy. However, the state cannot exclude anyone from a human right, ESPECIALLY by using religion as a supporting argument. Being able to have emotions is pretty much by default a human right. You literally can't tell someone to not have feelings just because you don't like it. Further, religion does not define marriage or love, nor should it. Religion cannot define a human right, as human rights necessarily exist whether or not a belief system says they exist. That's why human rights are called such things as "inalienable" and "basic". People were getting married since the dawn of time, and certainly by different circumstances. I bet those early humans who mated and found themselves drawn to a single mate didn't know it was called marriage, but they were certainly married in the "natural" sense that they were indefinitely bonded. Lastly, the argument that "YOU don't believe what my religion tells me, but you would enforce YOUR contrary belief system on ME" is patently false. The existence of human rights is not a belief system. It is a necessary truth, a law spontaneously created as the first two human beings met and became the first "society", and it applies to any human. Food for logically cannot disprove any basic human right. Your only possibility is to heavily qualify an argument to exclude certain people.
    As soon as somebody starts with the words "as a (insert faith here)". I ignore everything said afterwards as it implies that the person speaking has a higher moral value than others. Which is Bullshit!!
    Don't bring the bible into this, there are parts in the bible where it says that people can't wear two different types of material, that people with bad eye sight (such as myself) are not allowed to approach the alter, women aren't allowed to touch food whilst on their period and a marriage is not sacred in God's eyes if the woman is no longer a virgin and if she isn't she'll get stoned to death. Don't tell me you apply them laws to your daily life do you?
    Besides "it is in the Bible" you gave no points against legalising gay marriage. As a non-Christian I do not want law (that I will have to obey!) to be based on any "sacred" book. Also I happen to choose white skin. And blue eyes.
    This is why I'm going to leave from church when I turn 18. I just hate this whole twisted and sick believe to ''God''. We're here because of evolution and we also are responsible of our own fate. I believed in Santa and easter bunny but I've never believed in God. Some people never grow old and they believe in fairy tales.
    Darth Wader
    And per usual, there can never be any civilized, respectful discussions. And it's funny how many laws from the Bible dictate our lives everyday. So we just pick and choose which ones we want to allow and disallow I guess.
    Please, elaborate about how many laws from the Bible dictate our lives everyday. Most of the moral on which it is based (like punishing wrong with right, made clear on the "Turning the other cheek" law) already existed in ancient societies way before the time it is believed that the Bible was written, let alone the time when Christ walked the Earth. In fact, most of them are primary behaviour patterns observed not only in humans, but also in the whole animal kingdom, which has been a strong subject of studies nowadays. They are way more intrinsic to our behavior than any holy book could make and are also way older than the bible.
    Laws from any holy scripture should only ever be implemented if they make sense and are fair, not simply because they supposedly come from god. I see nothing fair about refusing gay people the chance to get married.
    Everyone has a right to their opinion...but back in the civil rights days, white christians would say that there are bible verses telling us that we should be segregated, now they changed their mind, as big as the bible is...people need to remember it was written by A MAN..not god
    I love how so many metal/hardcore musicians speak up about this sort of issue, so many people in the mainstream media attribute these sort of bands as angry and aggressive, yet they speak up and are more passionate about these issues than most mainstream musicians. Respect to Barney!
    Exactly. It's because these musicians are "aggressive", they're not afraid to speak out on issues which they think is right. Mainstream musicians are afraid of offending people, metal/hardcore/punk musicians do not.
    I have no respect for those who are against gay marriage. I think personally that love is for everyone and everyone should have a right to marry their boyfriend or girlfriend. This whole church thing makes me sick...
    Respect to people from all races, ethnic groups, gender, religion and sexuality. I'm tired of religious organisations condemning things that should be basic human rights. All these legal issues just make it worse for those affected by the protests.
    Hey homophobes, no one's saying that the church has to be forced into marrying gay people, if a man and a woman can marry in a state service is that a violation of marriage? No. Marriage exists in lots of forms. Allow people to do what they want,they're consenting and in love. It's a nice thing, don't make it negative you twats.
    Why is this in "wtf?" UG, are you shocked to hear about support of gay marriage? Are you homophobic?
    So...I consider myself a Christian (now hold on, don't write me off yet) and...I support gay marriage. If any of the other Christians want to toss in their two cents and tell me how the Bible says this, and that, and blah blah it. Here's my response to you. I don't need your judgement and self-righteousness. I'm so tired of Christians jumping on their soap box to condemn everyone who makes "ungodly" choices. Where in the Bible does it say you can judge others? Where does it say you can tell ANYONE what to do, on account of YOUR personal faith? Even Jesus didn't come here to judge. He came here to die for EVERYONE. Yes, even the homosexuals. Grab your bible and read this. Skip John 3:16 and read John 3:17. God gave us free will for a reason. To make our own decisions for ourselves. What gay people do is NOBODYS business but their own, and you can't say you have the right to tell them or judge them otherwise. Not everyone will agree with the Christian faith. God knows that. If he wanted us all to be perfect, straight,God-fearing people, he would have made a bunch of robots to love and adore him for all time. Since he didn't, and gave us free will to believe what we want, then we can't shove our religious beliefs around and try to control everyone because of it. It's God's issue, NOT yours. Let them love and have rights, they aren't hurting anyone! Get over your need to shove your beliefs down other people's throats and mind your own business.
