Neil Peart Voted Greatest Drummer of All Time

Rush drum master crushes John Bonham in the finals, full showdown inside.

Neil Peart Voted Greatest Drummer of All Time
Rush drum master Neil Peart has been crowned the greatest drummer of all time in a recent fan vote over on Consequence of Sound.

Throughout the playoff, Neil has triumphed over Mitch Mitchell of The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Who's Keith Moon, Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater, finally meeting late John Bonham in the finals.

Crushing the Led Zeppelin drummer with 87% to 13%, Neil has easily claimed the No. 1 title.

As for Bonzo, the second finalist went up against Bill Bruford, Buddy Rich and Tool's Danny Carrey in the semi-finals.

Among other notable figures, Dave Grohl dropped out against Portnoy in the second round, while Ringo Starr and Ginger Baker didn't even make it through the first round. Check out the full competition below.

Make sure to also check out Neil's rockin' solo in the embedded video and share your thoughts on this one - is Mr. Peart truly the greatest drummer of all time?

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    No real argument there. Peart is one of a kind.
    I think everyone forgot about Meg White...
    Dave Lombardo anyone???
    Peart is the best.It would have been nice to see Jimmy Chamberlain advance further.No complaints from me.
    Grohl won over Ginger Baker?... Obviously the kids who voted for this don't know who Ginger is.
    Ginger Baker is a great f***ing drummer. Unfortunately he's such a giant @ssh*le that it completely overshadows his drumming, for me.
    Dave Grohl is awesome but he shouldn't be mentioned in best drummer lists... I mean cmon. There is no Dave Lombardo on that list. What makes Dave Grohl better than Dave Lombardo?
    Kind of ridiculous, even if this was for fun. But Ringo vs Portnoy? That's hilarious. It's like saying Darth Maul is stronger than Aragorn or something...different realms of music and style.
    No, Portnoy is objectively better in every measurable way than Starr. He can play in Starr'ssimple pop style better than he can, and has a handle on every other style too.
    But I think the point was why they were even put against each other in the first place. They are so different. And of course Portnoy is technically a lot better. Ringo vs Mitch Mitchell or somebody else would have been a lot more realistic comparison. Actually I would have put Portnoy and Neil against each other in the beginning because they are both prog drummers.
    inb4 UGers start bashing Portnoy for beating Dave Grohl.
    big muff pedal
    Ha, I actually don't like Dream Theater but there is no doubt Portnoy is leagues ahead of Dave Grohl technically speaking.
    I'll probably get downvoted to all hell for this, but I don't think Bonham should have beaten Danny Carey. Bonham was a pioneer, but Carey's technical and creative skill is unparalleled (except for perhaps Peart )
    because it's about the whole package, Carey might be more Technical, but Bonham has soul and passion and he sound mind Blowing (not saying Carey doesn't)If you compare Techniques, Steve Vai should be NÂș1 Guitar player ever, But Hendrix had that something extra even thou he didn't had any technique at all.
    100% agree. Music isn't about technique. I think there are even more technical guitarists than Steve Vai. But I just don't enjoy listening to them. I don't get these "best drummer/guitarist/whatever" lists. What does it mean? Technically the best, has the "best" style, sells the most records or just is your favorite drummer? Music is about style and different people like different styles. Technique is not about opinions but great technique doesn't always mean great playing.
    Nope. I'd agree with you fully. I like Bonham, but his technique and style are only good for the age he was in. The trouble with people is they don't think contemporary.
    I've seen both Danny Carey and Neil Peart in concert. Danny Carey is the all around greatest drummer I've ever seen. Neil Peart is about on the same level but I give the edge to Carey. Just my opinion from my own personal experience.
    I saw Tool a few years back and watched Carey almost the whole time. He blew me away. His sound is so much better than the muted crap out there these days. No pillow in Carey's kick drum.
    Peart and Bonham have soul in their playing. Carrey sounds like a robot. No offense, only my opinion.
    That's true. Any drumming from the past 15 years or so sounds really fake and robotic because of the Eqing, Quantization,extreme compression, etc.
    Neil Peart is the best but having Dave Grohl beat Ginger Baker just proves this list is bullshit.
    Thank God it was a poll. John Bonham beating Bill Bruford AND Buddy Rich is simply atrocious.
    Bill Bruford is the king.
    Who is Bill Bruford? I've honestly never heard of em.
    Drummer for Yes from 1968 to 1972, King Crimson in the classic trilogy line-up, the 80s, and most of the 90's? Listen to Yes's Fragile and King Crimson's Discipline when you get the chance. Fantastic drumming, comparable to Peart - if not better.
    Also listen to One More Red Nightmare and Starless by King Crimson.
    he died too young though, so therefore he's better than technically talented drummers, that's how it works.
    The Rev is good, but I'm a huge a7x fan and I would not put him as a top 20 drummer even. As far as his own genre, he is one of the best though.