New Music: Damon Albarn, Beck and More

Steel Panther and our new office-faves Birth of Joy are in this week's playlist too. Which is the best new track?

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Welcome to our weekly roundup of the best new rock music streams from across the web.

We've got a great mix of tracks this week. First is Damon Albarn's compelling new video which is a fascinating thing to watch, and there's a surprise from Birth of Joy who are new to our ears but sound magnificent. Beck is back, and Steel Panther's unique brand of humor returns in their latest video.

You can vote for your favorite tracks in the poll below, and the winner will appear in the end-of-month roundup. Enjoy!

Damon Albarn "Everyday Robots"

YouTube preview picture

Beck "Blue Moon"

YouTube preview picture

Birth of Joy "Three Day Road"

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Steel Panther "The Burden of Being Wonderful"

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The Sword "The Hidden Masters"

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Red Dragon Cartel "Deceived"

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Vote for your favorite tracks here. Remember, you can vote for as many as you like.

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    The Sword, because I live in Texas and their music sounds like a kaiju stomping on people while stoned on LSD
    Just found out about these guys a few months back. they kick ass, I saw them earlier this week, awesome rock show. Sword Rules
    well i have a question since you are from texas. i live in washington state and the sword came through w american sharks a few months back. it was at this super lame club (the club wasnt lane, but the management was) and they said the sword has specifically asked for no moshing. people were literally thrown out of the show for jumping up and down, and the bass player was telling the audience to calm down when they started to even slightly mosh. i am all down for sitting back and watching a show, but i specifically remember watching the sword open for lamb of god and the entire floor was going nuts. everyone loved it! i really enjoy them, but the entire situation was off-putting. is this how all sword shows are nowadays? they are coming back into town soon and i would like to go. haha
    Glad to see Jake E. Lee writing some monster style riffs again. That riff could totally fit in with other "Bark at the Moon" classics!
    I was actually gonna say that the riff (at least the first few bars) sound exactly like Bark At The Moon. But good song anyway.
    Love The Sword. Saw em back in November with Clutch and American Sharks. Wondering why they're on here since Apocryphon came out a little over a year ago.
    Love the first 3... the others, not so much. "Everyday Robots" is catchier than crab louse.
    Always a Jake fan. Digging the Riff heavy Red Dragon Cartel. Sword sounding good too.
    Cara Gato
    The Sword was great. I really enjoyed the Steel Panther video. I got a good chuckle out of it.
    Wasn't a fan of Everyday Robots or Blue Moon the first time I heard them. They're both better the second time around, but Everyday Robots sounds much better. I'm so glad Damon's writing stuff like this again. I dig it.
    I love discovering new music like this, but Damon Albarn just never ceases to impress me. He's got my vote.
    Overall, I'm more excited for Damon Albarn's new album but to me I think Beck's song wins this poll