Nickelback More Popular Than US Congress, Study Finds

Americans prefer the Canadian post grunge band more.

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The name Nickelback is perhaps one of the most divisive amongst modern rock fans. While some are all on board with the Canadian rockers, others approach them with a heated combination of scorn and derision. Yet, in spite of their somewhat slippery status, it turns out Nickelback are still more popular in the U.S.A than Congress. As Consequence of Sound notes, the results come from a survey conducted by Public Policy Polling which showed that 39% of people preferred Nickelback compared to 32% for Congress. The news comes after Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger and wife Avril Lavigne released their first collaboration. The single, titled "Let Me Go," will appear on Lavigne's upcoming self-titled studio album, which features 8 tracks co-written with Kroeger. The record also features a guest appearance from shock rocker Marilyn Manson. But what do you think? Do you like Congress more than Nickelback? Does the Chad/Avril single change your opinion in any way? Let us know in the comments.

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    Who "studies" this? Why even post about things like this? Whats more striking is what the hell is Marilyn Manson doing on that record?
    Manson was ****ing avril lavigne before she got with nickelback guy, i believe i read that here actually. The music tabloid of the internet.
    Personally I prefer trimming my pubes with a cheesegrater than either of these, but each to his own I guess...
    What the actual **** does Nickelback have to do with the US Congress. Who the hell made this poll anyway?!
    all this unnecessary hate. Can't someone enjoy something without fear that people hate him because they hate those musicians ? You are pathetic.
    Seriously, I like nickelback. I think they have decent songs, I don't like all of them. But this bandwagon nickelback hate really has to stop being this immature. I would rather listen to them than dillinger escape plan honestly
    They can't have 'some decent songs'. They all sound the same so you either like none of them or all of them. Least creative band ever.
    Can I ask you which songs you think sound the same? Because "Burn It to the Ground" "Photograph" "Animals" "Leader of Men" "Side of a Bullett" "How You Remind Me" "Never Again" and "This Afternoon" all sound pretty different to me.
    Funny how we're talking about this on the same day UG posts about Linkin Park's new album and everyone wants it to sound the same as their first two records.
    Nickelback isnt a bad band, people should stop hating for no reason
    I like Nickelback. The band every really should be hating on is Maroon 5.
    If you are referring to their new pop crap stuff that sounds like all other pop,then yes. Their old stuff is true rock, and deserves to be respected. Hail Songs about Jane. Thank you fro your time.
    Nickelback really isn't the WORST band ever like people say...Have you ever heard "Blood On The Dancefloor"? This bandwagon shit is getting a little old now. There is no way everyone hates "someday" Or "feeling Way Too Damn Good". Those were big hits back in the day.
    I really don't know whats so wrong with Nickelback. I can think of A LOT more bands I'd rather listen to Nickelback over
    I don't like Nickelback, but at least they're not in charge of running the country. So I guess I like them more than Congress.
    It is not a compliment to be liked more than the US Congress! If I remember correctly, the US Congress is the most despised institution in America right now. That's about as flattering as saying people prefer the electric chair over hanging, because the truth is that they both suck (the chair and hanging). I have to say that Nicleback is much better than that Little Whine guy who fakes playing guitar. Taylor Swift is cute, but i would rather listen to Nickleback if I were unlucky enough to have to choose between the two. And, Kroeger is doing Avril Lavigne...who's the lucky one now :-(
    Personally i like Nickleback. If they were as bad as people say, they wouldn't sell out pretty much every show, it's nothing but a band wagon thing.
    idk how i feel about this. on one hand, someone is 1-upping our corrupt congress. on the other hand, nickelback is better than someone...
    Wow, people really, REALLY hate congress if they'd prefer nickelshit i mean nickelback over them.
    This is how worried people should be that people don't care about the people who change the way we live our lives every day.