New Metallica Album 'A Blink of an Eye' Away, Says Lars Ulrich

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New Metallica Album 'A Blink of an Eye' Away, Says Lars Ulrich
Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich recently teased the fans regarding the release date of the band's new album, saying it's "basically a blink of an eye" away. After telling Kerrang! magazine that 2015 is when the album's most likely to drop, Ulrich added: "So if you think of the actual age of this planet, if it's been 75 billion years since dinosaurs walked the Earth or whatever, then one year is basically a blink of an eye, right?" During the rest of the chat, Lars stressed the group's uncompromising attitude when it comes to new record's timetable. "Obviously, there are a lot of people asking where the next record is," he said (via Blabbermouth). "We're going to make another record, but like I said before, we don't really feel this kind of ... what's the word? I guess 'responsibility' is probably the right word. We don't feel this inherent responsibility to just churn out records whenever people want them. [Adopts a sarcastic voice] 'I'm sorry! Let me slap myself on the wrists and go make a record for you!' We'll get 'round to it again." In a separate Metal Hammer TV interview, Ulrich discussed the matter more thoroughly, saying that the four-piece did actually enter studio on several recent occasions and "popped the blister."

"We've done two or three dances through the studio in a little bit of down time on the movie," he explained. "We started sorting some riffs out, piecing riff 212 with riff 337 and they fit pretty good together. The bulk of it is still ahead of us, but we have popped the blister." But back to the Kerrang! chat, Lars also touched on the subject of "Lulu," praising the effort as "really, really strong." The drummer remembered hearing "The View" track in his car about a month ago, saying, "I don't know if one of my kids was playing it, or how it came on, but I thought it sounded f--king insane.

"I don't know what people expected a collaboration between Metallica and Lou Reed to sound like, but I'm proud of it," he added (via Blabbermouth). "I'm sure that record will age well within the catalogue and within the history." Finally, the drummer revealed an interesting thought of selling excess riffs on eBay, saying that the band has "more riffs than we know what to do with." "We talked about setting up a special riff thing, where maybe we could share some of these riffs with others, like an eBay kind of thing for leftover riffs," Lars explained. "Some of them are actually quite decent, but we won't be able to use all of them." Just so we leave you with some music, the band recently premiered "Fade to Black" performance clip off "Through the Never." Make sure to check it out below and share your thoughts in the comments section.
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