Nine Inch Nails: 'Biffy Clyro F--ked Us Over'

Is Trent Reznor secretly jealous to miss out on the headline slot?

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Trent Reznor struck out at both Reading Festival and its Sunday night headliners Biffy Clyro at the weekend, accusing them of ruining the production on Nine Inch Nails' set.

However, the promoter has since called Reznor's comments untrue, and hinted that Reznor is simply unhappy that Biffy Clyro were listed higher on the bill.

NIN were due to perform before Biffy Clyro at Reading in the UK on Sunday, after doing the same at its sister festival in Leeds on Friday, when Reznor tweeted this:

Should be an unusual show tonight at Reading...

Trent Reznor (@trent_reznor) August 25, 2013

...the lying promoter and the band following us (whoever the fuck they are) fucked us on our production.

Trent Reznor (@trent_reznor) August 25, 2013

Festival organiser Melvin Benn denied Reznor's allegations. "The truth is, there's no truth in the statement. The contract hasnt changed since they signed up to it," said Benn (via Classic Rock).

When asked if Reznor was secretly unhappy that Biffy Clyro were ahead of him on the bill, Benn replied: "I couldn't possibly comment."

Nine Inch Nails will release its new album "Hesitation Marks" next week. It's their first album since going on hiatus in 2009.

