Neil Young Announces March Release of 'Low-Tech' Album 'A Letter Home'

Album won't feature Jack White apparently.

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Neil Young has been chatting with Rolling Stone about his upcoming, "low-tech" album, titled "A Letter Home." The magazine spoke with Young about technology in music and the importance of finding a good producer.

"For a long time, I really liked the old microphones," said Neil Yound on technology. "I like old Neve boards. I liked Pacific Microsonics when they first came out, they were ahead of the curve. I think we're entering a very good period for recorded sound. Technology is just too much fun. It's so rewarding - it's what we do. What's next after digital?"

Being asked about the producers he admires, Young simply stated that he loves them all.

"I love them all. They all make music, okay? Some producers make great-sounding records, but it's not about the producer - it's the combination of the producer and the artist. So when there's chemistry, there's great music, and that makes great records."

Then the legendary musician confirmed that his next studio album will be released in March and it will be the "one of the lowest-tech experiences" he's ever had.

Young recently denied reports that he was working with Jack White on the new record, stating on his Facebook page:

"False Rumours: Neil Young and Jack White are not doing a record of duets as has been erroneously posted on various outlets. We are certain those rumours have no basis in truth."

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    Psychedelic Pill was amazing, easily his best album since at least Harvest Moon or Freedom. Can't wait for this Neil is the man.
    I wonder how that's gonna turn out. That Third Man Records Cabin has a real 50s vinyl sound to it. Love Neil!
    Neil is my hero when it comes to being a musician that made it. He recently stirred the pot here in Canada when he went on the "Honour the Treaties" tour, frequently attacking Fort Mac. It has basically split our country in half when it comes to feelings for him, a lot of people hate him now, and a lot of people agreed with him. Canada is in a tough situation.