Nicolas Cage Is a Black Metal Fan, His Son Reveals

Hollywood actor a fan of Darkthrone and Satyricon, says Weston Coppola Cage.

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Weston Coppola Cage, a black metal musician and the son of Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage recently revealed that his father is in fact a fan of the infamous genre.

While chatting with Illogical Contraption, Weston singled out Darkthrone and Satyricon as his dad's personal favorites, saying that the "Ghost Rider" star admires the genre's honesty.

"He's really appreciated that sort of music," young Cage said. "Him and I have had conversation about black metal before. At first he was like 'What does it promote?' and I just gave him an idea of what we're trying to do and he said 'Well that sounds very honest.' He likes Darkthrone and he likes Satyricon as well," he concluded.

Weston was a member of Eyes of Noctum, a black metal act based in LA and is currently working on a solo project called Allone.

Darkthrone released their latest studio record "The Underground Resistance" back in late February through Peaceville Records. Satyricon on the other hand, are preparing to unleash a self-titled effort on September 10, marking the eighth release in band's opus.

Video of Nicolas Cage headbanging surfaced on YouTube several months ago is nothing short of appropriate for the latest news. Let us know what you think of Nic's fondness of black metal in the comments.

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    "ghost rider star" seriously? is that the movie you're going to assosiate him with?
    They could've mentioned "Wicker Man". NOT THE BEES!!!!!
    Nah, it's all about Raising Arizona.
    That picture XD
    Don't forget the video
    *insert joke about Cage burning churches here*
    It won't be long before he will be starring in EVERY Black Metal video that will be released.
    so, all this time that he wanted to steal the declaration of independence, it was actually so he could burn it
    That pic made me chuckle the best cage video is Nicholas cage losing his shit to requiem for a dream song I would put it up on here but I don't know how to and I'm lazy
    At least he has a good taste in music....maybe he should look into his agent situation because his last few movies have been horrendous.
    Almost every news article on UG today sounded so ridiculous I thought it was April Fools Day for a second.
    "Video of Nicolas Cage headbanging surfaced on YouTube several months ago" This was from the film Face Off, a film that is pretty old by now...