Nickelback Releasing New Album 'No Fixed Address' in November, Unveil Track Listing

Second single "What Are You Waiting For?" due out on September 22, details inside.

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Nickelback have officially announced "No Fixed Address" as the title of their upcoming eighth studio album, confirming a November 4 release date via Republic Records.

The info was announced by the band itself, along with a full track listing. Furthermore, the album's second single, "What Are You Waiting For?" is set to hit the stores on September 22.

As reported, the band previously unveiled the record's lead single "Edge on a Revolution" on August 19. What makes this hard-hitter different from the rest of the Nickelback opus are protest lyrics, not a typical theme for the Canadian four-piece, so make sure to check out the official lyric video below.

The new album will mark the follow-up to 2011's "Here and Now," which sold an impressive figure of 1.02 million copies to date. An extensive tour is also set to follow the release, stay tuned for more.

"No Fixed Address" Track Listing

1. Million Miles an Hour
2. Edge of a Revolution
3. What Are You Waiting For?
4. She Keeps Me Up
5. Make Me Believe Again
6. Miss You
7. Get 'Em Up
8. The Hammer's Coming Down
9. Satellite10. Sister Sin11. She's Got Me Runnin' 'Round

#NoFixedAddress ...

- Nickelback (@Nickelback) August 22, 2014

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    should be kilometers for those Canadians.
    Canadians mostly use Hockey rinks as measurement. Trust me, I know what I'm talking aboot.
    I am Canadian and this is pure bullshit. Most people still say miles
    Really? I'm from Canada too, and I have never once used miles or heard it used instead of kilometers
    1. Hellll Yeah! 2. Hellll Yeah! 3. Inspirational 4. Sex 5. Romance 6. Romance 7. Hellll Yeah! 8. Hellll Yeah! 9. Inspirational 10. Sex 11. Romance That's my prediction, lol. Like I've said, it's a formula, but dammit it's a good one!
    those are some of the least creative song titles ever.
    Going by the song titles, being married to avril lavigne is even worse than it sounds.
    I'll give this album a try "All The Right Reasons" was great (almost ten years ago, holy shit!). "Dark Horse" was meh...But "Here and Now" was a baby step back in the right direction. Hopefully this new one will be decent. Props to Nickelback for still churnin' em out though
    What a God-awful title.
    I get the feeling you would say that about any title by them who are some of your favorite bands and why?
    The interesting fact of this title is, that there is an australian Reggae Band from the 80's that are called "No fixed address". But they were far better the Nickelback.
    Not crazy about the title, but I can't wait for this album and for the tour that follows, I'll be sure to see them when they come here.
    can't wait! I know it's going to be awesome \m/
    metal horns go with metal bands. not faggleback
    faggleback wow so original did you come up with that one on your own? what other gems are you keeping from us please share were all dying to hear your opinions on this matter.
    I'm not going to hate on Nickelback but the idea of people liking them and being excited for a new album is unheard of to me.
    Did they just write down all the song titles with a market pen on perfectly fitted paper as a marketing gimmick? Looks really authentic. I like how the paper is at an off angle.
    No i think it was just for there fans to get a look at the track listing before they could see it on the back of the cd or iTunes..... jeez some people should watch so their kids don't bump there heads to often. Great observational humor joeseye your like a retarded seinfeld
    This is just going to be boring, let's be honest.
    your boring "oh look at me i play the guitar kind of, and pretend to listen to music from bands nobody has ever heard of cuz its cool to hate nickelback for now" until they come through your city and everyone but you has a ticket to the show! beat it punk unless your man enough to finally say who your favourite bands are and why. What is your interest in nickelback something drew you to this story. or is your ego so big you think people need to see your take on something you don't like which seems to be every comment section on this site.
    Jesus Christ... Are you seriously going to write a rambling and incoherent comment on everyone that hates on Nickelback? Your name is everywhere. It's a little needy and pathetic.
    Nickelback releases an album and it's not down-voted to hell? Awesome! I was getting tired and sick of everyone hating Nickelback, seems to me more than half of the haters hate them because 'everyone else hates them'.
    What am I waiting for? I'm waiting for Nickleback to retire
    why does nickelback have such a strong hold of your life? you may need help if everything you dislike you have to share that knowledge with the world?
    I think it's kind of ironic that in that single they're venting about all of the issues with the American government and economy…even though they're Canadian.
    We live in a connected world, what happens to the US socially and economically affects most of the world
    have you ever heard songs from the 80s and 90s about feeding the children and stopping war weird how bands write songs sometimes about events that may happen outside of there home territories
    The song titles sound kind of lame for the most part, but I don't think they need to reflect on the quality of the songs themselves. Super excited
    you have to be a total dweeb to care that nickelback have new music coming out
    Sorry people like the band and are excited for a new album. All hail your favorite bands
    I'm a big fan of Nickelback, but I'll admit I'm not crazy about this title. I still think the album will be good tho.
    Whoever is saying this album will be exactly the same, I get the scepticism, as they are repetitive. However, this is said to be a "Politically Themed album" And listening to the released song, I have to say it definately is.