New Slash Supergroup Perform First US Show - Watch

Half of the original Guns N’ Roses appear in the lineup alongside Corey Taylor and more.

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Slash's new supergroup, the Kings of Chaos, played their first ever concert in the US on November 18. The lineup which includes fellow former Guns N' Roses members Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum are joined by Corey Taylor, Glenn Hughes and Steve Stevens on the stage in Hollywood. The band is a serious touring effort and will rotate the singer as they travel the world, with the backing band remaining the same. They were born from a stint as the Rock 'n' Roll All Stars which at the time included Kiss bassist Gene Simmons and Joe Elliot. Unfortunately, the original Rock 'n' Roll All Stars tour collapsed as it went on a 10-date tour through South America last year because of reported issues with the promoters, according to Ultimate Classic Rock. Hughes said in September that Kings of Chaos would "tour pockets of the world - the exotics, if you will, and the tropics and even America … The lineups with the Kings of Chaos, vocally, will change. The core band will be the same. So, it’s gonna be always moving and changing." Watch Kings of Chaos playing the classic Guns N' Roses track "Mr. Brownstone" in Hollywood here:

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    so 3/4 of the remaining Velvet Revolver members are in a band with Corey Taylor but he he's not in VR?
    pretty much, and to further the titles misleading qualities, GnR is Axl/Izzy
    ps matt sorum blows
    you're a retard. and the title doesn't say anthing about GnR.
    well i must be retarded since a vast majority of GnR songs are credited to axl and izzy. and most of slash's credits are for tossing in a little lead here and there. and they changed the title.
    i heard Matt on a tribute album to someone once, his playing was ****ing mindblowing. it was alot different to his GNR stuff (which was also great)to say he blows... come on man. really? edit: plus i've heard him play jazz. go look for it, it will definitely change your opinion.
    I remember a time when a collaboration was just called a collaboration, not a "Supergroup". WTF
    a collab is a one time, or a few times with a long time span in between, thing. This band is going on a full tour. read the article.
    I think he's just meaning that a supergroup should be a permanent kinda band that has all new material, as opposed to this one-off kind of thing (with a revolving vocalist) that mostly plays cover of their old tunes.
    Arfing Thumb
    All those goddamn cameras/phones -.-
    well without them you wouldn't be able to see it, or even to comment about it
    Good. Maybe it'd be more precious to be there if you couldn't watch it at home. I've noticed at the last few gigs I've been to that the issue of camera phones at gigs is getting out of hand. It's ridiculous. If I was a violent person, people would have died those nights.
    So this is a high-profile cover band?
    Pretty much. I'd still see them though :p
    What the hell's Izzy up to these days? It would have been amazing if he were a part of this too, that would be Guns and Roses all the way without the douche.
    If you read anything any GNR-related members have said about Izzy it's pretty consistent: He's unreliable. You might get a guest appearance or so, but he's not good for the long haul.
    I believe they were going to get him for Velvet Revolver but thought that they were getting too close to a GNR line up.
    If memory serves, Izzy said he didn't want to join a band with a frontman. He had enough of that shit with Axl, and if you look at what's going on with VR, he was right.
    Seeing as these guys have more original members, Axls GNR is more of a cover band. Not to mention Corey Taylor sounds better than Axl does at this point.
    Actually they never claimed to be a "supergroup". You can blame UG for the misleading title as usual.
    I don't get this. This band has three quarters of the remaining members of Velvet Revolver in it who for some reason declined to have Corey Taylor in the band.....and now they decide to go play in a new supergroup which Corey Taylor fronts (albeit only for a show or whatever by the looks of it). Tbh, this just looks like a glorified covers band rather than one doing anything interesting.
    Corey kinda has his priorities set up for Slipknot. Slash also has his solo project, Duff has Loaded, Matt even has his own solo project whose album comes out in February of 2014. This is probably the reason why there isn't a Velvet Revolver yet.
    Corey also has Stone Sour, a third band might be a bit too much if they were trying to do anything serious.
    So what is actually happening with Velvet Revolver exactly?? I mean this collaboration makes it seem that Velvet Revolver can happen but won't for 'reasons'
    Man, I just want VR back with Corey singing. I think I actually prefer him to Scott Weiland based on that clip, killed it.
    I wouldn't really call it Slash's supergroup since the Kings of Chaos did a show in Australia back in April with Gilby Clarke on guitar instead of Slash but I suppose they just decided to trade up
    I don't care what you call it, but I was at this show and it was amazing. Rock isn't about the names, it's about the music. By the way, KOC was created by Matt Sorum. This gig was done for an charity organization, not for glory. Sure, the whole "tour" might say otherwise, but all in all this is also for the fans. They also only played about 3 or 4 GnR songs. So it wasn't meant to be a "reunion" or anything. Just some talented musicians coming together to play an awesome show, covers or not. They may be recording since Glenn Hughes has been hinting at it for a while. But come on now, they have only played a handful of shows and a lot of people here are getting anal about the use of the term "Supergroup."
    I love slash and velvet revolver and gnr and all that crap. But to about 90% of all the Slash fanboys who really don't have a clue about other players take a glance at Steve Stevens(besides his billy idol stuff) and you will realize that dude is on a whole another level of playing that would make your jaw drop. Seeing him way back when with Billy idol is what inspired me to pick up the instrument.
