Neil Young Asks 'Who Is Bono?'

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Neil Young Asks 'Who Is Bono?'
Rock legend Neil Young took part in a Twitter question and answer session with fans yesterday, and event which saw him make a jibe at U2 front man Bono. The Needle And The Damage Done singer made the dismissive comment about the U2 front man after being asked on his opinion of the band Foster The People by user @akemi99: "What do you like about foster the people? #askneil btw, bono said he likes them, too... it is surprising two super stars like them...". Neil Young responded to this with: "Who is Bono?" The singer was also asked by @kellyapritchard if he'd be making any projects similar to his Greendale record, a concept album about corruption, environmentalism and media consolidation that was also made into a movie and graphic novel. Young responded to this with a cryptic "anything can happen". Young also noted that "creative things" would happen when user @jana_pe's asked him "what would happen if you were locked alone in a room with only a jar of nutella?" (We're not sure if we want to know just how Neil is intending to get creative with a nut based chocolate spread, but there ya go...) Neil Young and Crazy Horse's latest LP, Psychedelic Pill, is currently streaming ahead of release at The album is released on October 29th and follows Americana, the covers record that the band released back in June. This is the first album of new material that Young has recorded with Crazy Horse since 2003. The album was recorded straight after the band finished the Americana sessions at the Audio Casa Blanca studios. Whether you share Neil Young's apparent animosity to Bono or want to speculate on just how the singer would go about "getting creative" with a jar of Nutella, let us know in the comments section.
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