NFL Wants Artists to Pay to Perform at Super Bowl Half-Time Show, Narrows Down Potential Acts

A d-ck move, or is it just us?

Ultimate Guitar

According to the latest Wall Street Journal report, NFL has narrowed down a list of potential artists to perform at Super Bowl 2015 half-time show, but there's a catch - they want money for it.

"In a twist this year, the league has asked artists under consideration for the high-profile gig to pay to play," the report reads, revealing Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Coldplay as top contesters for the headlining spot.

NFL representatives have reportedly "asked at least some of the acts if they would be willing to contribute a portion of their post-Super Bowl tour income to the league, or if they would make some other type of financial contribution, in exchange for the halftime gig."

The article also claims that each of the three mentioned performers gave cold replies when approached with the "pay-to-play" idea.

Earlier this month, a highly-successful petition was launched demanding that Weird Al Yankovic gets to rock the Super Bowl crowd. But with the latest update, an additional crowdfunder might be required.

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    Pay to lip sync**
    Now, exclusively at the Superbowl: pay-per-lip! This is a truely amazing new format which allows artists of any kind to use the Superbowl as a platform from which to promote a product, acquire fame, or cock it up completely! And if you are still not convinced of our service, you will recieve a complimentary performance of Amazing Grace just before you go on stage! What greater honor is there than to follow up after our most beloved hymn! pay-per-lip, now available for $5.999.999.999,99! *satire, if not obvious enough*
    LMFAO! It's not like the NFL turns a profit of 9 billion dollars a year or anything. Come on.
    The NFL is a business. They're bad at pretending to be a 'nonprofit' and they should feel bad.
    I don't think they're pretending, but they are very greedy. They've seen the post performance sales of recent acts spike after the show so they're trying to cash in on that now, but I don't think they are pretending to be non-profit.
    All non profit really means is that they're exempt from taxes. The league itself doesn't technically profit, so to speak, because all of the profits are redistributed amongst the separate team franchises.
    "yes,I know we are a multi billion dollar publicly traded organization that rakes in billions every superbowl off of silly one minute commercials but we would really appreciate it if you could help us out and gives a couple extra bucks to play twelve minutes of music that other shows would pay YOU to preform."
    This is crazy. But man, paying to perform seems to be the future of music, now that it's completely worthless, because of market saturation and the internet. This is the way it's going to go. "Hey man, you should pay ME! I'M letting you play on the stage and have a sound guy handy, I'M housing your lame band! F*ck you and f*ck music!"
    Then we could all get paid for listening to Spotify, every artist pays a couple of cents pr stream, it's going to be huge!
    Cara Gato
    Need to get a kickstarter going to have Yoko Ono play the half time show.
    Subjecting that many people to her "singing" is the most evil thing I can imagine.
    The only artists that pay to play anywhere are usually local and unsigned bands lol. Unless the money goes towards some sort of charity, I don't see any high profile artists doing this .
    Rebel Scum
    Thats pretty disgusting. I mean sure they only play for like 30mins but if you do a job, you get paid, regardless.
    NFL is supposed to be a non-profit organization. This was done to counter what they considered "trolls" who wanted to put Weird Al on the bill but think about it, i'm pretty sure most people who even watch football don't know or care about Weird Al. Now we are stuck with some crappy pop artist or some old irrelevant rock band playing their top seller for ratings. i'm usually drunk and not paying attention to the crappy halftime show anyways so it doesn't matter.
    LOL. It'll never happen, but all musical acts should boycott this shit. Are you kidding me? This whole "it'll be good for your career" attitude needs to stop.
    If you're already a famous act then you don't need the exposure so why pay for what you already have and a new band that could use the exposure doesn't have that kind of money. The NFL is just a bunch of greedy sons of bitches and should have their non-profit status pulled.
    So I'm throwing a great party or an event, and I want you to play in it to entertain my guests. BUT, you have to pay me for the priviledge??? They are treating the performer/musician like just another ad from a product. I wonder if someone crappy has enough money to buy the spot, would the NFL do it. Who knows? Maybe Babymetal and PSY can purchase their way into the SuperBowl.
    The NFL already doesn't have to pay taxes because they are considered a nonprofit organization. Now this!
    Here's my five dollars can I play now? No ... ? Well, back to the plan of playing God Bless America at a baseball game then. THIS I will achieve!
    Lol. Yeah, that's just what the bloated, overly commercialized behemoth known as professional sports, specifically the NFL, needs. More money.
    If they're going to ask for payment, I think it should be open bidding for all bands. It wouldn't be a bad investment to pay to play the superbowl for a lot of bands. I don't see the strategy in cutting it down to 3 acts and then asking for payment, because if those 3 acts refuse then you are screwed. But if they accepted bids before narrowing the field down to 3, then they could pick who they wanted after all the bids were in.
    Yeah... they didn't think that on through, did they? Then again, it's probably hard to see clear with all those dollar signs in their eyes...
    It's a total dick move. Especially when we all know they have the money.
    Would be cool if the Foo Fighters played...but no we get these generic mainstream acts instead
    That implies that the Foo Fighters aren't a generic mainstream act...
    I want to say something along the lines of "yes it's just a clever pr move to troll the webs and get people talking..." so that somehow it translates into more people watching their stuff, some double reverse psychology move, but I don't even see how the mechanics of that would work out... any other paranoid conspiracy people wanna help me out?
    "...contribute a portion of their post-Super Bowl tour income to the league..." Nice typo UG, you meant to say "income to the devil." For mere exposure, not only will you not get paid for it, but you must pay a portion of non-football profit to us mwahaha. At least the artist technically won't be selling out. No one called Robert Johnson a sell-out, just soulless.
    This is absolute bullshit. One of the richest organizations in the US- made of professionals who spend YEARS practicing their craft- expects other professionals who spent years practicing their craft to pay to play the event that the NFL needs entertainers for? Absolutely outrageous. If they follow through on this, I sincerely hope that no label allows their artists to appear on stage, and if possible, not allow their music to be played at the event. For an organization who pays it's employees millions of dollars a year to run a ball down a field, this a huge show of disrespect toward every self-respecting musician. What little respect I had for the NFL will be completely demolished if this goes through.
    Fuck the NFL. Bands should be refusing to play for that shit now! money grubbing Assholes!