New Ghost Will Feature Less Vocals

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New Ghost Will Feature Less Vocals

A Nameless Ghoul from Ghost has been speaking with Andrew Haug (via Blabbermouth) about the band's upcoming album. Nameless Ghoul notes that the record, which the band is presently writing will be a departure from 2013's "Infestissumam:"

"What I've been trying to sort of make clear was that 'Infestissumam' turned out to be quite a vocal record, which goes very well with the level of theatrics of our live show right now.

"Whereas in the future, when we plan to go even more elaborate when it comes to theatrics and live performances, we cannot really have Papa singing all the time, because a) that's not very good for dynamics; b) it's not very healthy to have a singer that sings all the time; and c) from an instrumentalist's point of view, as much as I like the current record, I think we wanna do a record that might be more instrumental and thus, with that saying that it might be more riff-based.

"But these are just general thoughts about this from our point of view. If it makes the record come out as more of a metal record or not, it's very hard to tell right now."

A Nameless Ghoul recently questioned why people were finding it so hard to work out the masked band's true identities

"Sometimes you start wondering that - have people not found Google yet? People ask these questions that are so easily found out. I don't know, maybe there's people on the label just throwing them out there or something just to make it look good, but sometimes you get surprised by the fact that it's still a debate."

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