New Species Of Tarantula Spider Named After Dave Mustaine

Aphonopelma Davemustainei was recently discovered in Arizona and New Mexico.

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A new species of tarantula spider has been named after Megadeth's Dave Mustaine.

The heavy-rocker took to Twitter to announce to his fans that a recently discovered arachnid has been named after him. The Aphonopelma Davemustainei was found in Southwestern New Mexico and Arizona by scientist Brent E. Hendrixson.

A clearly delighted Mustaine tweeted:

How cool is this? I got my own tarantula named after me! Totally metal!!!

Dave Mustaine (@DaveMustaine) 12, 2012

Everyone knows scientists love their metal, so it may not come as too much of a surprise to find that Hendrixson named the creature after his favourite axe-wielder. In 2006, a Dr Mats E. Eriksson named a worm, Kalloprion Kilmisteri, after Motorhead frontman Lemmy.

Earlier this year, Dave Mustaine delivered a shocking diatribe against US President Barack Obama, accusing him of "staging" the shootings in Aurora, Colorado and at the Wisconsin Sikh temple.

The singer was performing with his band in Singapore when he delivered the bizarre rant against the president, who he said was trying to secure new laws to control gun ownership by staging the shootings. Mustaine also said that he believed the United States was "turning into Nazi America".

In 2011 Megadeth released their 13th studio album, titled "Th1rt3en". The album was the follow-up to the band's 2009 LP "Endgame".

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    Why the hell did UG bring up the Obama rants there was no need to place that in this article. Still very metal Mustaine having a tarantula named after him. Would have been cooler if it was "The Scorpion"
    So you and I can comment about it and create site traffic. c'mon, you're angry this tabloid is not giving you news?
    If some idiot gets bitten by one of these, they'll probably sue Dave Mustaine
    Naming him after a parrot would have been more appropriate.
    You all seem to be parrots for repeating whatever UG adds on to each of their posts. Are his comments on the shooting REALLY relevant to this story? Fuck no. But you all go along with the UG pre-meditated shit-flinging they want to see.
    WTF? How do you go from a new name for a spider to Dave's rants? How are the two even remotely related? Who writes this crap?
    At least they didn't name it after Jeff Hanneman. That would have been a dick move
    I'll get the flame thrower, due to having a massive dislike to spiders.
    YES! All spiders must DIE!!
    I kill all the bugs. EXCEPT spiders. I let 'em live, so that they may feast on the very pests i'm trying to rid. (and i'm hoping to be bitten so that I may also one day have super-human relationship drama)
    Field guide entry: This unique spider is known to have venomous political beliefs and will not hesitate to inject its victims and plague them with an annoying voice inside their head that reappears anytime someone mentions the current President of the United States, Barack Obama.
    It is also notorious for becoming hyper aggressive when it comes into contact with a laser pointer.
    Nice UG. You take a harmless news story about Dave Mustaine and put in at the bottom about his Obama rants. You guys love starting flame wars.
    >Dave Mustaine for once doesn't talk about politics >Is all that is spoken about in the comments
    i love how it is about the spider then u-g decides to throw in the thing about obama to get everybody in the comments section going. bravo!
    awesome. dave deserves recognition even if this might be a little weird.
    Hendrixon discovered the Davemustainei. Told his friend Grohlberger about it, who's dog Satch-mutt got bitten by one in the deserts of Morri Sea.
    "New Species Of Tarantula Spider Named After Dave Mustaine" - a spider named a "douche"??
    I remember that Neil Young also has a spider named after him. How come Jeff Hanneman didn't get a spider a spider named after him?!?!
    this is mental, first ug just wants to stir up everyone again and secondly mustaines not even a bad guy. to all the people that buy into his slashing for his political beliefs go watch his interviews see him live on stage when your on his good side he's a good guy its just like everyone else in this world u may be a douche to someone u dont like like the stupid fans that do stuff in the audience and he reacts, daves easily tempermental but minus his thoughts on his bad blood withsome people and obama who isnt a good president anyway hes a good guy so shut up
    Wow, how totally interesting... the discovery of the spider, not that the poor thing is being named after one of the biggest hypocrites and right-wing hatemongers of this world.
    Now he finally has something over Metallica he can stop crying.
    i think i have one of these named charles i caught it last year when it was a baby i thought it was a desert blond tarantula then it shed and i found these websites a week or to afterword
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