New Suicide Silence Singer Reassures Fans: 'Trust Me, I Got This!'

"I did everything in my power to stay in All Shall Perish," Eddie Hermida adds.

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New Suicide Silence vocalist and former All Shall Perish singer Eddie Hermida discussed his major career shift, reassuring SS fans of his capabilities and stressing he did everything he could to stay in All Shall Perish. "The full-time aspect for Suicide Silence was always part of the deal," he told Metal Injection. "Just know that I did everything in my power to stay in All Shall Perish and work both projects. The ASP boys will say that I quit when I decided to take the reigns in SS. I will say that I was asked to step away by my bandmates because they didn't want my schedule with SS to interfere with their future.

"Either way All Shall Perish has my heart and soul built into it and I will always support the work we did together," the singer concluded. When it comes to future Suicide Silence plans, Eddie commented: "We are writing as I am typing this! So stoked to see this all come together. Such a different writing process. A lot of musical clay molding going on. Expect heavy, expect different." Finally, the vocalist gave a brief reassurance to the band's fanbase by simply saying "Trust me! I got this." Hermida was confirmed as the new Suicide Silence singer earlier this month as the band posted "You Only Live Once" track snippet with Eddie handling the vocals.

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    I gotta admit I dig some of their stuff. and I respect Mitch very much, RIP But finally they all look like a ****ing monster of a band without a Oli Sykes on the mic.
    I really hate seeing these kinds of comments, it should be about the music, not image
    Even though I'm not the biggest fan of SS I still admire their desire to carry on with making music, regardless of the recent circumstances. I honestly respect these guys.
    Sleaze Disease
    Saw these guys open for Megadeth and the only people that gave a shit were emo teens. All the members kept flipping off the crowd because everybody in the crowd stood there with their arms crossed. What a shit band.
    Emo? Are you in high school? And I guarantee Suicide Silence is better than your band or your music. If it was you wouldn't be on this website discriminating a band that you don't like so what if you don't like them down vote the article and move on.
    Hermida is honestly a better vocalist. It sucks that he has to replace Lucker under these circumstances, but hopefully SS continues to improve. Their earliest work was complete shit, but I could actually dig some of their most recent material. The song with Jon Davis was really cool.
    Well large guys tend to be able to scream louder...
    I disagree. Mitch was a tiny dude, but could scream like a banshee. Not really a fan of SS but I can't argue with this. Also, Phil Bozeman.
    Too bad they couldn't get the singer from Amass the Grave. His SS covers are ridiculously good.
    Lee Makky
    I've been a fan of SS for quite a long time now, and I have to say of all people Eddie is the best vocalist to replace Mitch. Cant wait to hear what the band comes out with!
    Average trendy deathcore band cashing in on the dumbest current trend... I honestly can't believe they actually called the song that. What's next? A song about twerking?
    This song came out two years ago before the YOLO acronym was even a thing, so. Pretty sure they weren't cashing in on it.
    I remember they released this song/music video before I even heard about any other YOLO bullshit, but that's just me.
    Well I hope that you understand that the song has nothing to do with the shit rap song. It actually came out before that song did. The meaning is in the title he is saying that you only live once so make every moment count. Not any of this YOLO whatever. And how are they average? I have been listening to them since 2008 and they were never as popular until Mitch passed away. After that everyone felt bad that he did and this sparked so many people to like them.
    I now have the image of fans twerkin in the pit at Suicide Silence shows. lol
    I was excited when I heard Eddie was joining SS, because I've never been a big fan of them, but now I'm curious to check their new stuff out. He shouldn't have left ASP though.
    Firewind Raging
    Well if my singer joined a second band and that suddenly became his "main" band, I certainly wouldn't want to wait around for him for a year at a time.
    All Shall Perish is so much better than Suicide Silence! He should've sticked with ASP!