New Coldplay Song 'Atlas' to Be Featured in New 'Hunger Games' Movie

"Catching Fire" is due to release on November 22.

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New Coldplay song, "Atlas," will be featured in the upcoming movie "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" soundtrack.

"Good afternoon. It's been announced today that a new Coldplay song, 'Atlas,' will feature on the official soundtrack for the forthcoming film, 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,'" stated the announcement on the official website. "'Atlas' is scheduled to be available via iTunes and all digital retailers on 26 August, 2013. The film is due for release on 22 November, 2013."

The band frontman Chris Martis tweeted the picture you can see below, featuring the lyrics to the song.

"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" appears to be the screening of the second book, "Catching Fire," from Suzanne Collins' world-famous trilogy, "The Hunger Games." The original story tells about the post-apocalyptic state Panem with the main city, Capitol, surrounded by twelve Districts, occupied in their own craft. Every year Capitol picks up one male and one female citizen from each District and involve them to the Hunger Games - the annual event, where the participants, called "tributes," kill each other, entertaining the Capitol citizens. The previous movie, "The Hunger Games," showed two tributes from District 12 - Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark - who became the first couple of winners. The movie also featured songs from Arcade Fire, Civil Wars, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift and the others. Win Butler, Regine Chassagne and Owen Pallett of Arcade Fire also composed one of the tracks, "Horn of Plenty," for the original score.

The song "Atlas" will be the first Coldplay release since 2011's "Mylo Xyloto." The latest blockbuster featuring Coldplay song in the soundtrack was "The Amazing Spider-Man," with the song "Till Kingdom Come."

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    I'm indifferent to Coldplay but I thought the first movie was terrible so I don't know if I want to endure another.
    Well, judging by the trailer, it's gonna be better. Much better.
    The trailers for the first film made it look a lot better than it was. It missed too much out from the narrative of the book.
    I love Coldplay, and I'm excited for this new single, I just hope it doesn't sound that much like Mylo Xyloto, also, The Hunger Games movie was pretty mediocre, I hope Catching Fire is better, at least the book was.
    I feel like we're the only ones that are excited that a new Coldplay song is coming soon. Which probably means a new album in the relatively near future (say the next six months?). And a tour next year
    Mylo Xyloto seems to be the point where they gave up. Viva la Vida got me hooked on them, and I was so disappointed with the new album. Little to no creativity, the songs aren't catchy, less musicality than previous releases. They seriously need to redeem themselves.
    I didn't mind Mylo Xyloto, just the track listing was a bit out and the last few tracks weren't really needed. But it was a nice album
    I wish UG had articles about bands with more heart and soul not money and electronics. Kinda sad. I respect them but man I am not going to watch that movie.
    How much heart and soul a band has is subjective and I've most certainly found some electronic songs to personally have more soul than some songs with more natural instruments.
    26th of august, guess which other band's got material coming out on that day , or with UG's news policy, not much guessing to be done..
    oooh, cold play and hunger games! Oh wait no, I'm not a 14yr old girl, it doesn't interest me.
    Jimmy Blue
    Did anybody else see this and question if it was really a headline worthy of being on the front page?!
    Coldplay is, regardless of your or my opinion on their music, one of the biggest bands in the industry at the moment. So it is to be expected that when they have an upcoming new song, that it will be headline material.
    Well... I'm not a fan of coldplay, and I prefer to book to the movie, so... Meh. That said, this probably wouldn't get me too excited even if I did like Coldplay and the movies - typically, such inclusions are just stuffed into the credits. I guess they have to give you a reason to watch the credits?
    Darth Wader
    "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" appears to be the screening of the second book, "Catching Fire," from Suzanne Collins' world-famous trilogy, "The Hunger Games." Does anyone else find this sentence confusing?!?!