    Not a fan of ND, but Barney sums up here what should be obvious to everyone. The worst part is with homophobes trying to deprive HBT people of their parental and human values by saying that they are incapable of raising a child, which is bullshit since the parent's gender doesn't affect whatsoever the role that he/she takes as in the upbringing of their child, and everyone with decent human views knows that. It's so sickening, knowing what lengths homophobes are willing to go to in order to interfere with other peoples' lives.
    Personally i dont really like it when I see 2 men kiss eachother, but I dont judge it or say anything about it. In this day and age I feel like it's normal to have gay's and bisexuals around the world. They should be alowed equal rights, and this shouldnt even be an issue, just like females being treated like shit in the past, that shouldnt have been an issue at the time as well. Also why is this in the WTF section?
    Personally I don't like seeing anyone kissing each other in public, gay or straight. I find it a bit gross and often attention seeking. Just because I don't like it though doesn't make it wrong and doesn't mean it should be outlawed.
    Barney ****ing rocks, end of. (No not the purple dinosaur, Barney the front man of ND)
    The only flaw in the argument in this "its a basic human right" is the fact that if homosexuals are married, whats wrong with incest amongst family members? They can have kids and everything a regular straight couple can and they can do everything a homosexual couple can. Believe me, I definitely don't support such a cause but what makes gay marriage any more "right" then incest? If homosexual marriage is legalized then incest must be legalized as well.
    if you're going to use that argument, then what makes heterosexual marriage any more 'right' than incest?
    procreation ??? If you legalize homosexual mariage, then legalize beastiality too. If we are going PC, then lets go all the way. LOL
    and he demands justice and tolerance concerning gay marriage.....all while showing no tolerance for persons who disagree with his views. He'll make a hell of a politician one day.
    First of all, you aren't suppose to hate anybody so anybody that hates or despises homosexuals are just wrong. However, I do believe that you also have to honor those that respectively speak out against homosexuality. It takes more courage in today's time for an artist or celebrity to speak out against homosexuality than to join the opposite.
    So it's admirable and brave to persecute someone for the way they are?
    Thats not the point I was making. In today's world, everyone in the entertainment industry is vocally supporting homosexuality. It is brave for one to vocally go against the crowd and speak up for traditional views that still do exist in this country. Persecuting and preaching is two completely different things.
    Marriage isn't a right, it's an insult to actual human rights to call it that, but you shouldn't need to government's permission to get married.
    So many self righteous humanists and hypocrites here. Despite the fact that a "human right" is an immensely subjective thing, gay individuals actually have the same marriage rights as any other individual, in most (if not all) countries around the world. Furthermore, for those that want to make an exception for homosexual marriage, would you be opposed to allowing adults to marry children, or interspecies marriages, or polygamist marriages? If you would, then shame on you for not respecting the rights of ALL humans (and animals). 1 thumb down = 1 butthurt hypocrite.
    The difference between gay marriage and inter species marriage is that gay marriage is between two consenting adults. It's a pretty easy distinction to spot. But you were clearly too busy observing how we're all supposedly "butthurt". Great argument bro.
    You are unbelievably self absorbed. To this date, 54 countries in the world are against LGBT rights, which is pretty far away from your definition of "if not all". Some of them even apply death penalties. Also, even the harshest critics of human rights as an universal thing like Nietzsche recognize a breaking point between natural and legal rights. Natural rights are part of something that the state and the law can't control, which is definitely the case of one's sexuality. Your examples of marriage were pathetic, too. Civil wedding implies a comprehension of terms in a contract and the consent between two adults, and I'm pretty sure animals can't read, let alone comprehend what's written in the law about marriage. I personally don't offer any moral objection to your examples, but with the exception of polygamist marriages, they would be detained by the very basis of legal marriage. I thumbed you down and I sincerely wish I could do that twice, not because I'm butthurt, but because you're incredibly ignorant and arrogant.
    so the singer of a has-been washed up band likes buttsex and hates religion. Way to hop on the bandwagon Barney!! On to the next story.
    Napalm Death have been going strong for 30 years and created an entire genre of music. They are still releasing albums and touring and still have a huge following. And Mark Greenway is far from a has-been. He is one of the most respected and talented vocalists in extreme metal and he knows his shit.
