New App Promising to Save Concerts From Cellphones

If you don't want Peter Frampton chucking your phone into the air, try Kimd.

Ultimate Guitar

It's been widely acknowledged that filming concerts with your cellphone is a rude thing to do, but on the other hand, that's how many epic moments are captured, like Metallica performing a surprise "Kill 'Em All" gig or Geoff Tate spitting at his bandmates.

So a new app has been developed in an attempt to make peace between the performer, the crowd, and the amateur film-maker. It's called Kimd and it brings a few simple, yet hopefully effective adjustments.

What the app does is dimming the device's luminosity to 10% and displays "a black veil with a 30% opacity on top of the screen." This way, the phone is less striking and annoying to the surrounding.

Proving how a mere phone can drive a man over the edge, Peter Frampton recently chucked a fan's device into the air after repeated requests to stop filming. The fan was reportedly so annoying that the rest of the crowd cheered at Frampton's decision. He pointed at this article as an appropriate explanation.

But let's focus on the app here - check out the promo video below and let us know if you think this actually might work.

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    Have you seen the people filming at shows? You think they're going to bother downloading an app so they can be more considerate?
    I take about 1 picture every concert, but no freaking video. Enjoy the moment for crying out loud
    I still have a few concert ticket stubs from the 1980s but I'm afraid I no longer have my cell phone videos from that time.
    Wow, that's as useful as cutting a head off to cure a headache...don't they have an app that generates vaseline all over the phone so that it slips nicely and effortlessly into the user's rectum?
    In a weird way i like to remember a concert without any footage/photos. Makes it more special to me. When a friend says 'show me some footage from the concert' and then you say 'hey dude, if u weren't there, then you missed out'!
    The problem is not just the light from the phones, it's the PHONES. Like, put them down for two hours.
    When i go to gigs, i usually do film and take pics alot but i want to be able to look back and remember it, i still watch it and take it all in, but i filmed iron maiden playing seventh son at knebworth, filmed the last 2 minutes since it's IMO the greatest part of any song ever, now i have it forever, which in turn reminds me of the experience of driving 400 miles all night to see them, on a whim the week before! i always take care and make sure im not blocking or annoying people with it, and know when to stop. its 50/50 with this type of thing
    I personally don't care. you can usually move a little to the side and not be blocked and I do enjoy watching videos online of my favorite bands live to get idea of the setlist and like you said relive the awesome concert. I guess it bothers other people more than me.
    I reckon the app should just turn your phone off after you've taken a ten second video and four pictures. Fair enough capture the moment (tactically, if that's the way you think) but don't ruin it for yourself by being a phone-douche.
    I will never understand why people spend hundreds of dollars on ive shows and then end up not even watching it while it unfolds right in front of them.
    What if I told you... that you can enjoy the concert, not be an annoying douchebag and still shoot some video and photos if you do it in moderation? It's about balance. No extreme is ever good.