    I'm with you there. Steve and Slash have two very different styles. Slash's is more favorable, but Steve did have his moments during the show. He is a very respectable guitarist with a lot of overshadowed talent.
    He did a a guest solo for my band. It's incredible, can't wait to release it! Shameless plug: Picture Me Broken
    Glenn fukin Hughes !!
    Now what would be interesting, is to get Slash into Black Country Communion, then you'd have a supergroup AND some really interesting music !!
    This article is wrong... they performed a few months back in south africa
    I wish VR would just get Izzy and let him and Duff split vocal responsibilities.
    I don't see what's so special about Slash. Actually, I don't think he's THAT GREAT of a guitar player. He's definitely good, but there's nothing I find unique about him aside from his hat.
    One of these days everyone will realize music is not a competition. I agree with you though, in terms of pure technical ability on record, there are probably thousands "better" than Slash, but is that really the point? IF Slash went for the Yngwie thing chances are he could do it just fine, but were all glad he didn't because we already have one those.
    Slash is great. He can play the sounds he hears in his head effortlessly. He has a great feel and loads of great chops. He may not be anywhere close to being the most advanced guitar player in the world, but he's much better than me and anyone I know personally and I enjoy listening to him
    Its funny when people on this site say successful musicians "are not very good"...Really? I'm sure your sooo much better than douch canoe!....Slash is a million times better than any dickwad making negative comments on this site
    You should make this same comment on that Bieber article.
    Surprise surprise Slash forms ANOTHER band and just plays Guns n Roses songs, YAAAAAWWWWWNN Ridiculously overrated. If he was that good he'd not be relying on a band he was in over 30 years ago's hits
    Seeing how he has his own band that makes their own music and has been touring four a couple years now across the globe, I don't think he's "relying" on anything. Sure he plays a few old GnR tracks here and there, but he has every right to. He contributed to that music, people want to hear that music on occasion. Also Slash did NOT form this band, nor did they "just play Guns n Roses songs"
    I like Corey but his voice isn't for old GNR tunes, I've heard karaoke done better!
    Irwin Navarro
    I hope Slash forms this supergroup sometime in the future. M Shadows- lead vocals Slash- lead guitars Gilby Clarke- rhythm guitars Duff Mckagan- bass Steven Adler- drums. Thats the closest thing we will have to a classic GNR reunion. Face it, Axl wont let go of his grudge with the former members and Izzy is just not into the "rockstar" thing anymore so let them be.
    Do you really think M Shadows is a suitable vocalist....
    Irwin Navarro
    I know many will disagree with M Shadows but if you listen to some of his songs, he actually sounds like Axl.. If not M Shadows, I guess Myles K could do.. Or hell, maybe just let Duff do the singing
    Dude..... come on man...
    Irwin Navarro
    People need to be more open minded in music...We cant get stuck in the past.. A GNR reunion WONT happen and the RNR HOF was the final nail to the coffin
    You say we shouldn't get stuck in the past of Guns, yet it's you who wishes for a band with Slash, Duff, Gilby and Adler. Your statement feels a little conflicting to me.
    Hey M.Shadows was good on that track from Slash's solo album. Heck with everyone saying Avenged Sevenfold rip off older bands why the hell not
    The Rev if he was still alive would of pulled off Axl better than Shadows but neither are fitting.The closest you could get is getting one of those people who can sing just like Axl from youtube to join. The only problem is he would lack 80% of what made Axl awesome back in the day.. the attitude.
    Look guy no-one is saying GnR will get back together, I think the consensus is just that M Shadows is not the guy, that's all.
    Irwin Navarro
    To the people who disliked my comment, why all the hate? Would you rather have Justin Bieber front GNR instead of M Shadows.. I THINK NOT
    NZ boss
    Agree. you have so many dislike just because you put M. Shadows. ? why do people hate him, there is worse people out there than him such as JB or 1D, Just stop hating and Fucking grow up, you people who hate are the ones who are not giving any new bands a chance, and really you are the ones who are killing metal. face it. its true.
    Irwin Navarro
    Aside from my post above, I wanna see Slash, Gilby, Duff, and Matt Sorum perhaps form a band and make an album with Sebastian Bach. And after that, maybe they can tour. Please make it happen
    Yeah of course, get Axl's best mate who wouldn't do this in a million years. The only thing dumber would be saying M Shadows sounds like Axl...oh
    Sebastian Bach DID in fact perform with Kings of Chaos in Australia I believe, I don't see why he wouldn't do it again.
    Having Corey Taylor be a part of this is even more disgraceful than Axl's basterdized version of Guns.
    I read an interview with slash a month or 2 back,and he says hes only doing a few shows with these guys just for the hell of it. Its really matt sorum's show as he put it all together.
    Corey Taylor. Dave Grohl. Myles Kennedy. Chester Bennington teams with ex-VR, ex-GNR and ex-STP versus Scott Weiland and Axl Rose!
    What we need is a time travel machine so we can all go back to 1987/88 to see the true Guns N Roses.
    If they are changing singers every few shows, I wonder if this is like a way to audition a bunch of singers and make some money while they are at it. I mean, it beats sitting around and listening to demos forever like they did when they formed VR
    Supergroup my dick, this is much more Guns n Roses than Axl alone!
    This may not be a popular comment, but I think Slash and this crew should go and get Josh Todd to sing. I'm not a fan of Buckcherry's pop BS, but back in 99' Josh Todd could really sing man. Buckcherry's self titled album had some good moments. I this he's got a great voice. Mix that with Slash's hard bluesy riffs...damn that could be nice. What a waste that hes doing sellout pop garbage now....