    Why is it as soon as someone says, "I'm Christian, so I'm against gay marriage" that people flip the shit out? How bad is it that over 1.2 billion people in the world believe in something that has been around for thousands of years? Just because we have beliefs doesn't mean we're homophobes. Grow the hell up and gain some respect. If I want to vote against gay marriage, I have every right to do that.
    You do have a right vote against it, just like homosexuals have a right to marry.
    Of course you have that right. But more than that, you have the responsability to know that letting gay people marry won't offend your religion. No one is talking about church marriage, for as we know, the Bible says it's wrong and mostly because it's not the only form of marriage. We are talking about decriminalizing a legit form of love between people of the same sex. It's a pretty twisted sense of democracy to think 'MY RIGHT >> YOUR RIGHT HAHAHAH GTFO'. Personally, since gay people won't set foot in a church to marry (or in most of them, since there are branches of Christianity that offer no objection to homosexuals), I struggle to find why so many Christians get their knickers in a twist when this subject is brought up.
    I think it is because marriage, at its earliest stage, was a religious institution that has held onto its heterosexual origins (and natural origins, by the way) up until pretty recently. I think it is important for me to note that as a Christian, I don't believe anyone is damned to hell for eternity because of their "sexual orientation." Christianity isn't new, in fact, its been around for a long time. Perhaps something about it is good that has kept it around for so long? Strange, huh? If you want to have a union between man and man or woman and woman. Fine. But how dare you call it marriage. Marriage as a very definition cannot exist with homosexuals. And just because they "love each other" it's now suddenly ok? Well why should love be limited to people? How about animals? What about sick stuff like that? Where do you draw the line?
    you draw the line at the fact that 53% of the country supports gay marriage. 68% of people under the age of 30 support it. and as a gay person, I think I can speak for most of the gay population when I say that comparing homosexuality to beastiality is both ignorant and offensive. it also shows that you have no real substance to your argument.
    Just because the majority of people support it doesn't make it right. As a Christian, I do want to be clear when I say I am not damning you to hell, I seriously want you to know that. It has been a Christian teaching for 2000+ years and that is not about to change. My question stands: where do we draw the line? I'm sorry if I offended you, it is a touchy subject, that much is true.
    Christian, yet you have 666 in your name....
    I like to separate music from religion, I am smart enough to know that if I hear something stupid, I can reject it and form my own opinions.
    No one is saying you don't have the right to a religion and an opinion. You do. And everyone else also has the right to point out when your opinion and your religion is silly and wrong. Perhaps you're the one who should grow up and stop flipping out.
    Gay relationships aren't normal thing, it's completely unnatural and gay marriage shouldn't be allowed. Man and women are created so they could have sex with each other and create new people, therefore gay sex is completely illogical and homosexuality should be considered as mental illness.
    Hmmm where to start...many species of animals have homosexual relationships-at least 1500 documented species, so its perfectly natural to occur. Marriage should be between 2 people who love each other-end of. If you look at some 'marriages' in modern society, they barely last a year before divorce-does that really mean more than a gay couple who have been together years. Also Does it really matter if they cant produce children. Theres 7 billion people on this planet so surely anything lowering the birth rate is a good sign. Go Barney!
    So if anyone that doesn't want to create new life is a mental patient, and I don't want kids, does that make me a mental patient?
    if you don't want to have kids, it's your decision, i don't think you're mental patient. I was just giving an example there, sex exists so people could reproduce, and if man wants to have sex with man or woman starts to have sex with woman it's obviuos something has gone wrong there.
    Just because is something is natural doesn't make it good for us and just because something is unnatural doesn't make it bad for us. Poison berries and parasites that liquefy your eyes are natural. Not to mention that homosexuality is actually completely natural. If it occurs in nature then it is natural. Homosexuality occurs in a plethora of different species, not just humans.
    Humans are not obliged to say something is not natural. The pure fact that I'm communicating with you across Europe is unnatural. The fact we use processed tools and clothes is unnatural. Nor is any of this normal from any natural point of view. Plus homosexuality is found in extremely many other races that it yet again becomes an innvalid argument. To deny someone their right to marry the one they live is wrong, just like Barney is pointing out. In the early 20th century it was normal to believe non-whites and women was lesser worth, and today to even imply these kinds of thoughts are frowned upon in most societies, and in almost ever modern ones. When we as humas look back at the 2010's we are going to shake our heads towards our stupidity, because people like you live in the stone-ages and preach hatred toward others who do not deserve it.
    Lol Natures
    I don't believe in any kind of marriage. If you want to be a couple for legal reasons (healthcare, tax reasons, alternative to a will, etc.) that should be legal in every state. No wedding required. Sign a paper and you're man and man, or woman and woman, or transgender person and brony. I also think that if a church doesn't want to let you have your ceremony in their place, that's their choice. You can't ignore one group's wishes to cater to another's. But you can go ahead and have a huge gay wedding across the street from the church if you want to.