NBC News Gaffe Cites 'Astronaut Neil Young' Death

One error by NBC News had music fans wondering which part of what they read was true.

Ultimate Guitar

It's easy when a story breaks to be so rushed to beat everyone else to it that a mistake can be made, but one error by NBC News had music fans wondering which part of what they read was true. The network initially reported that astronaut Neil Young had passed away, rather than Neil Armstrong.

While singer Neil Young may have sung the tune, "Harvest Moon," he definitely was not an astronaut. Gawker points out that in the rush to report the death of the first man on the moon, astronaut Neil Armstrong, on Saturday (Aug. 25), NBC News accidentally cited music legend Neil Young as passing instead, leading to a few somewhat snarky comments from readers.

While the comments led to the change being made rather swiftly, it still didn't stop a screencap image of the error circulating on Saturday. The network did beat everyone to the story, but unfortunately cited Young rather than Armstrong.

Young, still very much alive and well, will release his second album of 2012, "Psychedelic Pill," as a double-disc effort in October. Armstrong, however, passed away after recovering from recent heart surgery at the age of 82.

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    The media are pathetic, why does it matter if you come first or not? They're like school-children. By the way, can't wait for Young's new album, and RIP Armstrong, true hero.
    Veronique Vega
    Freudian slip, maybe? Like a Neil Young fan at NBC typed Young instead of Armstrong as they were putting the story together? IDK Neil Young is a great musician, a true american treasure. it'll be a very sad day when he passes. Kinda reminds me of a few years ago, when I was hearing about fake celeb death reports & obituaries all the time.
    Veronique Vega
    Ok, so I didn't know Neil Young was Canadian. Young was something I grew up listening to, and was always a more casual fan than anything. He's written so many great songs that sound and feel like American folk to me, that I asociate him with Americana. Which BTW is the name of his most recent album to date.
    That's quite the awkward mix up. Can't wait for Neil's new album though, I loved blasting Americana in my car. The looks I got when people realized the song playing was she'll be coming around the mountain, priceless.
    Was it NBC who did a report involving the United Nations and put up the logo of the UNSC from Halo in the background? Can't say I'd be shocked if it was them after this.