New Music Playlist: Deftones, QOTSA, Dillinger and More

The biggest and best new music from across the web, featuring big new streams from UG favourites.

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The big names are out in force this week. Either there's something in the water, or May is a really good time to release a single.

Deftones have a new video out, and Queens of the Stone Age have finally posted another track from their next album which we're frothing at the mouth to hear. Then there's Dillinger Escape Plan, David Bowie, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs with new singles to hear if you haven't had a chance to hear them on record yet.

Further down there's a batch of excellent artists who normally miss the news_backup cycle but sound good enough to earn your attention. Check them out and let us know what you think in the comments.

Deftones "Swerve City"

The official video for the new single which opened their excellent album "Koi No Yokan" last year. This video features the same things we saw in their lyrics video for the same song - wide desert, a girl riding a horse and - wait for it - no band at all. Or not at all... Anyway, watch it and enjoy the great opening track from the latest Deftones album. Once again...

YouTube preview picture

Queens of the Stone Age "I Appear Missing"

Easily the biggest song this week, and perhaps one of the most anticipated streams of the year. That June 4 album launch still feels a million miles away. And remember - the album version of this song will be two-times longer than this one. Which means two-times more awesomeness.

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The Dillinger Escape Plan "Nothing's Funny"

Damn, this band keep getting better. There's no point trying to describe a song that flies in a million directions then implodes all over them - you'll just have to experience it for yourself.

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David Bowie "The Next Day"

Bowie's newest video was briefly banned from YouTube. It's not clear why, but there's a teeny-tiny chance that the naughty religious themes had something to do with it.

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Mosquito"

Poor effort from their video team who seem short on ideas, but a cool and typically fuzzy track from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs nonetheless.

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Kadavar "Come Back Life"

This song is all about the resonant guitar strums which drip like syrup from your speakers. Listen out for the big groove change half way which sounds like a fuzzy Franz Ferdinand.

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Doogie White & La Paz "Don't Drink with the Devil"

Some great solo guitar work and attitude-ridden vocals which warn not to drink with rock's horned friend.

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The Sword "Cloak of Feathers"

Rawr! That's some heavy riffage going on in the intro, and it doesn't relent.

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Iron Tongue "Lioness"

Excellent stoner rock, as the band's name might suggest.

Orchid "Wizard of War"

Barmy hard rock with wild warbling vocals.

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What do you like best? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and share links to other great tracks.

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    Really great one this week. I already knew the songs from Deftones, QOTSA, and The Sword. I liked all the rest, especially Orchid. UG, you're finally doing something amazingly right article-wise, keep at it.
    for quite a few weeks now the playlists are really good versatile and rockin'
    If there was a question about the best song in this post, I would pick QOTSA for an answer. Because this song is really great.
    Thats one of my fav Sword songs from the new album, been playing almost non-stop. Its just so impossibly GOOD!
    Well, Ill most likely get hate for this one, but they do a nice job blending pop-punk and metalcore together, much like A Day To Remember
    Great list guys! Keep it up! Special mention to Bowie and some indie bands thrown in