Nikki Sixx: 'RIP Sully Erna - Oops, I Meant Your Career'

Bassist rips Godsmack frontman and announces new Sixx:A.M. album.

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Nikki Sixx recently took a quick jab at Godsmack frontman Sully Erna, continuing an ongoing feud. "RIP Sully Erna ... Oops I'm sorry, I meant your career," Nikki twitted, possibly in regards to Erna's latest role in "Army of the Damned" movie. The mentioned feud goes back a while, starting with Sully's critical comments about Crue and Nikki's treatment of Godsmack's during the Crue Fest. Erna has later admitted that the band's "Cryin' Like a B-tch" track was inspired by the event. As for the more music-related part, Sixx has confirmed wrapping up the writing process for the new Sixx:A.M. album, also announcing a 2014 release. "Good news," the bassist posted on Facebook. "All the songs on the new Sixx:A.M. are finally finished being written. I just played my last bass parts today and DJ [Ashba] is finishing guitars this weekend. We put every ounce of our souls into this album and we can't wait to share it with you in 2014." The latest Sixx:A.M. studio effort, "This Is Gonna Hurt," saw its release in May 2011 through Eleven Seven Music.

RIP @SullyErna ....Oops I'm sorry, I meant your career.

— Nikki Sixx (@NikkiSixx) December 19, 2013

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    Nikki Sixx has been dead since the 90's, so... yeah
    clearly you haven't heard their newer stuff. Better than Godsmack.
    clearly your wrong
    As much as I agree with your opinion, I don't agree with your grammar YOU'RE Dammit YOU'RE
    Oh, ouch. Changed my avatar just for this. On another note, I would expect Nikki's bass parts to be done very fast seeing as there is basically nothing to any of them.
    Nikki sixx the hepatitis is getting to your brain, your terminally ill dont bring others down because of it
    Nicky Sixx is in Sixx:A.M. As shit as Godsmack are...Nicki Sixx is in Sixx:A.M.
    Nah… Sixx wrote some great songs and probably has forgotten more about music than any douchebag in Gobsmack has ever known. Sixx AM might be terrible, but Erna and crew are flat out dorks.
    But Nicki Sixx is in Sixx:A.M.
    he's in motley cure you ****ing dumbass
    To say he has probably forgot more about music than godsmack knows is pure ignorance. While godsmack members are not gods with their instruments, they have showed solid skill levels. Nikki sixx has played mediocre bass lines throughout his career, and is known more for his image and heroine use than actual skill. He is a decent songwriter but far from the talent level of the rest of his motley Crüe.
    He was their primary songwriter. Listening to Godsmack is pure ignorance. They're terrible.
    And how many of motley crues songs were well wrote? I'll say a few tops. I actually prefer his six a.m. writing. Shame the music is generic.
    OK, let's end this: Sixx - irrelevant, washed up ex-rockstar, who's a mediocre bassist at best and can't write a non-generic song to save his life. Godsmack - irrelevant Alice in Chains ripoff that only got attention at one point in time because of "I Stand Alone". Also mediocre musicians and songwriters. There we go, done!
    I was at the Detroit show for Cruefest 2, it was very enjoyable! Unfortunately Tommy did something to his hand and he did not play that night. I didn't know much about Godsmack until that night and I have to tell you this: they are a very talented bunch! The drum battle between the singer and the drummer was especially fun to listen to! There were many improvised guitar solos throughout their set, I felt good vibes the entire time. They're not my favourite band by any means but I have a lot of respect for them. I'm in a melodic death metal band that shreds that takes itself too seriously lol, so it was nice to rock out to some Godsmack and Crue. All in all a very feel good night.
    You know godsmacks music has been disappointing the last few albums, but for the most part I find it to be less generic than sixx a.m.
    I don't like Godsmack, but I give props to Erna for acting in the movie. What has Nikki Sixx ever done except write mediocre music? I rest my case....
    Vicryl 2.0
    He also wrote a book about how lots and lots of heroin he was taking.
    And then he wrote a soundtrack about how he did lots and lots of heroin to the book he wrote about doing lots and lots of heroin. He also nailed half the women who posed in Playboy in the '80s/'90s.
    Started a genre. Many people hate 80s music, but The Crue were the shit! They epitomized glam metal. Many will say that sucks, and they have the right to feel that way because it got old fast. But I must say that Shout at the Devil is one of the few in my top 10 that came out n the 80s
    Sixx AM is generic poop, Godsmack is generic Alice In Chains ripoffery. Neither are good.
    People on here don't like Godsmack??? have any of you listened to their stuff?
    Yeah quite a bit. Not a horrible song but to me sounded a lot like a poor chains rip off. Also they need to quit recycling and reusing riffs. Bad religion, the enemy, and crying like a bitch could all be the same track if you minus a few little guitar parts. They have how many albums? If you learn 5 songs you learned 3/4 of their catalog.
    Godsmack simply doesn't put out bad songs, I've been a fan for awhile and they are one of the most consistent acts out there, they kill it live. Everyone on here seems to be like Nikki, cryin' like a bitch.
    They have not been consistant. Their first album was amazing. Their second album started out strong.....then I realized I was listening to the same song again and again....then faceless was amazing.....then they have an album with the enemy which is virtually the same song as bad religion only with a different chorus, and then they consistently sucked.
    Why exactly does Nikki Sixx need a DJ? Also, Sixx AM are DREADFUL. Motley Crue was more than half Bob Rock, and they wern't that great anyway.
    Not the biggest Crue fan… but they've had their moments… if you took their best you'd have an all time double LP. All written by Sixx. For a moment in the late 80's they were the biggest band in the world, at least one of them. Godsmack are one of the worst all time shitty bands… nu metal aping alice in chains. Pure talentless trash. Sixx can say what he wants about this loser.
    "Biggest band in the World" hmm not really, by the late 80's Motley Crue's chances of being the biggest band in the world had been f*cked by Guns N Roses and then buried by Nirvana.
    Not to mention Metallica and that whole Black Album thing.
    Upvoted completely invalid comments. Collective IQ on this site is dismal. Yes, they had an album that debuted at no 1 on Billboard with 3 top ten singles on it. Biggest band in the world for a moment. Sorry it happened outside of your moronic vacuum. I forgot that nothing exists outside of it. Two morons nodding their heads in agreement, totally wrong, and 20 more idiots applauding. Love the internet.
    How old are you? Getting your panties in a wad because of two other users' upvotes? Get over yourself lol
    It took me forty seconds to write that post.
    Pro Tip: Calling people morons for disagreeing with you is not a very effective way of convincing them to agree with you.
    They released Dr. Feelgood in '89, which is probably their best work. So to say that by the late 80's they missed their chance of being the biggest band in the world is wrong. The only thing that ruined Motley Crue is the feud between Lee and Neil in the early 90's. Metallica, Gn'R and Nirvana had nothing to do with that.
    This biff022 guy trashes almost every band and posts on almost every article on UG and not once have I seen him post something positive. There's no reason to be that butthurt all the time unless you're just a miserable, unhappy human being.
    Really? Because Motley Crue haven't been relevant since the late 80's.
    Sixx is a talented songwriter. Few would realize he wrote most of Crue's songs unless they looked up that info.
    I agree he is a solid songwriter. Most of six am is well wrote....but the music does it no justice. On the other hand other than a few songs, like most 80s bands Mötley Crüe' s songwriting was not very impressive. It was more about image, lifestyle and cool riffs, than writing. The few straight up serious songs they wrote were done well though.
    Who is nikki sixx. Isn't that the guy that's in the band with that guy that got hep.c from Pam Anderson?