New Slayer Album Seems to Be Nearing Completion, Band Shares Fresh Studio Photos

Tom Araya laying down vocals, more info inside.

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After initially confirming studio entrance, thrash titans Slayer have posted several fresh photos from the recording sessions, in a way hinting that the process is nearing completion.

The pics are showing Tom Araya laying down vocal parts, usually the last part of most recording sessions, hence the idea mentioned in the headline.

On the other hand, the band might be recording each track in full before proceeding to the next one, so nothing's set in stone.

As for the album, the first Slayer record not to feature Jeff Hanneman is tentatively set for early 2015 release, and was announced with lead single "Implode" back in April. Check out the latest update below.

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    Not surprising, I imagine it takes an hour to complete a Slayer record.
    People are just going to bash this because there's no Dave or Jeff but honestly I am interested to hear it. Implode sounds pretty decent and very Slayer like so I don't see what's not to look forward to?
    Yeah I agree, while there is still a part of me that thinks that Slayer is gone, the other three quarters is telling me "So what? bands change. Get over it" As much as I am going to miss Dave and Jeff, this is still an album I'll listen to
    It's like saying Megadeth is gone because there's only two original members. Peoples interests change, attitudes, life, and death change people. Also Metallica only has two original members, Death was just Chuck, Exodus has gone through several members. Dave leaving/being kicked out was crap, but they're still Slayer.
    I find it funny that your comment received a "dislike" rating, while the comment in response to yours had agreed with your statement, yet that received a "like" rating
    everyone talking about slayer not being slayer because it only has 2 original band members... what about Judas Priest? Ian Hill is the only remaining member of the original lineup... *insert trollface*
    I never would have thought Jeff would have such a look of calmness during the recording of a vocal track for Slayer. Maybe he's screamed so much he's passed Super Sayian form.
    And I was thinking he looks less like he's recording vocals than just trying to catch his breath. Or he's being serviced. Or covering his ears coz he's just heard Kerry warming up for a solo. Or all three.