What do you think the NIN Reading drama was really about? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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    As someone who was there, Biffy absolutely deserved to headline over NIN. Trent played a boring, tired-sounding set that seemingly nobody enjoyed, with a setlist so inappropriate for a festival it was doomed from the start. Biffy meanwhile turned in a career-best performance with 5 times the number of people watching. Trent really needs to get a hold of his ego- the fact is that in the UK Biffy are by far the bigger band, and that as a sub-headliner you're going to have to make sacrifices on your show. There's no need to throw a tantrum and omit all your popular songs just to get on everyone's nerves. I'm a big NIN fan, but the set they played at Reading made me ashamed to say that. /rant
    Cant agree with this more! I bought a Sunday ticket for Reading predominantly to see Nine Inch Nails. Having seen them twice before, the performance was definitely under par and the setlist choice, compared to their more recent appearances, seemed intentionally obscure. If it was a retaliation to their placement on the bill it seems like the only ones Trent punished with the display were his existing fans and any potential new ones.
    I totally agree with this clearly intelligent and bearded person! I also saw both Biffy and NIN myself and found my very first experience of NIN absolutely awful; improvement on production could not have saved what was both a poor performance and choice of songs. I found myself praying for their set to end! Thank god Biffy played a blinder and made it worth the wait!
    Thrice Capades
    So, by that logic, Trent was right. He got screwed on his production and you describe it as boring. Thank you for proving NIN right. Trent Reznor has no ego. Only perfectionism. That's why people like him.
    I watched them at NIN at leeds and the show was the best of the day. im not a nine inch nails but as someone who has only heard a couple of there songs i really enjoyed it. might be just because i don't know alot of there stuff like but the light show and the sound at leeds was beyond anything
    I too was at Leeds and thought they were the best band of the festival. A lot of people seemed to agree with me too even though they (and me) didn't know much of their songs. Biffy were really good too.
    Mr Brownst0ne
    "tired-sounding"? didn't they just reunite last week?
    A funny thing about NIN is that it's always been really only one person, so the concepts of "they" and "reuniting" are a bit misplaced. He threw together a few people to tour with him, and yes, some of them have done so before, so in that sense, "they" are reuniting, but it's just, well, strange to think about it that way...
    At Leeds Fest, Reznor said 'Thank You' at the end of the like third song and said nothing else for the rest of the show and they didn't even play Hurt!
    "If you really love the game, you've gotta play hurt." - Kobe Bryant
    Not playing Hurt was stupid but he also missed out Closer and Only. At least at Leeds he played Hand That Feeds and Head Like A Hole.
    I love both bands, and to me it just seems silly to blame Biffy for anything. The promoter, sure. But I find it hard to believe Biffy had anything to do with whatever he had to change in the NIN show because they were playing after them.
    This. I just guess he was angry he couldn't do the whole NIN show (with all the visual elements), but it's a festival not a NIN show. Anyway Biffy deserve the headline spot, they haven't been on a hiatus for the 5 or so years XD
    The light show in question was just designed for the festivals they've been doing this year. Check it out on YouTube, it is more ingenious than big.
    "(whoever the **** they are)" I'm sorry but when I was at Reading I heard a lot more people asking who NiN were, everyone knew Biffy!
    Biffy sucked serious balls. I've seen them 8 times as I was a huge fan before Only Revolutions. No imagination or originality anymore, just mainstream wank.
    Mainstream wank always gets billed higher Chezza Cole and 1 less Erection would be billd above both of them !!
    Check YouTube and you can find the entire Reading show as well as several other festival performances where they did have the full show and played a similar set length. It does seem unusual that Reading didn't let them use the extra bits of their production as it was specifically designed for the festival shows. If you have a look at the difference the extra equipment makes then you'll see that it has obviously had a lot of effort put into it, so I'd also be a bit pissed off if I transported it to Britain and was then told I couldn't use it. I gave up going to Leeds when they started doing daft things like putting Faith No More in a tent 6 months after they'd headlined Download. It and Reading are becoming musically and artistically bankrupt, like a V festival that doesn't know people are laughing at it. They get big bands based on the reputation, but that reputation is going downhill.
    "the promoter has since...hinted that Reznor is simply unhappy that Biffy Clyro were listed higher on the bill." "When asked if Reznor was secretly unhappy that Biffy Clyro were ahead of him on the bill, [the promoter] replied: "I couldn't possibly comment."" What the **** you guys? This is like a 10 line story and you can't pick up a ****ing blatant inconsistency? I swear, reading this website is like reading the bible. Full of mistakes and false information intended to incite hatred.
    From what I've seen from Nin's tour so far the proper stage show has been phenomenal, a game changer in a way. I'd also be pretty pissed off if I had to compromise that kind of show out of nowhere, but they still made the most with what they got.
    From what I've seen Biffy was incredible. They're one of the best live bands out there, and they absolutely killed Reading. Can't comment on the NIN set, because I haven't seen it. But Trent just sounds like jealous kid here.
    I think blaming Biffy is silly. Also depending on the situation blaming the promoter might be whining too. He's not the headliner and I can't think of a festival where a supporting act gets their full stage production and full time slot. Unless there was some agreement broken it sounds more like whining, but then again I wasn't there backstage so I can't say for sure. Also not too surprised about Trent not knowing Biffy Clyro. They don't really sound like the kind of thing he'd listen to.
    Saw NIN open for Guns n Roses at Wembley , took my son to see Biffy headline at Wembley , that says it all , to a UK audience Biffy will get a lot,lot more tickets sold . Thats the name of the game . I wish otherwise , but thats the real world . Get over it and stop whinging .
    Saw Biffy Clyro at Download last year, no disrespect to the band or it's fans but I found them very ****ing boring.
    They did get ****ed over. Saw nine inch nails last time they played reading and they stole the show from every other band. Fact is reading has been going down hill for a long time now what with benn on his knees to the NME crowd and desperate to have another nirvana moment at the festival by booking headliners that are no where near worthy of headlining and hoping they will explode a year or so later like nirvana did. Headliners like the darkness, razorlight, kasabian and now biffy clyro. I've seen biffy at 2 festivals now (sonisphere and download) and both times they was dull as dogshit. anyone who has seen nine inch nails most recent shows will know they are a perfect headline act for a festival like reading.
    I've seen Biffy Clyro live twice since the new album came out, and both times they were incredible. There was not one second where I thought they were dull. They deserve that healiner spot more than NIN, and that's coming from somebody who likes NIN a lot.
    I saw Biffy at Download last year and I have to admit, they were a bit of a let down. But I caught the highlights of Reading as I couldn't go ( I'm way to poor ) and Biffy sounded and looked amazing! Wish I was could of went so much. So in my opinion, Biffy deserve to headline. As for Trent, if what he's saying is true, don't be a keyboard warrior. Go and deal with the people who did bend him over to their faces. Simples
    I don't think any band deserves to be higher up on a bill after releasing a sh*t song like "Came Back Haunted".
    This website and one time on Carson Daily are the only places I ever hear about Biffy Clyro. I could be a passive NIN fan at best, I only know their hits, but from what I've actually heard by Biffy Clyro, they're the most average, menial, mediocre band I've ever seen get this kind of love. Aside from Corey Taylor's assorted projects. The point is, I understand why NIN feels like a lesser band got their spot.
    I wouldn't really know what to say here. I am a fan of both bands to be honest. I have seen both live more than twice. I just think people were getting angry over understandable reasons but they just handled it in a bad way.
    Things like stage space & power requirements go into the contract for a show like this the same as the billing of the bands. My guess is one of two things happened: The promoter failed to meet those requirements,so the NIN camp went to the Biffy camp to ask if they could help out and they declined, or Biffy flat out went to the promoter and had them pull the plug on NIN's production so they wouldn't be upstaged.
    Ugh, what a stupid f*cking oversized ego from an immature little man. People are going to get billed above you sometimes, deal with it. I've heard quite a lot of people saying NIN were awful and Biffy were way better, and it really sounds like Trent's just jealous he wasn't the favourite of the day, so he omitted all NIN's most popular songs to take out his tantrum on the fans who paid money to see him. When he reigns in his ego and stops being a hypocrite to suit whatever business idea he flip flops to I might take him seriously, until then he's nothing but a whiner and a petulant child to me.
    Back in the day, before stage production, there was this thing called "Getting on the stage and playing"
    'before stage production' is over 40 years ago. Besides, they did get on stage and play. What's wrong with wanting to put on a good spectacle at the same time?
    I see a lot of people on here complaining about NIN's setlist at the show. I wasn't there, but I watched it on YouTube, and I have to say it was an amazing setlist! Sure they didn't play Closer, Hurt or Head Like a Hole, but everyone there was privileged to hear some rarities! I thought it saw much more intimate than a standard festival show.
    I saw them at Leeds, the set there was phenomenal, pretty much a high octane greatest hits (March of the Pigs, Wish, Terrible Lie etc) but there was none of the new stage production, just them in a typical rock band format (Drums and Keys at the back, Guitars, Bass and Trent at the front) In front of a wall of lights. The reading set seemed like they were trying to scrape together what they could of the new production, I mean their set at Leeds was great, but it wasn't what I expected.
    Biffy WHO?!? Uh yeah...ya mean that fourth rate post-post-post (pop)grunge band who released their debut album a decade later bands they tried to copy like Nirvana, Fugazi and...NIN made it big and changed the world of Rock n' Roll once again and maybe for the last time? LOL