New Music: Adrenaline Mob, Pixies and More

Hear our first new music playlist of the year, and share your own music tips in the comments for a chance to be listed next week.

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Welcome to our first new music playlist of 2014!

It's a quiet time of year for new releases, so you'll have to forgive the hit-or-miss nature of this post. There's still several tracks worth your ears, with plenty of metal to choose from and a fresh release from Pixies which revives their classic alt-rock style to a new generation.

Remember to vote for your favourite in the poll at the end, and remember to share your latest music tips in the comments. We always listen and you could be featured in the next playlist in front of the world's biggest guitar community.

Adrenaline Mob "Feel the Adrenaline"

Pixies "Blue Eyed Hexe"

Behemoth "Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel"

Signum Regis "The Ten Plagues"

Romain Goulon "Malformation"

Silent Voices "Burning Shine"

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    I refuse to think adrenaline mob is bad just because of how good mike orlando is at guitar. Check his youtube vids out they are crazy.
    Adrenaline Mob - awful. Pixies - not that good, although I like the other songs on that EP. Behemoth - awful. Signum Regis - awful.* Romain Goulon - awful. Silent Voices - awful. * "The Ten Plagues" by Signum Regis has got to be the worst song I've listened to in the last 6 months or so. I guess I'll vote for Pixies, after all.
    It sounds like you must have excellent taste in music to find all this new music so "awful". Please, enlighten us as to what good music actually sounds like!
    Please forgive him for having a personal taste. I´m sure he didn´t mean to offend. He will immediately begin to think like a sheep.
    I've listened to all the songs posted on this article, and that was my honest impression of them. If having an opinion makes me a prick, then sign me up for the nearest prick contest.
    The new behemoth is very abstract sounding compared to previous works, I can;t wait to check the new album out.
    There should be a none of the above option. Specially for Behemoth. They make good songs and stuff, but that thing they got with religion is just old news.